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My Poems Page 68

My Irish Dream

My heart belongs to Ireland
How I wish that I could see
That wonderful isle of Erin
To walk along the Irish Sea

Could I but pick a shamrock
Walk Shannon’s main street
Visit friends at an Irish pub
A pretty lass I’d like to meet

If I could dance a reel or jig
Probably drink a pint or two
See the green of dear Ireland
I would give my heart to you

In my dreams I see Tipperary
Playing a round at Castlerock
It is in the country of Ireland
That I want my ship to dock

Sunday Morning

Such beauty has this Sunday morning
The sun has come up warm and bright
With an invigorating feeling in the air
I face this day with feelings of delight

I smell the perfume of the lilac bush
The aroma is so fresh and so sweet
Robins have a nest in the apple tree
Their babies are chirping for a treat

I can hear the church bells ringing
They reverberate so loud in my ear
Calling me to that old country church
With the preacher we all love to hear

What a beautiful morning I do see now
It's one in which God has given to me
With these feelings of love in my heart
This is how my world shall always be

A Grandson

The first grandson is so special
He will be spoiled like her son
Wanting to hold and sing to him
To her, he will be number one

From the time she has known
Her son's wife was with child
Excitement has been with her
Her whole world has been wild

Her heart waited in anticipation
To hold and love that baby boy
She certainly would spoil him
Her world will be filled with joy

Knowing she will not hold him
For God chose to take him away
A grandchild she had waited for
She wonders why this lonely day

Pappy's Moonshine

One day my pappy called me
He said he was feeling very ill
Mash in them barrels was ready
Could I come by and run the still

He told me just how I wuz to do it
Hose wuz runnin from that spring
Put the mash in that copper cooker
Build a fire and hear them coils sing

Mountain dew soon commed a flowin
First wuz a hundred and eighty proof
Danged stuff wuz so awful powerful
One time it blowed off the barns roof

I seed them revenue boys flying over
Watching the smoke from up in the sky
Heck the smoke wuz driftin a mile away
I wuz done now so I could let the fire die

That day I had runned off twenty gallon
Elexir was what some folk have called hit
Pappy's moonshine wuz always the best
To us country boys when we got half lit


Sitting alone in his memory
He thinks of a distant time
When days lasted forever
Pepsi's were two for a dime

Fun was swimming all day
Or perhaps a baseball game
He didn't play all that good
But he loved it all the same

Walking down that dusty road
There were no shoes on his feet
Care free and he was so happy
Going to the store to buy a treat

Those days are long gone now
Their thoughts are on his mind
Sweet memories of time he knew
Of a world that was gentle and kind

Memories Of Mother

I know I should have told her
What a mother wants to hear
How much I really loved her
I should have made that clear

She has gone up to heaven
I know she sees me every day
These words I want to tell her
She can see what I have to say

My mother was a super lady
What a blessing she was to me
Throughout my childhood years
She taught me how I should be

I think back to those early years
To all the lessons I have learned
The feelings that she taught me
How all respect must be earned

She knows I dearly loved her
I know she will fully understand
That day when we walk together
On that beautiful golden strand

Climb A Mountain

Come climb this mountain with me
Let the world become your window
All the wonderful things on the Earth
Your heart and mind begins to know

Clouds above are fleecy and white
Silhouetted against a pale blue sky
Water cascading along a rocky trail
Empties into a river flowing near by

The face of a wildflower greets the sun
Peering out from a rocky crevice above
Stillness of this place of sheer beauty
Is broken by the mating call of a dove

Air is so pure and exulting to our being
Wind is a refreshing feeling on the face
The magnificence we can see this day
A wonder that only heaven can replace


The north wind blows into his face
As he walks down a lonely street
He knows not where he is going
There is no one for him to meet

Just an old man without family
He walks these streets at night
All alone in this cruel old world
With a future that isn't so bright

He thinks, as he walks so slowly
About the time earlier in his life
Of children who called him father
A beautiful lady that was his wife

He knows that he still loves them
That he wishes, they could know
As he struggles with his conscious
Drugs destroyed a world he loved so


I sit and think of time long past
To grandma's house I would go
My grandma was a grand lady
I think of how I loved her so

Christmas time I spent with her
See her baking cakes and pies
Smiling at me when I ate them
A twinkle in her pale blue eyes

My grandma was so old fashion
She washed her clothes in a tub
An old washboard she would use
The dirty clothes got a good rub

My mother called her mammy
Together again they are today
No longer using that washboard
Grandma has found another way

Beautiful Spring

The sights of spring are showing
Flower buds are bursting all over
The green in our lawns is showing
Fields will soon be filled with clover

The hills are coming alive with color
The red buds are beginning to bloom
The white dogwood looks so beautiful
It looks like winter has met it doom

The sounds of spring are now in the air
A mother robin has begun to build a nest
The whirring of the lawn mowers we hear
Springtime is the season we like the best

The beauty of spring shows in our heart
Love seems to bloom before our eyes
Share this beautiful spring with a friend
Summer will be here before you realize

copyright © 2002 By Acie

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