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My Poems Page 85

These Roses from Acie's garden

My Lovely Roses

Walking through my garden this morning
I saw teardrops had fell on a beautiful rose
I looked all around and didn't see anyone
Where they came from only God knows

The beauty of the rose now looked so sad
With the teardrops that stained the bloom
What was so lovely and bright yesterday
Has faded so sadly under a veil of gloom

Could these tears come from a higher place
I wonder if it is a sign that He has sadness
If we thank Him for all the wonderful things
We will turn these thoughts into gladness

I know the sunshine will dry up the tears
A smile again will come to the rose's face
To let the stunning beauty come to my rose
All of these bitter tears the smile will replace


The splendor of this lovely rose
Seen in all its fascinating beauty
Unequaled in its quelling aroma
A fragrance that befits thee lady

Fragile petals so softly arranged
From a stem sturdy and strong
They will so tenaciously hold on
Until a strong wind comes along

Then soon will apppear the buds
That will take the old roses place
Transfixed in all its rarest beauty
Perhaps it will grace a lovely vase

My love for roses is never unending
Their beauty takes my breath away
With help I grow these lovely roses
A Friend I know I will meet one day

Dew Drops

As the daybreak reaches the horizon
The sun sparkles on the morning dew
Like diamonds clinging onto the leaves
Prisms dispersing the light on through

Each drop we can see will be different
Fresh and beautiful the drops do appear
Refraction of light causes these changes
On drops of water that really are clear

Before long the sun will dry these drops
No longer will this phenomenon be seen
Although the sun is still brightly shinning
We see now the leaves are colored green

We see it happen each cloudless morning
Drops of moisture even on peas in a pod
Beauty we see in each mornings occurence
Is another wonder that was put here by God


As he sits on that big rock and ponders
He sees reflections coming from the lake
There is the mountain top snow covered
Beauty only our great Creator can make

He sees the trees with beautiful foilage
A picture of the rarest beauty ever seen
Seeing shades of red, yellow, and gold
Colors from leaves that once were green

A stream that is flowing down to the lake
Creates a waterfall roaring so very loud
As his eyes scan across this magical lake
He sees the reflection of one lonely cloud

He wishes he could stay here until eternity
But with sadness he knows that he must go
In his mind he will carry this beautiful picture
A mountain top that was covered with snow

The Outlook

As I look across the barren hillside
Trees are defrocked of their leaves
Beauty we all saw a short time ago
Is turned brown no longer to please

Atop a high hill we have a lookout
I drive up to look almost every day
Local people had made it up there
They did the work without any pay

I look out into the distance and see
From the outlook thats up here high
The bottom land with a river flowing
It gives a feeling that Heaven is nigh

We all seem to get this nice feeling
A warm glow enraptures your heart
Enticing you to remain here forever
Not wanting ever to see you depart

Fun In The Snow

The sun reflects off the fallen snow
Crystals of ice we see in the cold air
Frigid days the howling winds bring
Trees now look so lonely and bare

Winter has come to Southern Ohio
Most roads are all covered with ice
The children are not in their school
Come June they will pay the price

A roaring fire they will build tonight
Their sleds they will ride down the hill
For those that can't guide their sleds
In a snowbank they will take a big spill

This is the time of year children enjoy
Doesn't matter how cold the air may get
You will find them rolling in the snow
Never noticing their clothing is all wet

They will bring in the mud and snow
To a house that was clean and neat
There is a big mat on the front porch
Why don't they clean their dirty feet

His Herd

The bitter cold had ravished the plains
The drifter had been caught in a snow
Having nowhere but a ravine to stay in
He heard the fierce wind as it did blow

Wrapped up in all the clothing he had
He burrowed down deep in that snow
A lonely man he had been all his life
No wife he had and no friends to know

He thought about those younger years
How he dreamed about owning a spread
His drinking and all the gambling he did
Caused all of those dreams to be dead

Slowly he drifted off into a deep sleep
Dreaming of a place he had never seen
There was a blue sunny sky overhead
His herd was grazing in a field of green

Throughout Life

Whispering winds blow through the pines
A cold and blustery day as he walks along
He has a nice coat that will keep him warm
Happiness within his heart he sings a song

He knows this life has been so good to him
A hymn he starts singing with his cold lips
He smiles as he thinks back into that time
How then he couldn't afford a coat that zips

He is going to buy a Christmas tree for home
Decorated with many colors that are so bright
He wants to celebrate the birth of a holy baby
Many years ago on that cold December night

He knows God has given him many things
Giving him a nice home and a beautiful wife
With dedication for all that he has received
He will praise his Savior throughout his life

Who Was It

A strong wind was blowing
Around my cabin that night
Dollar size snow was falling
We all were filled with fright

There was a noise on the roof
It was like someone had fell
I heard a snort and wondered
I knew for sure hearing a bell

A hearty voice I did then hear
Coming from that jolly fat man
He was dressed in a red suit
Delivering gifts was his plan

With the children snug asleep
Down the chimney he dropped
With a sly look on his cold face
Down on my sofa he plopped

I have come a long way he said
To bring these presents to you
Give all of your children a gift
And oh yes keep one for you

Back up the chimney he went
I am sure he never looked back
Waiting a bit I then went outside
You know I never seen one track

The Snow

I can see the snowflakes falling
Millions have fallen on my lawn
It was snowing as I went to bed
It is still snowing here at dawn

It covers like a big white blanket
Everything is now colored white
The deck in the back is covered
My pickup is already out of sight

Shoveling this white stuff is work
Each year it seems to get so hard
I have to shovel it off my walkway
Then throw it all out onto the yard

I don't want to complain you know
But this snow gets to be a big pain
One thing is for sure and is certain
You don't have to shovel the rain

copyright 2002 By Acie

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