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My Poems Page 81

Our Old Pub

I seed that old yeller Chevy pickup
Hit wuz really splittin down the road
Bob dang near wrecked that sucker
Swervin to keep frum hittin a toad

His rider wuz a feller named John
A couple of gals wuz in the back
HLMB and Choo wuz thar names
Thar dresses made frum a feed sack

Theys on thar way to Bull Finch Pub
Drinkin down thar pert near every night
You ort to see old pappa sing and dance
That dang feller is jest a plumb funny sight

RVMDADY is drinkin in a booth with Don
Pat and Sarge are dancin out on the floor
Joan, Katiedid and Maggie are tryin to sing
They jest throwed old Acie out the back door

Our Buddies

John and Bob wuz jest plain country boys
Like all them others they sure liked thar fun
Bob had hisself an old beatup Chevy pickup
He'd drive old John to the pub fer a cold one

One night a big fight broke out in the pub
Big Don was the feller in charge that night
He figgered that there John was doin all the dirt
Don swung, John ducked, Bob was hit by a right

Poor old Bob he was laid up fer quite a spell
Heck he couldn't drive that there Chevy truck
So he let that there John drive hit one day
He drived hit over in the pig sty where hit was stuck

Them fellers sure did look funny rootin with the hogs
With the old Chevy still in the pig sty they's got a rub
Dern thing is burried plumb up to them moon hubcaps
Now John and Bob are ridin shanks mare down to the pub

Factory Worker

He drives to work in his old Chevy
He bought it back in seventy three
He has patches on his work clothes
They make fun of him at the factory

For lunch they toss him a sandwich
He just grins and eats it right away
Listening as they all talk about him
How he is always broke until payday

He works as hard as the rest of them
They all know the boss likes his work
When they hear him get a compliment
They are think he is just a dumb jerk

When the work day is over and done
He drives to his mansion on the hill
It cost him just over two million dollars
The lottery ticket cost a one dollar bill

His Time

He looks at the past and wonders
Why did his youth have to go away
His hair was brown and kinda curly
He has a big bald spot there today

A stomach that was hard as a rock
Has been replaced by a roll of fat
Playing golf was enjoyment to him
But his arthritis has took care of that

He could hear a squirrel a mile away
But that was when he was in his prime
Wearing hearing aids help him to hear
He squints at his watch to see the time

He thinks of the time and how it is gone
He has no regrets of the life he did live
He smiles as he looks to a clear blue sky
He thanks his God for the life He did give


She was a frail old grayhaired lady
Her dress was so tattered and torn
She only owned one pair of shoes
The were all scuffed and soles worn

She was out on the street every day
Her possessions in a shopping cart
Some day she will want to go home
But she wouldn't know where to start

She invited her children to her birthday
She hoped one would bring her a cake
But she was all alone no one was there
Wondering why the time they didn't take

Old Rosie has passed on to heaven now
All her children talked of how she stank
Children never knew their mother so well
She held a half interest in the local bank

October Winds

The crisp winds of an October afternoon
Wrests leaves from top of tall oak trees
Those that have surrvived the summer
Will be swept away by the strong breeze

Jack Frost soon will paint his pictures
On orange pumpkins covered by frost
A hillside will become his masterpiece
All the vestiges of summer will be lost

Rabbit hunting season is now upon us
I can hear the shrill barking of the dog
He is chasing that rabbit across the field
But rabbit now hides in an old dead log

Farmers having harvested all of their crops
Have much work before planting in spring
Milking the cows and feeding the livestock
Getting up when the alarm clock does ring


He still remembers what she looks like
Although it has been so many long years
Her image brings him precious memories
It also brings to his aged eyes many tears

They had been married just for a short time
Soon they found that she was with child
Their hearts were filled with so much love
The excitement was so wonderful and wild

He still wonders what could have happened
There was still a month until that blessed day
He came home from work so tired and hungry
It was on the living room floor he seen her lay

He called called for help as soon as he saw her
She had been lying there almost all of the day
No hope for her or the baby she was carrying
He lost his son and his dear wife that sad day

His Seasons

There is much beauty in our world today
White clouds painted on a sky that is blue
A cool breeze drifting across the wayside
Feelings of inner peace your life to renew

A tinge of color now show on the leaves
Telling us that Autumn certainly is here
The wonders of an October day refreshes
A troubled mind making it bright and clear

My Chrysanthemum are now with bloom
So many pretty colors for our eyes to see
Summer time has brought to us fine crops
Wintertime no shortage of food will there be

Isn't it great the way He made the seasons
A satisfying one for everyone you can find
We know when He made this world for us
He had the happiness of every body in mind

My Garden

The potato said to his neighbor the beet
White onion is getting his juice in my eye
The beet turned red and said to the potato
I can't do anything you'll just have to cry

Green cucumber told the yellow tomato
That squash will be squashing us soon
Yellow tomato told the green cucumber
Yes but sure makes shade around noon

The eggplant is egging a big argument on
The greenbean got one of his strings broke
The celery is complaining about everything
He is going to get choked by the artichoke

My garden don't seem to be doing so good
I guess all my vegetables are in a bad mood
Well I guess it wont matter too awful much
They will soon wind up on my table as food

Last Roses

Today he sent her some pretty roses
His tears will send them on their way
It's a spray on which is written mother
She had passed away just yesterday

The love they shared was so perfect
A dream partnership that came true
Every day just had to start with a kiss
He loved those sparkling eyes of blue

Tear filled eyes are so filled with sorrow
Looks down on the only love of his life
Thinking of that wonderful day they met
And when he had ask her to be his wife

His days alone will be so sad and lonely
Until that glorious day again he will see
His beautiful lady up there in all her glory
Reunited eternally in heaven they will be

copyright 2002 By Acie

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