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My Poems Page 87

Rose from Acie's garden

His Bouquet

He works in his beautiful rose garden
Bouquets he picks with upmost care
Never to damage even one soft petal
Lest he strip the rose completely bare

A gorgeous pink rose to be the center
Scented with an aroma of sheer delight
Next he will place six of a fantastic white
With petals that are tender and airy light

Twelve red roses will be on the outer ring
Chysler Imperial, he loves them the best
Although their scent just can't be matched
He still has a undying love for all the rest

Each rose must be left with a long stem
The green leaves will add to our pleasure
In a vase that will complement his roses
He gives to us natures beautiful treasure

Beautiful Spring

When winter has passed on
Spring will then soon arrive
When the snows have melted
Our hills will start to come alive

The birds will be out looking
For a mate to share a nest
Bees to start making honey
From clover makes the best

In my garden I will then see
Roses of an unbelievable hue
Seen in the early morning hours
All covered with a sparkling dew

Rising from the shackles of winter
Springtime will rise into its luster
Plants of magnificent colors grow
Brilliance only God could muster


Every day we make many choices
Some may be good, some are bad
Others have made us so regretful
But some made us extremely glad

How lucky are we here in the USA
Having the choice to whom we elect
Where we want to travel each day
Kind of a house we wish to erect

Choice of freedom will be ours forever
No tryant can take this from you or me
We fight for this right with all our might
We will always be the land of the free

Choice is a special right we have now
Please don't forget how it was attained
Everyone in the world who has freedom
Choice will never need to be explained


As he walks the streets of sadness
Time means not a thing to him now
He can never go back to his home
He lost everything he had somehow

Was it just the way he did business
Doing anything for his personal gain
Ignoring all of his friends hardships
Never caring about their woe or pain

A heavy burden is upon his shoulders
It's a burden he will carry to his grave
Cheating his employees of their benefits
Treating them as if they were his slave

How he wishes he could start all over
He remembers his family and his wife
But money ruled his way of thinking
Penniless he now faces a haunted life

Our Dream World

We live a dream no one can shatter
It comes from this feeling in our heart
Our true love we share will be forever
It's a beautiful way of life we did start

Sweet whispers of love fill our lives
No feeling of loneliness will we find
Beauty thats found within her heart
Shows me that she is one of a kind

Our love that we share is so wonderful
A kiss, a sweet word, is what we give
Every day seems so much like heaven
Its in this dream world in which we live

To share my life with this lovely lady
Is a privilege that is beyond compare
With all the love our hearts can muster
There is a feeling of tender loving care

Days Of Yore

My sweet thoughts of yesterday
Still linger in my mind someway
Like dreams built in a rhapsody
Gentle on my mind they do play

Remembering those days of yore
Love to have them back once more
Had we all known what was in store
We would opened opportunities door

In a slow and easy way we did live
Instead of the taking we would give
Our pockets would be like a sieve
These joyous times we can still relive

Although we may not like things now
We are responsible for it all somehow
Place all these thoughts upon my brow
I will take my share of the blame anyhow


He walks along that old path
Such a lovely springtime day
With nature bursting out now
Whistling as he goes his way

Path he walked so many times
When he was but a small child
He had so many dreams then
His imagination would run wild

Big fine house with inside bath
Happy thoughts brought a smile
Poor he was back in those days
Happiness made it all worthwhile

Today he has all these memories
Although he doesn't have wealth
He now kneels in prayer every night
Thanking God for giving him health

Two Great Teams

From Friday night til Saturday morning
Greatest football game ever was played
Hurricanes and Bucks locked in a battle
Fans from both sided ranted and raved

Hurricanes were so widely favored to win
Bucks would show up for this big game
Both teams were undefeated for the year
Only one team can win and have the fame

For four fervid quarters they had played
Neither team could gain the upperhand
As the big crowd waited for the coin toss
A big roar was heard from the grandstand

Overtime these two teams played valiantly
First overtime was over and there was a tie
Second overtime the Bucks Clarette scored
Hurricanes couldn't score but they did try

This game is over now and a part of history
Two great teams played that fantastic game
Although some of the calls were questioned
Bucks won the championship and the fame

Left Alone

His haunting blue eyes tell a story
It has been a rough life he has led
He is dressed in old faded overalls
In a pocket is a handkerchief of red

His age he believes is around eighty
His parents died when he was small
His life has been very independent
With an air of freedom he walks tall

He is some one's father and is lonely
His loving wife died so many years ago
His friends want him to move to the city
Stubbornly he tells them he will not go

This old house is still his home to him
He thinks of all of the happiness it gave
The memories this old house has given
He cherishes and will carry to his grave

My Isle

Breezes drift through the palms
On this lovely South Pacific Isle
A pretty lady walks on the beach
On her face is a beautiful smile

Peaceful as the noontime comes
A leisurely luncheon we then eat
A fan made out of aged bamboo
Will cool us from the tropical heat

We can hear the tides crashing
As the ocean splashes the beach
A catamaran sails along the shore
The island's inlet soon it will reach

An island with breathtaking beauty
A paradise only few ever get to see
One day I hope you can visit my Isle
It is a vision of perfection you will see

copyright 2003 By Acie

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