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My Poems Page 76


Dancing across the ballroom floor
With light from a crystal chandlier
Holding her so tight as we danced
I whispered sweet words in her ear

Words came to me without shame
For beauty I saw in her blue eyes
I looked at her in stunned amazement
For she kissed my cheek by surprise

Gliding across that ballroom floor
Was a night without comparison
Our bodies swayed with the music
Our steps were in complete unison

Tonight I will see the lovely lady again
So beautiful with skin soft as cream
It's this exciting image that is with me
Each night as we dance in my dream

Old Johnnie

Old Johnnie lived in our neighborhood
He never worked, but I know he could
Dentistry, was what studied in school
So you knew darn well he wasn't a fool

With Johnnie drinking was his bad habit
His tales seemed taller as he would get lit
In his young years baseball was his game
Would been a pro but his arm went lame

Some of his stories were hard to believe
I never thought he was trying to deceive
Wiley Piatt, was a pro that he once knew
Baseball Encyclopedia proves he was true

I so enjoyed those days with old Johnnie
Those days now are over no more to see
I remember the past and how it used to be
Johnnie told his stories to the boys and me


I would see the old men on the square
Wondering what they did down there
See them whittling away with their knives
Was that what they did with their lives

Whittling from early morn to set of sun
Things at home would never get done
They swapped their stories all day long
I saw one old man break out in a song

As the years went by I still would see
These whittling old men busy as a bee
But I noticed the cast was not the same
Some of the old men tired of the game

I went down to the square and I sat down
Noticing there were old men all around
They grinned as they all looked over at me
Smiling as I whittled, happy as I could be

Today and Tomorrow

Today becomes a great blessing
Tomorrow brings promises to be
Your heart holds a great feeling
God's beautiful images you see

All the wonders each day brings
Manifests it into a day of beauty
Goodness lies in ever occurrence
He gave this to both you and me

Think not of the sad yesterdays
Be faithful, have peace of mind
You will find your day is uplifted
With thoughts beautiful and kind

In tomorrow we can find the hope
Of a greater day to come our way
We know that time will be with us
If you listen to what He has to say

Lenny And Lizzy

Lenny the lizard was forraging for food one day
His eyes came upon a thing of the rarest beauty
Hi there I'm Lenny Lizard she could hear him say
She said I am Lizzy Lizzard, I live in a big Oak tree

Very soon Lenny was courting his sweet Lizzy
That big Oak tree he wanted to take as his nest
One day in the near future he would ask Lizzy
To marry him, because he loved Lizzy the best

They had a big wedding down by the frog pond
Lizzy looked so beautiful in her wedding dress
All of the animals in all of the forest were there
They were very careful not to make a big mess

Today Lenny and Lizzy live in the big Oak tree
The day he met Lizzy was the best day of his life
Lenny lives these days in comfort and continent
With his baby lizards, and Lizzy his wonderful wife


Until I have walked in your shoes
I know not your feelings or cares
We may both walk the same path
Could climb the same set of stairs

Until you have walked in my shoes
You may not see the wonders I see
Blindness of your eyes might darken
The beauty seen in a tall maple tree

Until the day we walk in their shoes
Will we see the things that they see
Young children in this universe today
Sadly for some tomorrow will never be

I know I can never walk in their shoes
In my shoes their feet could never be
The day we all walk the streets of gold
These earthly shoes we will never see

Denim Blue

It was a simple letter he sent to her
I know my spelling isn't always right
But I see you out walking every day
Can I take you to dinner some night

She smiled as she read those lines
For she had noticed him walking too
A handsome man he caught her eye
Walking down that path in denim blue

The letter she sent back to him said
Yes having dinner with you I will do
One promise to me you must make
You wear those jeans of denim blue

Years have gone quickly slipping by
Now the family has increased by two
A boy and a girl now bless their life
She smiles and thinks of denim blue


The air was filled with thunder
Lightning flashed up in the sky
Raindrops began to pelt down
Wetting earth that was so dry

Summer has been dry and hot
The grass in the lawn is brown
Dust lies thick on the little lane
We drive when we go to town

Corn in the fields has all dried up
Clover dead and wont make hay
Looks like the rain has passed by
Will have to wait until another day

Some days are so dark and dreary
When things just don't go our way
Don't dispair and don't ever give up
Tomorrow will give us a brighter day

The Meadow

I stand and look at the meadow
What a lovely sight it is to behold
I hear a Bob White calling his mate
See flowers with blossoms of gold

A mare grazes with her young colt
A crow angerly makes a loud call
Small trees are dotting the meadow
Blackberries bushes are growing tall

Sassafras trees grow in the fence row
Strip their bark and make some tea
The sky is unclouded this bright day
What a site I am privileged to see

A small brook flows by the meadow
Filled with schools of Rainbow trout
Enjoy and find beauty surrounding
For thats what He made it all about


With beaches made of white sand
The Gulf with waters of aqua blue
Warm breezes are lightly blowing
There are many things you can do

Enjoy a racing day at Gulfstream
Sun bathe at Fort Walton Beach
See the Bucs play in Tampa Bay
Jacksonville isn't far out of reach

Indian River fruit from Fort Pierce
Fishing is good in Whitewater Bay
Auto races over in Daytona Beach
Deep sea fishing is good every day

Rockets fly from Cape Canaveral
Panana City has a very lovely bay
Miami is very nice in the wintertime
Florida is so beautiful in every way

copyright 2002 By Acie

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