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My Poems Page 77

Our Cookout

The savory smell of a hickory fire
Infiltrates a lazy August evening air
Ribs will highlight tonights menu
Cooked so tender with loving care

Corn on the cob is so delicious
Baked beans are quite a delight
Ripe tomatoes from our garden
What a feast we will have tonight

Ice tea, for all those who want it
Hot coffee, if that is what suits you
Cokes and Pepsis for the children
Some might like a can of cold brew

What a great night for a cookout
Cleanup will cause us some pain
You can eat until your belly is full
Doesn't look like it is going to rain

Have You Ever

Have you ever looked and wondered why
You never see a star tumble from the sky
Noticed how your automobile is never clean
You ever wondered what that could mean

Have you ever seen a little grey mouse
Heard it scurry throughout your house
Seen an apple tree and it's white bloom
Felt warm and so cozy in your own room

Have you ever wondered why you see
Beauty in a world shared by you and me
Strolled all alone on a white sandy beach
Looked for perfection that was out of reach

Have you ever wondered from where you came
Pityed a man you saw, because he was lame
Did you know God made this all in just six days
Open your Holy Bible you can read what it says

Two Cute Chicks

Donna and Debbie were two cute chicks
Donna met Don, soon the two were wed
Debbie met Teddie, and they tied the knot
Oh what a life these two cute chicks led

Don and Teddie ruled all of the barnyard
They had to get up with the morning dew
They practiced all day as weather permitted
They would crow out with a cock a doodle do

Don and Donna in time had six chicks
Debbie and Teddie had six chicks too
Don and Debbie's chicks were just fine
But Debbie and Teddie's chicks got the flu

One day Don and Donna's son was to wed
Debbie and Teddie's little chick would be his wife
They had a grand wedding feast of chicken feed
Debbie and Donna will be baby sitters for life

Hanging Around

Some people think chickens sleep all night
If you think about it they just might be right
When it is nightime what do the hens all do
Never watched them so I don't have a clue

Shutting the fridge door makes the light go out
Reckon they know what they are talking about
Aint gonna sit in that old cold fridge just to see
The fridge is not made to hold a man like me

I heard say all cats get to live for nine lives
That mice lost their tails to the farmers wives
Seen lots of dead cats lying along the road
They all looked to me to be dead as a toad

Guess I aint as bright as some guys might be
There sure are lots of things I never will see
But you know all of that don't bother me none
Just going to hang around and have me some fun

A Night With Jake

The chilling howl of a lone grey wolf
Is filling the warm autumn night air
Crickets are chirping in the field below
A big buck deer is snorting somewhere

The sounds of nature fills this night
An owl is hooting up in the old oaks
A mosquito buzzes around my ear
From the pond a big bullfrog croaks

The moon has gone behind a cloud
Filling this night with a eerie glow
I hear barking from the hound dogs
They have the old red fox on the go

Dead ashes lying from our campfire
Old Jake is tired and I hear him grunt
I am going home and get some sleep
Next week we'll have another fox hunt


Remembering all the goodtimes
How they did outweigh the bad
Poor country people we all were
Smiles and friendship we all had

Depression had come to everyone
Every nickle we got had to count
Tho we got goverment commodies
They didn't give us a large amount

Surplus was what they said it was
A handout would make some sore
We just didn't care what they call it
We needed it because we were poor

To know both hunger and happiness
We survived and for it we are better
Throughout my time in the sales field
I strived to be the best, a real go-getter


Across the meandering sands of time
A lifetime of memories I have in mind
Few may have been quite flusterating
Many bring back happiness I now find

The old swimming hole in Brush Creek
Some would swim in their birthday suit
Girls would tie their clothes in big knots
Coming of the water made them scoot

Thinking of my old high school friends
It brings back some heartaches to me
Betty, Katherine, Fred, and Richard
Those are four we no longer can see

The years have been very good to me
I have met a wonderful lady in my life
Her beauty is not matched by another
A sweet lady that has become my wife

Too Late

He walks alone in solemn sorrow
Thinking of what might have been
Gone is everything he worked for
Too late for him to start over again

He thinks of all those long hours
They had worked him like a slave
So many days he worked overtime
Putting money in his 401k to save

Retirement was around the corner
He knew he would be set for life
All of the things he had worked for
Brought security for him and his wife

The one thing he hadn't planned on
The CEO had stole all of his money
Bitterness now fills his every moment
The CEO has all of his milk and honey

Childhood Memories

I remember the simple life of childhood
Things were not complicated back then
A bowl of cornflakes got the day started
No happier days have there ever been

Talk of war we would sometimes hear
What that was, never crossed our mind
All of our neighbors seemed to love us
Seemed everyone was helpful and kind

Fun was had at the old Osburn farm
Sports was the way we spent our day
Baseball was the favorite game with us
From sunrise to sunset we would play

Glad my mind retains these memories
For some people this can no longer be
They are being controlled by Alzheimers
A debilitating disease I hope I never see


The joy showed on her aged face
Her oldest son was coming home
For two years he had been gone
His journey over, no more to roam

Since he left, her husband died
Her heart had the feeling of pain
Her son was coming back home
A smile returned to her face again

Two years had seemed so very long
She wondered if he looked the same
Nervously she looks around the room
Seeing his picture in a wooden frame

The knock on the door she recognized
Teardrops welled up in her aged eyes
She opened the door and she saw him
With a hug, both son and mother cries

copyright 2002 By Acie

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