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My Poems Page 75


Sure I see that leak in that ceilin
Been gonna fix hit fer some time
Heck, woman we be's broke now
We haint got nary a nickle or dime

Now woman, you quit yer naggin
Widder Johnson wuz jest a talkin
I haint sweet on that there woman
Say you seed us in that hollar walkin

I am gonna tell you somthin woman
You wimmin are all driven me krazy
I would move away from all of you
But I reckon hits that I'm jest too lazy

Fix me up some grub there woman
Kant you see I am starvin to death
I am gonna go and take a crick bath
Gimmie some sen sen's fer my breath

Corn Squeezins

Yep maw them dang revooners dun got me
Dun fetched me down here to the county jail
Now maw don't be a frettin there about me
But you kin use the aig money fer my bail

Yep they caught me and our old Stumpy
Dern fool of a dog he jest had to bark
I wuz gonna hide up there in them rocks
Then wood fetch myself home about dark

The preacher stopped by jest a while ago
He seemed to be awful mad at me maw
He said while I wuz here in this here jail
He didn't know where to get his alkyhol

I figger the jedge will let me out pretty soon
He is a big user of my corn squeezins too
Well maw I'll jest hang up this here phone
Gonna go back to that cell and take a snooze

Far Away

As I retrace the paths I have taken
I find my footprints in the soft sand
Strolling the banks of Brush Creek
Perhaps some far enchanted land

When a young childs imagination
Looks out to a land thats far away
Only dreaming he might visit there
As a man he will be there some day

To walk on the streets of Hong Kong
See the sunken ships in Manila Bay
Shop the jewelery stores in Vennia
Go to a bullfight in Madrid one day

His world has become so small now
No longer spending hours in the air
He sits down in front of the keyboard
His computer now will take him there

She Is Gone

Her picture still hangs on the wall
I guess that don't bother me at all
It is the sad words I heard her say
When I saw her pack and go away

She said she found someone new
I love him so much more than you
Slamming the door she walked out
I tried to figure what it was all about

She is gone and I got the mortgage
Checkbook has zeros on each page
She don't know I stashed some away
Thought I might need it for a rainy day

Good night for a beer and a ballgame
But this night doesn't seem the same
With a beer and baseball I am content
You know I don't care where she went

Two Hearts Broken

I can hear thunder in the distance
It is warning that rain is in the air
Bringing me a feeling of loneliness
As I sit alone in this overstuffed chair

This old house now seems so empty
At one time it was so filled with joy
She has taken my heart and left me
Gone along with our little baby boy

Dreams can turn into nightmares
Whiskey can destroy a man's life
Having a night out with some friends
Cost my child and the love of my wife

Could I be able to start my life over
Jim Beam would still sit on that shelf
At home I would stay with my family
My son, a beautiful wife and myself

The Lucky Nine

They heard the noises up above
As they huddled near each other
Nine men were trapped in that mine
Treating each as their own brother

Three days they fought the water
No food was there for them to eat
They each prayed in their own way
This was one mine they would beat

Just three hundred feet above them
The frantic men were working so fast
For they knew the mine was flooding
No knowing how long they could last

Nine men today are lucky survivors
Not knowing if they would get out alive
Spending three dark days down there
Thank God the lucky nine did survive

Pedro's CEO

Sitting by the window thinking of you
I see all those people that walk on by
With four gray walls surrounding me
It makes me sad that I made you cry

Thinking I was slicker than greased pig
I'd put all them Endron idiots to shame
Their accounting company messed up
I knew I could stay ahead of that game

I was the president of the Pedro Co.
Lying to them all, stealing the dough
I was living high getting all that stock
The judge said it's to jail you must go

But the bottom fell out and here I am
The judge said I had commited a crime
I'm in this federal penitentiary laughing
My Swiss accounts will pay for the time

The Old Sailor

He sits on a bench and stares at the bay
Watching a ship, he had sailed one day
Thinking of days he climbed up the mast
Gone are those days, they are long past

As a young man the sea was his home
With thoughts of freedom he did roam
Sailing the seas through day and night
The sun and the moon as his only light

The ports he had anchored were so many
One of his favorites was in New Guinea
He met a pretty native girl there one day
She wept when she seen him sail away

He thinks of the stale tobacco he smoked
Heavy seas when the spray got him soaked
Watching his old ship sail around the bend
His sailing days have been brought to an end

Blame It On Me

If in your heart you now don't find
A love that was so tender and kind
With a feeling you want to be free
Blame it on me, just blame it on me

If at home you now spend the nights
Thinking of all those big bright lights
Dreaming of the happiness we did see
Blame it on me, yes blame it on me

No longer our home, it is just a house
Can't blame you for calling me a louse
I guess it's over and you want to be free
Honey blame it on me, blame it on me

You say I won you over with my charm
Sweetheart I never meant you any harm
Sorry about that night I was out until three
Blame it on me, honey blame it all on me

This Old Farm

He tilled this soil from morn until night
Furrow all straight, they had to be right
Sun so hot, the mules looking for shade
Can't let them rest until this day is made

He sees a buzzard flying over his head
It's is looking for an animal that is dead
Papa robin spots something that sqirms
Then pecks in the dirt looking for worms

Noontime comes and he sees his wife
Fine looking woman the pillar of his life
Bringing him water and something to eat
He has a wife that could never be beat

Sun is going down, time to call this a day
Take some time tomorrow to mow the hay
Sitting down to supper she sees her man
He looks so handsome with his face of tan

copyright 2002 By Acie

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