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My Poems Page 72

One Drop Of Water

It starts with a single drop of water
On its way down the mountain side
Mixing with many more tiny droplets
Slowly it begins its downward slide

A clear stream of cool mountain water
Falls below, on a path it soon will take
Cascading over rocks and pieces of ice
Downward it falls soon to be in the lake

Formed from years of the stream's feeding
The lake has become a home for the trout
The beauty found from the mirror reflexions
Of the mountains that are standing about

Breathing the fresh crisp air of the mountains
Brings a feeling of exaltation into my heart
Seeing all the beauty that is surrounding me
Knowing that one drop of water was its start

My Lovely Angel

On her transparent wings of gold
She soars through a big blue sky
As she watches over me every day
Never far, my angel is always nigh

Beautiful reflections from her wings
Lights up all these days that I live
What a perfect friend she is to me
Taking nothing, only her love to give

She brings to me a grandiose feeling
So light, as if floating high into the sky
Never telling me why she is with me
For certain, I shall never ask her why

She shall be with me until that day
When my journey in life has its end
She will gently take me by my hand
Fron Earth to Heaven we will acsend

Precious Love

The pleasant look on his face
Belies the pain he has within
Losing his faithul companion
Caused loneliness to set in

Married when she was twenty
He soon would be twenty five
Happiness was being together
Their love was so much alive

For the better part of fifty years
Together they spent their hours
Her birthdays he gave her candy
Anniversaries he brought flowers

Smiles from her beautiful face
Are memories he will ever save
The love of this precious lady
He will carry along to his grave

True Friendship

True friends we never forget
In our hearts they will remain
The good times we have spent
A world of happiness we gain

Someone that is good and kind
Doesn't come to you every day
Giving a smile to ease the pain
When troubles come you way

You may think we have forgotten
All the kindness you have shown
But thoughts of you come easily
Friendship has steadfastly grown

Please don't think I could forget
The wonderful times spent with you
Just know I now am remembering
A friend that is wonderful and true

My Dream

I'll walk on the shore beside her
Again in my sweet dreams tonight
Strolling the white sandy beaches
Under a moon so yellow and bright

Just to hold her hand and kiss her
See the Red Anthurium in her hair
Hear the beautiful song she sings
With her on my arm I haven't a care

The warm night breezes are fantastic
Aroma of the tropical flowers fill the air
On this inartificial South Pacific Island
It is marvelous times we have to share

My night will come to an abrupt ending
No flowers to smell no breezes to feel
I know I will find her again in my dreams
Her beauty and the island seems so real

A New Love

The sun no longer shined
Here in my world anymore
It went behind a dark cloud
As you walked out my door

My heart no longer beats
With love for you my dear
As you said your goodbyes
Words I didn't want to hear

But that was a long time ago
In my heart you don't belong
Another now is in my heart
With love good and strong

So thankful that I met her
Her heart is good and true
The love she has given me
Caused me to forget you

Saddle Bum

It is moonlight on the prairie
A lull in a hard working day
Campfire is blazing so brightly
A harmonica begins to play

The day has been a hard one
It has now turned into night
Not a single cloud can be seen
A new moon is shinning bright

A cowboy starts to remember
A pretty little gal he had met
He dreams of his own spread
Some day he knows he will get

Sleep will come to him so easy
The morning will come too fast
Back in the saddle riding herd
His is a life that will forever last

Viet Nam

Tears stream down his dirty face
He hurts, but he doesn't know why
He has been all alone for so long
He wonders why they all had to die

War had ravaged his little country
He saw strange men on the street
Some of them seem to be friendly
Others he was too scared to meet

Among the trash and the garbage
He must find a place he can sleep
He thinks back in time of his family
Closing his eyes he starts to weep

His short life has been a hard one
For him things have not gone well
He was born in the wrong country
The war in Viet Nam was pure hell

Thinking Back

The evening shadows creep
Along the path I once tread
The years have now passed
Leaving many words unsaid

If some way I could go back
Some things I would change
The priorities I had in my life
I would find a way to rearrange

But there is no way to go back
The past is gone never to return
Bridges we made in the long ago
We also have seen them all burn

But the thoughts are all beautiful
Reliving the past as if it was now
Would I really change it that much
As I think back I doubt it somehow


Does the moon shine for you my darling
Or does the storm clouds get in the way
Is his love sincere and true like mine was
Will he be there for you day after day

Does the light of love still burn brightly
Deep within his heart like it did in mine
Can you believe everything he tells you
It could be he is just feeding you a line

Dreams we once shared have now faded
Some day you will realize what you missed
The nights will soon become so dark dear
Will you dream of the way we once kissed

Your halo I see he now tilted and broken
No longer are you the beauty I once knew
Pretend you are some one I never cared for
In my heart I hope all your dreams come true

copyright 2002 By Acie

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