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My Poems Page 80

Cool Autumn

Soon that old North wind will blow
Showing us Summer has gone by
Coolness of Autumn is now coming
It can be seen in the blue of the sky

It's such a pretty time of the year
Foilage becomes colored from green
Oranges, reds, yellows and golds
The most beautiful colors ever seen

Fall flowers will soon bloom brightly
Mums are always the prettiest of all
They come in so many lovely colors
I put them down by my garden wall

Time has come to reseed our lawns
Bare spots are from Summers heat
They will cause us to do a little work
But this cool weather can't be beat

A Cup Of Joy

Have you drunk for the cup of joy today
Has it made you day some what brighter
Has time just seemed to go rolling along
Has the load you carry been a little lighter

The cup of joy is waiting for you to drink
Its essence has traveled from far above
Find someone who you can share it with
Experience the feel of a heart full of love

When you start every day with a cup of joy
All good things certainly will happen to you
Your walk will be crisp as you go with a smile
The air will be fresh and skies heavenly blue

The wonders we derived from this cup of joy
Cannot ever be measured by any mortal man
You see when God gave us this world to live in
A cup of joy was just one small part of His plan

I Still Remember

I sit and think of days gone by
Too soon our youth must pass
Having respect for our teachers
To our parents we gave no sass

Summers had fun of swimming
Running barefoot in the wet sand
Baseball was my favorite game
Although most of the time I fanned

Picking blackberry by the gallon
Used the money to go to the fair
Selling my seat at the barbershop
Enough to pay for cutting my hair

Many things that were so simple
That in some way brought us joy
How I long to go back to that time
When I was just a happy little boy


When our ship of life has docked
When our earthly travels are over
Bury us deep down in the pasture
Let our grave be covered with clover

Let the angels beautiful voices sing
In a rhapsody so sweet and so clear
Show us that white marble stairway
That will show us heaven is so near

Let them sing the song about Jesus
Hear the heavenly choir's voices sing
Show that great golden mansion to us
Where our blessed Lord is the King

Let us walk down along the great river
Barefoot in the sand with those we love
Once again united with our dear ones
In that beautiful land that is far above

Sadness of Alzheimers

His eyes are open but he doesn't see
Hearing words but doesn't understand
Alone in this world known by so many
He lives this life he had never planned

She kept him home long as she could
It was so painful to see him go away
She was just not able to care for him
She knew that would happen someday

A nice man with a great love of family
They are a distant past time of his life
Every day she visits the nursing home
He has forgotten she is his sweet wife

We have no idea why it has happened
Someday the Doctors will find out why
Alzheimers is such a debilitating illness
Heart breaking enough to make you cry


A warm sunny September afternoon
A groundhog prepares for hibernation
Later he will crawl in his den to sleep
This winter will not be his aggravation

A gray squirrel gathering nuts to store
Hiding them up in a big white oak tree
There he has a nest so cozy and nice
Cold from the winter he will never see

There are honey bees buzzing about
They are making honey for their hives
They will settle down in the hives soon
Having honey to eat when winter arrives

These animals are much smarter than me
They on to something I sure don't know
While they are so cozy in the winter time
I am out on my driveway shoveling snow

Precious Eyes

With eyes on the edge of darkness
He remembers the azeleas the best
Back to when his vision was perfect
Going to the eye Doctor was a pest

His days without seeing is so boring
He "sees" television with his hearing
But with this night time ever lasting
It is the dark loneliness he is fearing

How he wishes now he had listened
It would have just taken a short time
It started with a burning in his eyes
Rubbing them as they felt like grime

He knew his vision was fading away
He just couldn't understand his fate
Finally he went to the see the Doctor
Dr told him my friend you are too late

Mr American Farmer

He works his lush green fields
Tending to his crops ever day
He sells his vegetables to us
Off his truck along the highway

Tomatoes I can buy in a basket
Sweet corn by the dozen I buy
Turnips are so good in wintertime
Pumpkin makes a very tasty pie

The children love his watermelon
From his cabbage we make slaw
Cucumbers are fine for our salad
But cantalopes I like the best of all

He works very hard for his money
Working from daylight until night
We thank you Mr American farmer
Yes we thank you with every bite

Me And Big Don

When I wuz cuttin my weeds today
Hit wuz so hot I set myself to thinkin
I druther be down at Bull Finch Pub
With all them other fellers a drinkin

Unhitch them there mules Big Don
We's gonna have ourself's some fun
I'z gonna get me a bubble dourbon
Shuckins Don I'll buy you a cold one

John and Bob are waitin up the hill
They got their sleds waitin fer snow
Gonna tell you sumptin there Don
I think their clock is a little bit slow

Say you kant slip off from Weezie
Well I guess you kin bring her along
She kin bring her Kostler French Harp
Me and you will sing them all a song

The Beauty Of Winter

The velvet softness of the new snow
Covers the ugliness of barren ground
The children down at the local school
Know soon they will be home bound

Johnny does have some chores to do
Then he can go out in the falling snow
Bob will meet him at the top of the hill
Riding on sleds down the hill they go

All of the children playing in the snow
Are starting to build a big fat snow man
In his mouth they put a corn cob pipe
For a hat on his head they place a pan

The spectacular beauty of wintertime
Seen in all the happy children at play
The sleds and snowboards they have
Santa had brought last Christmas day

copyright 2002 By Acie

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