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Wind In The Pines

The whispers came soft and low
To her ears that cool cloudy day
Sitting alone in an old cane chair
I love you she could hear him say

For many years she had loved him
Yes, he was the only man in her life
She knew soon he would court her
She smiled, she would be his wife

His presence she feels beside her
She waits for his kiss on her cheek
Soon he will take her by the hand
For a stroll along old brush creek

Rain starts falling on her aged face
A face that is so filled by deep lines
Looking around she doesn't see him
Did she just hear a wind in the pines

This Old Table

This old table where I take my dinner
Has many stories that are left untold
So much love surrounds this old table
It's worth more than any king's gold

Many years the family sat around it
Laughter would fill that dining room
It once held our lovely wedding cake
For a beautiful bride and her groom

Long years have passed on by now
I wish this old table could talk to me
To tell about the love surrounding it
A house filled with happiness to see

We have the table in our home now
It has been restored as best we could
Beauty that we can see in this old table
Is love and happiness, not in the wood

Grandpa's Book

The flowers were blooming so pretty
Grandpa read poems to her that day
Sitting with him in that lovely garden
She heard every word he had to say

Grandpa loved to read her his poetry
His words would come from his heart
They would have a glass of lemonade
Then grandpa's readings could start

A poem he wrote about grandmother
Caused tears to well in his aged eyes
She tried to understand why he cried
But she was just too young to realize

These memories will last her a lifetime
Daily she goes to the garden for a look
On warm spring days she still sees him
He is reading her a poem from his book


Of your hopes, dreams and promises
May this day bring so much happiness
The sun is shinning, no clouds around
It is your day, should you expect less

Your day of hope has already started
It started with the opening of your eyes
Aroused out of unconscious deep sleep
Your body clock says it is time to arise

Starting the day off with a good breakfast
This day will give you a will that is strong
Seeing the goodness that surrounds you
Dreams will be with you all the day long

To you a promise is a great word of honor
He gave a promise of a life to me and you
But the greatest promise He has given us
An eternal life, if to Him you are ever true

Curt Smith Road

In my youth I walked it many times
That narrow dusty Curt Smith road
Four boys were born to that family
They each had to carry their load

I loved to spend the night at Smiths
Curt would tell all us boys tall tales
He would talk of an Emir in old Iran
That sailed in a ship with silver sails

I talk to Joe on the phone sometimes
See Charles once in a while at a store
Rodney has been living at Zuffle Drive
Roy passed on, he is with us no more

Memories of my youth so filled with joy
The old dirt road does bring back to me
Now when we walk that same old road
There are so many differences we see

Hay Ma

Hay Ma you shet that there door
Kant you see our youngin crawlin
I'm feard he'll fall offin the porch
Then he'll start that dern bawlin

Them dern old flies are a buzzin
Feller kant hardly git sleep here
Hay Ma git yerself to the icebox
Bring me a can of ice cold beer

Hay Ma I sure am gittin hongry
Jest let them other jobs alone
Git me up some of them vittles
My belly is touchin my backbone

Kant sleep, kant git nothin to eat
Dern flies buzzin around my face
Kids runnin all around the house
Time fer me to find another place

A Lonely Man

Walking alone in the cold misty rain
Loneliness flood throughout his soul
The night penetrates his very being
It's like walking through a black hole

Gone are the friends he once knew
Hard now to remember their names
Foolish thoughts flash into his mind
Perhaps the devil is playing games

The fog blurs his will to see ahead
Perhaps it's the fog and Jim Beam
Without a house he can call home
His life is so hopeless it does seem

Dreams are a vision no longer seen
His life is filled with upmost sorrow
As he thinks back to past yesterdays
Wondering if he might live tomorrow

My Path

I feel the cool breezes blowing on my brow
There is so much contentment in my heart
As I walk on this path of wondrous beauty
Knowing this is how all my days should start

The stately Oaks with their leaves waving
Centuries they have grown for all to see
A squirrel with a red bushy tail held high
Scurries down the path to a hickory tree

Wild roses with pink blooms so aromatic
Are mingled with briars of the blackberry
A doe with its fawn walking the hills crest
Is very vigilant, so not long will she tarry

The sights and the sounds along my path
Brings a feeling of serenity within my mind
He made this perfect place of peace for us
It's a beautiful place that is not hard to find


As I turn back the pages of memory
Thoughts linger on a past yesterday
The time of youth brings happiness
To the children as they run and play

My youth must have been average
Some of the time I have foregotten
Us boys were a little mischievious
Some thought we were plain rotten

One of the little silly things we did
Was turn the outhouse on it's door
As we heard that bullet whiz on by
I know I wasn't going there no more

Time passes by, boys become men
Things we did we knew wasn't right
Had to use that house this morning
Little monkeys had upset it last night

Pearlie Mae

He was raised up in old West Virginia
Work as a coal miner he did not crave
His dad was dirty from that coal mine
Black lung took him to an early grave

He went to the city of Cleveland Ohio
He worked so hard, didn't miss a day
Never forgetting the girl he left behind
That sweet lady he called Pearlie Mae

He bought himself a used automobile
Back up in those mountains he did go
Pearlie Mae wont leave the mountains
It's where she wants her kids to grow

He works his days inside the mountain
With Pearlie Mae he has a happy life
With four little kids calling him daddy
Contented he made Pearlie Mae his wife

copyright 2002 By Acie

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