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My Poems Page 79


As I walk by the beautiful murals
I dream of a long past yesterday
Seeing Roy Rogers riding Trigger
Watching the Spartan team play

Days when steamboats went by
With their smokestacks smoking
Seeing that dreadful 1937 flood
When Portsmouth was soaking

Back in time to Branch Rickey
He broke the baseball color line
Hear the voice of Julia Marlowe
Shakespearean actress so fine

Happy to see history preserved
Go to the Portsmouth floodwall
Murals Robert Dafford painted
Come visit our city see them all

These murals may be seen at

I'll Do It Tomorrow

I'll do it tomorrow, she heard him say
Before he could do it he passed away
A promise made but never acted upon
He now can't do it because he is gone

Waiting until tomorrow, that is not right
Who knows what might happen tonight
Go see your dear ones this blessed day
Surprise them see what they have to say

Procrastination is the bane of everyone
Promises made, but will never be done
I wonder to St Peter what would you say
Wait til tomorrow for the judgement day

Think of people you want to see this day
Hold yourself to this promise, don't sway
Remember if to this promise you are true
Someone you love so dearly will visit you

Dreams Are Not Promises

When dreams become heartaches
Excurciating pain will have its start
The sad and lonely feelings begin
First symptoms of a broken heart

He was so sure you had loved him
All indications showed it to be true
Tonight as he sits so sad and lonely
All of his thoughts are only of you

He knows dreams are not promises
Only hopes for a future he might see
With you gone there is only sadness
He knows not what his future will be

We wonder why this must happen
It was the cancer that took you away
Praying to God again he may see you
He waits for that final judgement day

Autumn Time

The sun will come up in Scioto county
Sky will be lit up with its brilliant light
There will be dew on a beautiful rose
That formed during a cool clear night

A rooster will crow off in the distance
Telling the world it is now time to arise
This old alarm clock starts its buzzing
A baby has woke up wet, now it cries

A school bus goes down the highway
Its precious cargo, that bus does carry
To some it will be their first day of school
Their ride in the bus will be a little scarey

You can feel autumn in the cool clear air
Farmers are starting to harvest their bounty
Soon we will see a change in the leaves
The best colors are seen in Scioto County

Munn's Run

I see the dark clouds growing
Perhaps a storm is on its way
Rumbling thunder I now hear
Rain I hope we will get today

It has been a hot dry summer
Lawns resembles brown rugs
All the good grass I once had
Have been eaten by the bugs

Creek in the back of my home
Is a mosquito breeding ground
I have complained when its low
But no one ever comes around

It isn't really a creek, its an alley
Owned by our township of Clay
To get our trustees to clean it up
You would wait til judgement day


Pink clouds paint the western sky
It's the end of a very beautiful day
With just a hint of Autumn in the air
Cool nights will soon be on their way

Autumn is a pretty time of the year
Lovely leaves will don all our trees
A wide assortment of colors we see
To our eyes they surely will please

A time for hunting is on the agenda
Frost on the pumpkin will come soon
The beauty seen in a cool crisp night
Will be highlighted by a harvest moon

Crops will be harvested to fill our larder
Food for all of those coming cold days
Satisfaction we will have from our work
For all the bountiful crops we did raise


Salmon pink clouds of this autumn morning
Shows us that rain may soon be on its way
This early September morning is beginning
Bringing to us another hot and humid day

The lawns are brown with parched grass
Creek out back is running with a trickle
All weed are still growing so vigorously
To cut them down you must use a sickle

Air conditioner has run all summer long
Sent a check to AEP to cover the bill
Banker wonders about the large check
Down at the AEP they got a big thrill

Soon the summers heat will be long gone
The days of Autumn then soon will pass
The snow will blow, temperatures go low
Then we worry about paying for the gas

Just A Friend

I am so sad when I see him
The man I knew so very well
A robust man once he was
Now reduced to just a shell

He sits alone and mumbles
Words I cannot understand
He can't hold onto his Coke
For the shaking of his hand

What do I say to this friend
My words he doesn't hear
In the grasp of Alzheimers
He doesn't know I am near

His meaningful life is all over
For Heaven now he will wait
To be bright and alert again
As he enters the Pearly gate

My Old Bed

If again to hear the raindrops falling
On that old house with a roof of tin
Rainy afternoons I liked to take a nap
Wish now I could sleep like that again

We had a straw tick for a mattress
A feathered pillow to lay my head
No electric was in that old house
But how I loved that old cozy bed

In wintertime we piled on the covers
Snuggle up, go into a peaceful sleep
Wake up freezing the next morning
Covers laying on the floor in a heap

Dreaming of days long past faded
Seem as if it was yesterday to me
A life that was so simple but happy
Memories of how my life used to be

The Beautiful Forest

I hear the crunch of the dry oak leaves
Walking down my favorite path this day
So much beauty the forest has to offer
I listen to hear the animals as they play

A red squirrel squacks as he hears me
He's up in the top of an old hickory tree
He is warning other squirrels of danger
These animals should have no fear of me

Among all these beautiful surroundings
I have so much inner peace with myself
This great feeling of complete adulation
It's something you can't buy off a shelf

It is so amazing the beauty He gives us
Look around and you can find it any day
He has given it so everyone can enjoy it
Give Him your thanks tonight as you pray

copyright 2002 By Acie

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