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My Poems Page 88

Big Buck

So majestically he stands guard
As his does stop for a drink of water
His vigilance is his eyes and ears
Not one time will they ever falter

His tan coat is so sleek and fine
Covers the body of a great fighter
With muscles that are so strong
His gait seems to so much lighter

The rack of horns he holds high
With his hooves are his defense
Strength he has in his back legs
Allow him to easily jump a fence

Hunted for meat and for a trophy
This animal must be alert every day
His herd he will guard with his life
Protecting them at night as they lay

Sweet Mother

I hear her voice so sweetly singing
So far in time it now takes me back
When I was then but a young child
Troubled times that looked so black

For it was the love that kept us going
Never faltering to give mother praise
A brave lady that kept us all together
She had four young children to raise

Working long hours at the sewing circle
Barely making enough to keep us all fed
Made clothing for some of us poor children
Wearing them to school we all did dread

If once again I could see my sweet mother
My heart she would fill with so much love
All my lovely feelings for a devoted mother
Will be there when we meet again up above


If tomorrow finds you sad and lonely
You can look back to the life you led
Your feelings have turned out different
All the dreams you had are now dead

You dreamed of a vine covered cottage
In the valley where lovely flowers grow
All sadly vanished like a bad nightmare
It is a place that you shall never know

These long nights of aching loneliness
Created by the faith he once had in you
Is still carried so deeply within his heart
This failure in love made him feel so blue

So go find yourself another heart to kill
Make yourself proud of these acts you do
Remember some time when you are lonely
Bitterness was started by no one but you

Evil Promises

Remembering the promises she made him
She looks down from her house on the hill
To a place nestled down in the little valley
That was to be theirs but for that small pill

They had told her how she would enjoy it
Not any harm would it ever bring to her life
She need not tell him what she was doing
She still some day would become his wife

The parties seem to come almost every day
Surely she saw the haggard look on her face
She had wanted so badly to stop using them
So regretful that she had gone to that place

This evil pill is called the poor man's cocaine
No longer would she become his sweet wife
OxyContin had destroyed all of her dreams
With an over dose tonight it will take her life

Our Thanks

Today we are so happy
My buddy is home again
I hear that little chuckle
I see that infectious grin

Nights alone were lonely
A strange place she stayed
When she became so very ill
Prayers for her never strayed

With our heart felt feelings
We would like to thank you
For as I am sure you know
Your prayers pulled her through

We hope you all happiness
The kind we received from you
To see her home with us again
Shows what your prayers can do

Winter Storm

Gray snow clouds are on the rise
Cold North wind blows in my face
I must get home before the storm
Hurriedly I must quicken my pace

Big flakes of snow cover my coat
It is beginning to get hard to see
As I stumble along I trip and fall
I have an ache in my right knee

Blindly I stagger through the snow
My vision is so slowly fading away
My mind starts playing tricks on me
I think I can see a car in a driveway

It is a car and I find this is my home
No more will I play this hide and seek
Starting to pack up my summer clothes
Going to move down South next week

Spring Is Coming

We love the sweet smell of spring
When plants are bursting all over
Birds will start building their nests
The fields will be filled with clover

Things will then come back to life
Waking from a deep winter's sleep
Green foilage will be the background
From where pretty flowers will peep

Lawns will change green once again
Emerging from their blanket of brown
Soon to see the lovely tulips blooming
Pretty petals that we see all over town

Trees all attired with leaves of green
Will cover the ugliness of wintertime
A cool spring time rain will come along
To wash away all the long winter grime

Pretty Roses

So sweetly grows these roses
Down near the old garden gate
Some will come in bloom early
While others be blooming late

Rose varieties increase yearly
Some may require special care
All show a magnificent beauty
We find some are so very rare

Red roses are the most popular
Other colors are starting to show
Watering this pretty flower's feet
Will help make your roses grow

Treating the roses with tender care
Will give you a summer of pleasure
The roses beauty and sweet aroma
Will be a delight you can treasure

Time Past

The winds of time will so swiftly go by
We all keep wondering where it went
As we are spending our golden years
Thinking back to how they were spent

Childhood seemed to pass so slowly
There wasn't much to do but to play
Every day was so much like the other
Thinking monotony was here to stay

As our teens came and slowly went
Adulthood we saw coming our way
We started to notice the pretty girls
We knew we would marry some day

As a senior we now look back in time
We now know how short were the years
The longing we have to go back in time
It is almost enough to bring us to tears

My Words

These words I write on this paper
I hope shall survive my mortality
Words are written from my heart
Thoughts given to you from me

This old world is far from perfect
Relax let all of your dreams flow
Think of some far off distant place
To a land you have dreamed to go

With these words you can go there
Be it Europe or a South Pacific Isle
With closed eyes you will get there
On your face it will bring a big smile

If some day these words come to you
Open up your mind and let it sink in
You can be anywhere you want to be
Today is the time for you to let it begin

copyright 2003 By Acie

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