My Poems Page 69

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Our Angel

In her smile I see an angel
A cherub with eyes of blue
Lights the world around her
Happiness she brings to you

Her sweet laugh is infectious
Her love she shows tenderly
A hug brings to her elation
Inner peace it brings to me

I know she came from heaven
She is one of Gods chosen few
Her thoughts are easy to know
As you hear her say I love you

We are thankful she is with us
A world of serenity she brings
Til the day she goes back Home
Flying on her set of angel wings

His Dream

The evening shadows feed a breeze
As he sits alone in his old porch chair
Reminicing of their times long past
Dreaming of his lady with silver hair

Smiles it brings to his wrinkled face
As he thinks of their time long ago
How he had courted that sweet lady
With a love that continued to grow

He thinks of the time he first met her
How she became the love of his life
She was so sweet and oh so pretty
He knew she must become his wife

Dreams keep him from being lonely
Soon they will be reunited once more
There in that wonderful heavenly city
Walking together on the golden shore

Hopes And Dreams

Shafts of light gleamed through the pines
As he saw her turn and start walking away
His dreams were dashed, his heart broken
Tears fell as he stood there that fateful day

A little creek flowing through banks of clay
Brings back memories they had once shared
Thoughts and dreams they had talked about
Have faded like a forest loggers have bared

He now walks alone with his head held low
His world it seems is rapidly coming to an end
With nothing left for him in this cruel old world
For yesterday they had burried his best friend

Can he face tomorrow with no plans of his own
Will his troubled mind let him linger on and on
Or will he soon join her on that heavenly trip
He knows in the blink of an eye he could be gone

The Computer Age

My computer is a tool to behold
All the world is so easy to roam
Sitting here in my big easy chair
In the comfort of my own home

I can visit a friend in Malaysia
Or maybe someone in Chicago
It's no difference how far away
Just a click on the mouse and go

I sit and write a note to a friend
One who I had never met before
Isn't this email a wonderful thing
I will lick those stamps no more

I can write you a funny poem
Make you a pretty web page
It is all just a sign of the times
As we live in the computer age

Out My Window

As I look out my window and see
All the things God has given me
A world though not a perfect one
It was here on earth he put his son

The grass In my lawn is so green
Flowers are prettiest I have seen
A Bald Eagle soars way up high
His background is a big blue sky

A clear creek flows over the rocks
Canadian geese are flying in flocks
The skies and the oceans are so blue
A beautiful rose is covered with dew

These things he made for you and me
Open your eyes wide and you can see
The beauty this world has for you today
Tell Him about it as you kneel and pray

A Spring Breeze

The sun lights up the eastern sky
Another beautiful day has begun
Springtime feelings are in the air
Young hearts are soon to be won

The feel of a warm spring breeze
Blowing ever gently in your face
Removes the laziness of winter
With pep that quickens the pace

Smiles we see as we walk along
Even strangers greet us this day
The sweet scent of spring flowers
We smell walking along the way

Wonders happen in the springtime
Just watch the birds and the bees
You can see the beauty spring brings
When we get that first warm breeze

My Grapevine

Hanging out of that oak tree
Was a big knotty grapevine
Cutting it off at the ground
Made us a swing so devine

Trying to swing the highest
Was what we all tried to do
Reaching out toward heaven
Sure brought excitement to you

Trying to impress the others
I would go higher than before
Bringing the vine back farther
Out into the air I would soar

At the top of my super swing
I heard that grapevine crack
It had slipped over a big knot
I fell thirty feet onto my back

I can still hear them laughing
As I got off that hard ground
If that old tree is still there
It is a place I wont be found


The sweet smell of a honeysuckle
Penetrates the clear morning air
A feeling of a refreshing new life
For this land that once was bare

Growing in a field is white clover
Timothy, when cut becomes hay
Goldenrod adds color to the field
So much beauty this spring day

A mother quail feigns an injury
It's a way of protecting her flock
A rabbit is spooked in the grass
A black snake hides under a rock

The sights and sounds of spring
Are a relief from a cold winter day
Things are starting to come alive
Warm weather is now on its way

My Golfing Buddy

Earl was a good friend of mine
I had known him for many years
About four years ago we lost him
His death brought us many tears

A golfing buddy, Earl was to me
We so enjoyed playing the game
That year we had joined the club
Without Earl it wasn't the same

Things you can remember now
Didn't seem so much back then
But remembering the little things
The laughter shared by two men

I wonder if he still has a mulligan
Or does he write down a true score
Some day we will play a round again
Up in heaven do you have to yell fore

Thoughts Of Youth

It is so peaceful here today
White fleecy clouds float by
Contentment is in my heart
I see a robin starting to fly

In my heart I feel a melodey
A song from long time ago
A time when I was younger
Wondering where did it all go

A smile it brings to my face
As my mind drifts back in time
I shut my eyes and I can see
Visions that are so sublime

This day is an innocent time
Of life as it was lived before
A boy turned into a grown man
Thoughts of youth once more

copyright 2002 By Acie

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