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My poems Page 71


The bronze glow of twilight
Lights up the western sky
There is beauty in a sunset
Pleasing to everyone's eye

In the quiet of the evening
A great time to reminisce
To think of the good life
Or giving your wife a kiss

In the cover of darkness
That soon will be here
Singing of the creatures
Will be loud and clear

God created this time
A restful part of the day
Look up and thank Him
Tonight when you pray

Life On The Range

The days work has been hard
We will soon be heading home
Rounding up the stray doggies
From the big herd they did roam

Night time will greet the prairie
Sun will be setting in the west
Cowboys will build a campfire
Its the time we all love the best

After a meal of bacon and beans
We will settle down for the night
The cattle now seem so restless
A new moon is shinning so bright

I hear a harmonica softly playing
It is playing a sad and lonely tune
Crawling into my old sleeping bag
Knowing daybreak will be here soon

All Alone

He sits alone and he wonders
Why have they all gone away
Will he see them once again
Have they forgotten him today

His life has changed so much
He can't seem to get around
He doesn't get out any more
They keep him homebound

He forgets much of the past
Although he remembers mom
He can still think of school
When he went to the prom

They say he has Alzheimers
He thinks he heard it before
Befuddled by what they say
His mind drifts off once more


Tonight its so sad that you are not here
Each thought I have of you brings a tear
How I wish I could hold my head up high
But these old memories cause me to cry

Sitting alone in the stillness of this room
How was I to know this would be my doom
You left and took my heart with you that day
I love you was something you could never say

Have you gone to see another my sweetheart
You have pierced my dreams as with a dart
This life of lonesomeness is how I will now live
Wanting and waiting for a love you couldn't give

Tomorrow there is a new dream I hope to find
Someone who will keep your image off my mind
The hopes and dreams I had for me and you
Broke my heart because you were never true

A Star

Sitting on the old front porch
He strumed on that old guitar
Singing songs he had written
Dreaming of being a big star

He once played with a band
Down at one of the local bars
A big fight broke out one night
Today he still carries the scars

He decided to go to Nashville
He knew he could sell a song
Looking for a star to record it
He had a will that was strong

Today as he sings in Nashville
Twenty times as number one
His songs have sold millions
Many awards this star has won


Rows of white markers
Show where they lay
Decorated with flowers
On this Memorial Day

Sadness I have in mind
Thinking of the long past
Dreams of love for them
Feelings that eternally last

No thoughts of loneliness
I know they are with me
No voice for me to hear
No visions for me to see

The love we show them
On this day of dedication
Emotions and tears today
Seeking their edification

A Fisherman

I love the sound of water over rocks
A quiet afternoon thinking and fishing
Standing in water, using my waders
Not catching a fish, but still wishing

Here there is no feeling of loneliness
Mother Nature has given me a friend
A turtle that is as big as a wash tub
In these rocks, he surely does blend

This is a serene part of our universe
Problems aren't allowed here to dwell
It is beauty I see on this lovely brook
Flowing down through a grassy dell

The sound of a big bullfrog croaking
Tells me nighttime will soon be here
Tis a day in the life of this fisherman
Nature, with a stream sparkling clear

Range Hand

The dust was so thick that evening
Herding the cattle along the trail
Just seen one man the whole day
Only a pony rider with the US Mail

Bandana held out most of the dirt
So dry it would steal your breath
So many years he has rode herd
A few times he has dodged death

Not a dime does he have to spend
Until he delivers the herd in town
Then he will step up to that old bar
A whiskey will wash that dust down

Life of a working cowboy is so hard
Not glamorous as some might think
It is spending your life working cattle
With only a canteen of water to drink

The Cemetery

It was though tear dimmed eyes
I read the names carved in stone
Tho I saw no other standing near
I knew that I was not here alone

Memories flood through my mind
Back to a time when I was young
Seeing the house where we lived
My mother and songs she sung

The grass green and neatly clipped
Highlited all the flowers I saw there
So beautiful and so neatly arranged
Showing how much we really care

It is so hard to say goodbye again
So it just so long until the next time
The time we shared on this earth
Gave me joy that was so sublime

Saturday Movies

Roy and Gene were my favorites
But I liked Hoppy and Rocky too
A Saturday spent at the movies
Thats what all us kids liked to do

Rex Allen crooned to the ladies
Lone Ranger was with Tonto too
Johnny Mack Brown was a hero
John Wayne knew just what to do

Jimmy Stewart was a good guy
Lash LeRue used a bull whip
Gary Cooper was in High Noon
To Red Ryder you gave no lip

We loved to sit in the front row
Popcorn would cost us a dime
I would love to see them again
Dreaming as I go back in time


copyright 2002 By Acie