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Acies Poems 9

The Smile On Her Face

I see her walking down the path
Her smile is bright and sweet
Knowing it wont be all that long
Until my love and I shall meet

She has been gone but now she's back
I know she will stay this time for sure
We will be together forever and ever now
she will be without her love no more

Yes the smile on her face shows me
A lady beautiful, one who has my heart
She will always have it to keep
With our deep love never to ever part

The Smile On His Face

By S. Lynn

I can not wait till I can see
The smile on your face so bright
I know it is a smile for me
Brings in my world some light

The time apart is hard on us
But sweeter now I see you
And to put a smile on your face
My greatest honor too

So smile my dear and know I see
Its a grin from ear to ear
The best thing in the world to see
You are happy now I'm here


The whispers from her sweet lips
Have set my heart on fire
She's everything I have wanted
She is my hearts greatest desire

The whispers that come from her lips
Tells me what I need to know
She will be with me through out time
With never a thought to go

Love those whispers indeed I do
They make me love her more each day
I have never found out just how much
I know I love her in every way

So whisper in my ear sweet lady
Tell me the thing I need to know
And everytime I hear your voice
I know our love will flourish and grow The Mystery In Her

The mystery in my sweethearts eyes
Begs me to search oh so deep
They tell me stories of her love
That I will always keep

She begs from her baby blues
To know how much I love
The heart of the lovely lady
And her treasures from above

The mystery of her loving grace
I know some day I will find
And all of my cares and troubles
Will be left far behind

The mystery was but now I know
How much she cares for me
And it is not a mystery now
True love the way it should be

Pretty Lady

I know a pretty lady
That sets my heart a glow
With every kiss she gives me
My love for her continues to grow

She is so nice and pretty
As all those around her see
How lucky can one man be
The lady is in love with me

My life has changed for the better
Since I met this lady sweet and kind
She is always with me where ever I go
And she is forever etched in my mind

So happy I am that I met her
My heart only knows much joy
So much love I know I have for her
Grows in the heart of this boy

Dance With Me

Will you dance with me sweet lady
Can we dance our dance once more
Where I held you close against me
As we glided across the floor

Our dances now are seldom
Our hearts have seemed to die
Please my sweet darling
Give our love one more try

Dance with me tonight love
Dance like never before
Know that I love you my lady
As we build up our love once more

This night we mark with happiness
Our hearts are humming once more
Just like the first night I met you
Our love is once more brought to the fore

Our tomorrows will be full of sunshine
Together again is happiness my love
Your lovely head again on my shoulder
This happiness was made by someone above

Greatest Gift

The most beautiful gift in the world
Was given to me by a special woman
She has given me her heart to have
And to hold, so that is our life's plan

The gift that she has given will ever be
Locked in my heart by great devotion
Never to be lost by this loving man
Because she sets my heart in motion

I will now cherish that great gift
And return one back to my sweet love
Take my heart, take it lovely lady
And we will float in the clouds above

The gifts are now exchanged with love
The deep feeling we both now share
Will be with us the rest of our lives
And we will spend our time in loving care

Be Mine

Will you walk with me sweet lady
We will pick flowers along the way
And play she loves me or love me not
With the petals we toss there today

Every flower will be a winner
It will come out that she loves me
And if she has one thats a loser
I'll switch and not let that be

For every day I learn to love her
More and more as time it does pass
Who wouldn't love the sweet lady
That beautiful blue eyed lass

Tomorrow again I will see her
Bright eyed and so sweet there to see
Its like meeting an angel among us
She knows how happy I will be

I Have a Dream

I have a dream each and every night
About the girl I long so much to see
My love for her grows more every day
And through life it will ever be

She is so sweet in all her ways
Helping everyone she knows
And even those she just met
Their admiration for her grows

My dream is so special though
She is the one who has my heart
I know if I have my way at all
We will be together never to part

Sometimes dreams become reality
Other times they can fade away
Please sweet lady what ever you do
Never from this loving man do stray

Day will come as night is past
And my dream will be gone too
But with the new day it will bring
All new hopes and aspirations too

To be with her if only by a dream
Means all the world to me
For I know I love her so much
As every one can so plainly see

Tonight I will go back to see her
And hope that she will say
You are me love, you are my dream
Please love me in every way

We know

The story has been told before
But so few are privileged to know
All of the true words in it
And how the story really should go

She was a very beauitful young lass
His heart she won at his first sight

Each day he would try to see her
He dreamed of her every night

Every day he longed to see her
He had something he wanted to say
About his love of this maiden
He wanted a fine wedding day

She told him of her wishes
And how he could win her heart
If you can swim lake Erie
We will wed never to part

They found his batterd body
Lying there on the distant shore
The smile on his face
Shows he is with her once more

So now you know the true story
And how things really are true
And how the love of this maiden
Cost his life and his dream too

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copyright © 1998 By Acie