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Acies Poems 7

Our River Of Love

It started as a babbling brook
But oh my how it has grown
With wondrous feelings of delight
That this world has never known

Our river may have a few ripples
But we will survive them my dear
They will only serve to help make
Our hopes and thoughts more clear

Our river is now wide and deep
And it will flow from this day
No obstructions or any objects
Ever to be be seen along the way

In places our river runs wild
Just like our passions run too
This river of love will always be
A haven of comfort for just us two

Never A Care

Today she has my heart
She has my love too
We are quite a pair
In everything we do

The nights we are alone
The great times we see
Can never be measured
Except by you and me

The love we now share
Pumps up our hearts
Knowing true love
And how it starts

May it reign supreme
The love we now share
Forever to bring joy
To never have a care

Hearts Are Free

Like a wild raging river
Your love has come to me
You have my love forever
Please never set it free

The day I first met you
And saw you standing there
Your beauty did astound me
You know I will always care

Tomorrow will be a new day
Filled with my love for you
With you in my mind forever
I give my heart to you too

Our hearts are now together
May they always be that way
May our love will be forever
Building for us every day

Your Beauty

Your beauty stands before me
Your smile so sweet and kind
My heart is always with you
Your image is ever on my mind

I know I will forever love you
You have given me your love too
Tomorrow and every day thereafter
My heart will belong to only you

We will live our lives in harmomy
Always sharing our life together
Not to forget just what we have
Let our sweet love last forever

You are my hopes and my dreams
Without you I would not survive
When you put your arms around me
You put my heart in overdrive

Keep Me In The Sky

I got a strong feeling
That is inside my heart
A feeling of true love
Although we are apart

Let tomorrow be so happy
Fill our hearts with joy
Lets make a solemn vow
love for this girl and boy

Every day we will agree
About the love we share
Darling you have my heart
Please handle it with care

Two hearts now beat as one
True happiness we have found
Keep me up here in the sky
Never let me touch the ground

Your Happiness

I have a flame deep in my heart
Burning with such intense desire
When I get to see you sweet lady
Your love sets my world on fire

I want to be with you forever
The flame will burn every day
We could set the world on fire
I love you darling all the way

I know you have that feeling
How your heart is burning too
To be apart is so exasperating
I want a world for me and you

Our world will be so very happy
No sorrow or disappointment there
To be always with you my love
Its your happiness that I care


To walk with you today
To stroll hand in hand
Is my greatest delight
Bare feet in the sand

Lips so sweet and tender
Arms to hold you tight
Visions of your beauty
Dreams I will have tonight

As I hold you in my arms
Whisper sweetness to you
Heaven will come our way
Our love will be so true

With my lips kissing yours
No greater pleasure can be
A lifetime together for us
Images of happiness to see

The Path Of Love

To walk along the path of love
With someone you love so dear
Makes your heart beat with joy
Makes you want to hold them near

The love we share at this time
Will grow with each passing day
with your sweet image in my heart
I love you sweetheart in every way

How sweet it is to have your love
To feel that you are the one too
With beautiful thoughts and dreams
My love you know is always for you

From my heart you will hear me say
I want to spend my life with you
The most beautiful lady in the world
With auburn hair and eyes of azure blue

My Love Will Grow

We know the feelings of our love
That comes from within our heart
I dream of the time when we met
And how our love did then start

I remember our picnic by the creek
I know that is where I fell for you
My mind does wander back to that day
I knew I could love no one but you

The times you spent encouraging me
When I thought my writings were bad
The times you told me thats real good
Must have been the feelings Keats had

You are the loveliest of the lovely
So beautiful in every way I know
No other lady can take your place
My love for you will grow and grow

Sweep You Off Your Feet

Love comes only from the heart
With sweet feelings of admiration
Where we want to be with our lover
In a deep and everlasting relation

The love I share with you my dear
Gives my heart such deep emotion
To be able to be with you my love
I would do with such sweet devotion

Our love has grown and is so good
Love is etched so deep in our heart
The exquisite affection I have for you
Darling our love is only the start

The years ahead will be great for us
Our love will grow to be so complete
With my love dedicated only to you
I want to sweep you off of your feet

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copyright © 1998 By Acie