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My Poems Page 74

Lost Dreams

The dreams we had have long vanished
But dreams again I know you will find
You will find my heart among the ashes
Of a fire that was never on your mind

I want to find some sweet lady I can love
Not the one who left me broken and blue
Somehow, some way I know I'll find her
Its such a pity that sweet lady wasn't you

Memories bring back lonesome heartaches
My skies aren't bright and sunny anymore
I know I lost the only one I'll ever care for
The fateful day that you walked out my door

Gone, you are gone my mind keeps crying
Love I may never have in this heart again
My world has now shattered and crumbled
I face a lifetime filled with suffering and pain

Beans And Taters

Remember those old cold beans
The hard biscuits you had to eat
Smacking your lips, ask for more
You know this meal can't be beat

I had beans one day, taters the next
You know they all tasted good to me
Just a growing barefooted young boy
Taters and beans was all I would see

One day we got us a scrawny chicken
They asked me if I would wring its neck
Knowing how good them dumplings are
I thought to myself I'll do it, what the heck

The next day it was beans and taters again
We thought we had them cause we were poor
But you know I have found out since that time
In them are vitamins, minerals and much more

The Mother We Love

Some day I will meet her up in Glory
Singing sweetly with an angel band
On earth she served her dear Savior
Mother is now up in the promise land

No better mother could I have seen
She was working so hard every day
Her life was devoted to us children
Raised in the good old fashion way

For a mothers love knows no equal
How happy with her I was back then
She would conquer all the fears I had
The best mother there has ever been

Think back to your young childhood
How you relied on your sweet mother
The cuts and bruises she could cure
Love for mom is equaled by no other

My Old Home

I hear the restless sounds of the wind
As it blows through that big Maple tree
It brings back thoughts of my old home
Thoughts that live deep in my memory

That old house burned down long ago
Visions I can still see of time now past
That old apple tree where I would play
Climb to the top, it was my ships mast

We had a big hill in back of the house
In the wintertime we would ride a sled
Down the steep hill our sled would go
Pulling it to the top is what we did dread

Wonderful dreams of time long past
Of that old home and a happy family
I love to reminice of my younger days
Thinking back in life as it used to be

A Scottish Dream

If only today I could go Scotland
On a big steamship I would sail
Visit the place called Loch Ness
Go to Canny Man's for some ale

See Black Hills Rhododendron
Beautiful with its purple bloom
Try to do some country dancing
In a wonderfully decorated room

Ah, but if to play the old course
At St. Andrews would be a dream
Get a birdie at dreaded seventeen
Playing like a pro it would seem

Visit the country in the highlands
See the rivers Clyde, Forth, or Tay
If I could visit the land of Scotland
It's there my heart surely would stay


Today you left me sad and lonesome
All of our dreams have vanished too
Tonight I am burning all the bridges
I'll have to find a way to get over you

You say that you have found another
But you still want me as your friend
I worshiped the ground you walk on
But my darling this must be the end

Yesterdays dreams have now faded
A big heart full of love I had for you
It's a new love that you now crave for
To my heart you could never be true

Tonight as you wait for his phone call
I'll be out dancing with someone new
There are so many others in this world
One time I thought there was only you

A Longtime Fan

What is happening to the major leagues
How in the world is it suppose to be run
An eleven inning tie in the all star game
Is so unsatisfactory to this son of a gun

Bring us back the game we once loved
Let the hall of fame elect our Pete Rose
Such a pity Pete isn't in that great hall
His name every true baseball fan knows

One time baseball was pure enjoyment
Many days I drove down to Crosley Field
When the Reds moved over to Riverfront
My love for the baseball would not yield

A follower of baseball for over sixty years
I am so very concerned of where it will go
Will the powers that are ruining baseball
Deprive us of Marty and Joe on the radio


It's a blue bouquet that I give you
You know it will match this heart
Gone are the embers of our love
They died the day we had to part

The days now are much longer
Since that day you walked away
You took everything I cared for
With no goodbyes did you say

Outside my window it is raining
Much like these tears in my eyes
Am I a fool to have these feelings
One who sits in his room and cries

Blue is this heart you have broken
So enjoy this bouquet I give to you
Will you remember as you look at it
You once cared for this heart of blue

Pay Back

She knows he has been unfaithful
That makes her break down and cry
Tonight he tells her how he loves her
Tomorrow he will tell her goodbye

Three children at home call him dad
He has a wife that he treats like dirt
Drinking and cruising all night long
Chasing any woman wearing a skirt

He comes home early each morning
Having only contempt for his wife
A wreck he has made of his family
The children are scared for their life

He thinks he is God's gift to women
But how fast his good looks fades
His disloyalty has caught up to him
He now has a case of full blown aids

The Years

When my ship of life has anchored
The wind no longer can fill my sails
Thinking of the routes I have traveled
Remembering all those happy trails

I think back on life and its a good one
There have been bumps along the way
I know everything hasn't been all rosey
But I have found some joy in every day

When I look back to those early years
A young happy go lucky boy I do find
Later he will serve in the US Air Force
Then working in a factory's daily grind

The long years have passed so swiftly
Now I have told you the story of my life
But I would be remiss if I didn't tell you
There is a very sweet lady I call my wife

copyright 2002 By Acie

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