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My Poems Page 82

The Eagle

In the clear blue sky today
A silent eagle soars on high
Gliding on wings of power
A prey below he does spy

Swooping low to the water
A fish comes in to his view
With talons sharp and fast
His misses will be very few

Nesting up high on a ledge
He has baby eaglets to feed
Til they can learn how to fly
His teachings they will heed

But soon it will be their time
To spread their wings and fly
Soaring high above the earth
In a bright and cloudless sky

My Wife Jan

The silken softness of her pretty face
Is accentuated by her deep blue eyes
I fell in love with this wonderful lady
It is in her heart that true beauty lies

Her compassion to others is so great
She has made my life more complete
When I hold her so tightly in my arms
My whole world then becomes replete

The joys of sharing our lives together
Cannot be described by a single word
Her infectious smile so warms my heart
I love you is the sweetest words heard

Some men search all the world for love
But to find their true love they never can
I am the most fortunate man you will see
Spending my life with my lovely wife Jan

His Garden

The silence in this lovely garden
Broken with the cooing of a dove
Looking at the birds and the bees
Brings him feelings of spring love

The aroma of a purple lilac bush
Drifts across the old stone walk
Absorbed by this tranquil scene
Unaware of the young ladies talk

He stood in complete amazement
When he saw her standing there
Her smile was fresh as a breeze
A yellow rose she wore in her hair

She paused to look at the flowers
Then she turned and walked away
Was she just a vision he had seen
Would he see her again some day


Goblins sneaking in the black of night
Banshees screaming their lonesome cry
The Earth begins shaking beneath my feet
The old witch has just given me an evil eye

As I stand alone in their crazy little world
I see a big black bat flying past my head
There's a corpse lying in a bronze casket
I am wondering how long it has been dead

I smell the stench of the old witches brew
Her big cauldron is now beginning to boil
I fear for my life so I try to run to the door
Her bony hands reach for me and I recoil

How could I have ever reached this place
Through my brain it now begins to seep
Shaking my head to clear up the cob webs
I realize I had seen all of this in my sleep


It was a cold and dank October night
Not a very good time to eat ice cream
Out of the darkness my ears did hear
A loud blood curdling banshee scream

My heart sank fast as just up ahead
I saw a black cat go across my path
A witch's laugh pierced the night air
Yelling, soon you will feel my wrath

Turning around I wanted to run home
A witch on a broom went by me head
My legs trembled I couldn't move them
Facing a fate that I surely would dread

With a lunge I grabbed the witches broom
I knew I had to get out of this bad scrape
I swept all the goblins and cats out of sight
Now you know how I made my great escape

Beauty In The Hills

You can feel the warmth in colors
Seen in these Southern Ohio trees
Of the soft pastel shades of yellow
To scarlet red waving in the breeze

Compare the worlds finest painting
To beauty you will find in our hills
A kaleidoscope of fantastic colors
Will give to you an everlasting thrill

Large Oaks grow in Shawnee forest
Otway has many pretty Maple trees
Big Yellow Poplars dot the hillsides
To your eyes these colors will please

Visit these hills in the time of Autumn
When all of the brilliant colors show
See how He made all of these colors
One look will make your spirits grow

Remember When

I can still remember those cold days
When to the old outhouse I would go
It would seem like it was miles away
When I walked through a foot of snow

Was on that old cold two seater I sat
Reading through that Sears wish book
As the snow blew through the cracks
Wouldn't be too much time that I took

While running back to my warm house
Afraid that I was going to freeze to death
Jack Frost was nipping both of my ears
Could see the steam with each breath

Well those days have long since past
Gone is my Sears book I used to read in
Somehow I seem to miss those old days
My inside toilet is supplied with Charmin


A mothers voice sounds the sweetest
As she sings to her baby soft and low
There is so much love in her demeaner
As she watches her baby begin to grow

A fathers pride in their newborn baby
Shows in a face that is amazingly bright
His days are filled with work for his family
He even helps change the diapers at night

A baby instinct will let know her mother
In her loving arms she will feel so snug
Reaching out for her father to hold her
He bends down and gives her a big hug

She will grow up and soon will be gone
Becoming a mother and her man's wife
This is the way our world keeps on living
It is the way He planned in giving us life

Our Sun

Out of the darkness comes the sun
Rising high in all of it's brilliant light
Eyes open to the beauty of the land
Appearing from the dark of the night

The suns rays will warm up the land
To make the fruits and veggies grow
Wheat emerges from the tiny seeds
In the field where a farmer did sow

Warming up the water where we swim
Giving tans to the people on the beach
Reflecting rays through a greenhouse
Putting the sweetness in a ripe peach

Too soon the day must come to its end
The sun must then dim until it is night
Sleep will come to my side of the world
Amazingly the other side sees the light

His Valley

While walking in this green valley
My eyes see all the pretty flowers
The beauty He has bestowed here
Allows me to enjoy for many hours

Melodious songs birds are singing
Awaken the spirits within my heart
With feelings of complete adulation
For Him and this world He did start

It is so peaceful is this green valley
Serenity fills the overhead blue skies
The graceful eagle soars high above
Effortlessly and without noise he flies

Grass is always greener in this valley
An abundance of trees are growing
Come to this valley and enjoy its love
For to us it is goodness He is showing

copyright 2002 By Acie

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