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My Poems Page 73


The sweat glistens on his forehead
His breath comes in labored gasps
He hears the crackling fire around him
He hears voices uttering gastly rasps

Will his death come to him quickly
Or must he suffer excruciating pain
As the wall of fire closes in on him
He wonders will he see his family again

His eyes open and he looks around
Is he in heaven or has he been found
It's clean fresh air he is now breathing
As he lays in grass there on the ground

How could this fire have happened
Was it just some stupid careless act
Some people accidently set these fires
Others deliberately, thats a proven fact


Agitation shows in his aged eyes
He doesn't know where he lives
He neither knows or understands
All the love for him she now gives

Once a gentle and loving husband
Who's life is slowly dwindling away
The beast of a disease, Alzheimers
Now controls his life night and day

The big smile he once wore broadly
Has changed into a darkened frown
Trying to remember why he is here
Confusing, it keeps his spirit down

Will they some day find a cure for it
For it effects both women and men
I am sure some day that will happen
The problem is we don't know when

"Under God"

Will we bow to an athiest's whim
Or will we let the majority still rule
Omitting "under God" in our pledge
Was suggested by a stupid fool

He still enjoys the same freedom
That God has given to me and you
Foolishly he doesn't understand
This land of the red, white, and blue

People have come here to be free
So they might worship and pray
To take even one of our freedoms
Certainly would bring us doomsday

To the athiest, something I must say
The old devil has given you a prod
When you find it to be so offensive
The two precious words, "under God"

Come Back

Give me one more kiss
Then I will be on my way
Bring back the thoughts
Of our perfect yesterday

Take it all from my heart
Please help me to forget
The love we once shared
Pretend we have never met

Hearts are made to break
I know how you broke mine
Evenings dinning with him
A smile and a glass of wine

Forever there are thoughts
Of how our world could be
If you can forget about him
And come back home to me

Young Love

A soft breeze blows through the willows
As they sit under a cloudless starlight sky
Sounds of a whippoorwill calling his mate
Mixed in with the chirps of crickets nearby

The moon was full and brightly shinning
Hoots of an owl echoed through the night
Love was in the air that cool spring evening
Their future soon would be rosey and bright

Tomorrow he would go and see her father
A church wedding is the hope of their life
Just to walk down the aisle with her father
At the alter she would then become his wife

The beauty felt in this early spring evening
Between two young people so much in love
Their lives will be enriched in holy matrimony
To be blessed by our God in heaven above


He dreams of places far away
Lands where he may never go
Looking at a geography book
Has made his curiosity grow

Reading about the Alps high
Where the Danube gets a start
The white Lipizzans in Vennia
Riding in Manila on a pony cart

Seeing the sites in Hong Kong
The shopping stores in Tokyo
Having a spot of tea in London
To Belfast in Ireland he may go

A painter he could see in Paris
See the old Coliseum in Rome
The best place on Earth he goes
Is the place he makes his home


The sands of time can never dim
The thoughts of my dear mother
A kind and loving lady she was
To me, my sisters, and my brother

I am left with only the memories
Of a lady that was filled with love
She spends her days watching me
From a beautiful mansion far above

Fifty eight years she spent with me
Still, I know that wasn't enough days
Life spent here with your lovely mother
Gives warmth as if from the sun's rays

Though life was rough in the thirties
She found a way to get us through
A mother watching over her children
To my mother a heart felt thanks to you

My Life

When my clock of time quits ticking
When my hourglass empties its sand
Send the angels to come and get me
Hear them sing with the heavenly band

Though my life has been a short one
When it is measured from start of time
I know it can't be very much longer
Til I hear that final church bell chime

With this life, I might have done better
A doctor or a lawyer, I could have been
But all that money wont bring happiness
For only in heaven can that really begin

Tomorrow as I climb those golden stairs
Many of my friends will greet me there
Once again to join my wonderful family
Surrounded by God's tender loving care

European Holiday

I hear the loud roar of the engines
Soon we will be up and on our way
This gleaming silver bird I am riding
Take's me four thousand miles today

I will see the great sites of Europe
Stop and visit Paris for a day or so
To visit the Lourve and Eiffel Tower
Its then to French vineyards I will go

To ramble around in old Rotterdam
Spend some time in the British Isles
See Scotland, Wales, and England
Beautiful Ireland brings me smiles

Walk the Red Square in Moscow
Look at the old Coliseum in Rome
After visiting all the sites in Europe
It's back to my home sweet home

Memories Of Yesterday

Red shadows play along the river
As the sun slowly sets in the west
Reflections of a warm summer day
Brings back the memories I love best

A boy with an old cane fishing pole
Trudging along the river with a wish
Looking under a wet log for a worm
Hoping to bring home a big catfish

Watching him brings a smile to my face
Soon these days will a part of time past
These happy days in a young boy's life
So sadly it's only for a short time they last

A carefree world today belongs to him
Much like mine was so many years ago
Remembering back to those happy times
Wondering where did all those years go

copyright 2002 By Acie

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