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My Poems Page 89

Sixteen Minutes Late

For sixteen days they ruled the skies
In the huge bird we called Columbia
A ride the seven brave souls enjoyed
From the grasp of Earth they were free

Their days were spent with experiments
Some to protect us down here on Earth
With many millions spent on this project
Some people questioned the flights worth

With but sixteen minutes left in their flight
Contact was lost with the people in that bird
Heat sensors showed us they had a problem
Not another word from them was ever heard

They left our world doing what they all loved
On a trail that was razor thin they met their fate
Seven fantastic people who were doing their job
Will be met by other lost crews at heavens gate

Tell Him

When the night is the darkest
There will be a light up ahead
With faith deep in your heart
You will never feel the dread

Ever keep your head up high
Don't let your spirits get low
Always to keep His promises
His love for you He will show

Listening to what He tells you
Will keep you on the right track
Keep on looking toward the future
But at times you should look back

Tomorrow will become a bright day
The sun will shine with skies clear
Tell Him how much you love Him
Every word you utter He will hear

Flu Bug

The flu bug done flew on me
I am about as sick as I can be
My medicine is not so yummy
I have a big pain in my tummy

My voice sounds like a frog
Croaking from his old wet log
I have this terrible headache
So many little pills I now take

I have this big roar in my head
I would feel better if I was dead
Living don't matter now to me
Gonna crawl in bed, let me be

Today this is just a bad dream
I am so sick I could just scream
Next week I will forget this day
Soon all of my ills will go away

His Retreat

A cold arctic wind blows so fiercely
As the snow piles up six inches deep
Logs burn so brightly in the fireplace
Warm flames that cause to him sleep

Outside the temperature is dropping
Inside he is so comfortable and warm
Unaware of the of the world around him
He sleeps all his way through the storm

From his sleep he begins to feel a chill
He sees the fireplace has turned black
He must get dressed soon and then leave
Its for the job in the city he must go back

The peace and tranquility he finds here
Will bring him back almost every week
Tired from all his stress he has in the city
The quietness of this cabin he does seek

Wonders Of Spring

Cold still blows the northern wind
Frigid ground covered with snow
Moisture for this springs planting
Will make the farmers crops grow

Soon all of the snow will be gone
It will become a distant memorey
The evolution of life begins again
Beauty of flowers soon we will see

The wonder of spring will burst forth
Birds please our ears as they sing
Grass will turn from brown to green
This is the wonderful time of spring

So put another log in the fireplace
Feel the warmth its flame will bring
Close your eyes and see the wonder
Of God's wonderful creation of spring

The Old Men

The old men played poker
In that tieyard back in time
I remember how they did
Betting a nickle or a dime

Us young boys watched
As the old men did play
Knowing if one cheated
It ended the game that day

Days they gave us a nickle
Just to bring them a drink
Water was what we got them
Straight from the kitchen sink

Tieyards are no longer there
The old men have gone away
Wonder if up there in heaven
Poker, the old men can play

Shifting Sands Of Time

In the always shifting sands of time
Will your footprints plainly be seen
Or will they fade away into oblivion
Perhaps be somewhere in between

A path we choose to walk on Earth
Can be fraught with thoughts of sin
When appearing at the Pearly Gates
We will be told we can't enter within

Straight and narrow is the path to take
That leads up to heaven's Golden door
Days to be filled with everlasting beauty
Problems of Earth we will face no more

It is with these thoughts to have in mind
As you enjoy this wonderful feeling today
Don't forget what you need to tell Him

Our Swimming Hole

Back when I was but a little lad
We loved that old swimming hole
We would pretend to be Tarzan
How we enjoyed playing the role

With a rope tied up in the tall tree
Swinging out we would then jump
Finding I could swing much higher
When I started from an old stump

One of the boys climbed up that tree
Pretending he was going to jump out
When he scooted back down the tree
He's a chicken we all began to shout

One day they talked me into climbing
To the forks where I said it looks swell
Holding onto to the forks I swung out
They thought I jumped but really I fell

Springtime Day

Sun is rising on a new born day
Birds are singing a pretty song
Cloudless sky breaks the dawn
Spring is coming it wont be long

Evolving from their winters sleep
Hyacinth breaks through ground
Such beauty in a spring time day
Can be seen as you look around

Soon the grass will turn green
Farmer will begin to till the soil
Blankets will be on the ground
Her skin will be covered with oil

Breaking the bondages of winter
Mother Nature will put on a show
Time for flowers to begin blooming
Love for springtime will ever grow

Two Sets Of Footprints

Two sets of footprints seen in the sand
Shows that you walked along with me
Those dreams we shared that yesterday
Now reminds me of life that used to be

Tomorrow soon will be over and done
I want to think of what might have been
That day as we strolled hand in hand
On your beautiful face you wore a grin

With this growing pain deep in my heart
All my world was destroyed by that day
When we paused down on the beach
I saw you turn and walk the other way

Two sets of footprints still move the sand
No longer do they walk the same direction
Was it because of some stupid word I said
Tell me sweetheart I will make the correction

copyright 2003 By Acie

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