My Poems Page 67

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My Angel

The angels of joy surround us
Have you seen yours today
Mine is a vision of loveliness
In my heart she does play

She follows me everywhere
With her I am never alone
Patiently watching over me
Hoping my sins I will atone

Each morning when I arise
I know she is standing there
I wonder if she ever sleeps
For I am always in her care

As I get to the golden gate
Beside me she will stand
Then we will walk together
There on the Golden Strand

A Holy Night

It was cool that December night
When the angels found their way
Into the city they called Bethlehem
They saw a manger filled with hay

Three wise men were there standing
Each had brought a gift that night
They had been guided to the manger
By a star that was shinning so bright

Mary and Joseph soon joined them
For there was no room in the inns
There they waited the birth of Jesus
Preparing his bed in one of the bins

As light shinned down from heaven
Our Savior was born that holy night
Although he was born in that manger
We know it was such a beautiful sight

Past, Present, and Future

I can see the past, present, and future
As I stand here looking at her name
Since I lost my dear loving mother
My world has never been the same

The rows of markers show the past
Showing those who have gone away
In my mind it is so clearly I see them
Standing in this little cemetery today

The present allows me to be here
Thinking of the life she gave me
A wonderful lady my mother was
Another like her I will never see

The future I can only dream about
My dreams are of my sweet family
Who on that lovely day of tomorrow
Up in heaven reunited we will be

Was It A Dream

The snow is steadfastly falling
On my lovely mountain cabin
Outside the wind is blowing
There is much warmth within

Fireplace is brightly burning
Our stereo is turned down low
It's so cozy here in our cabin
Protected from the falling snow

Thinking I hear something odd
I stick my head outside the door
I see a reindeer with a red nose
Blinking I see a whole lot more

Behind all those little reindeer
I see a big man dressed in red
On his face are white whiskers
He smiles as he sits in his sled

I invited him in to our cabin
Nodding he said it will be ok
I guess only for a few minutes
For soon I must be on my way

I stopped at your house tonight
Yours was the first on my way
I have to cover the whole world
Before it becomes Christmas day

Opening my eyes I look around
He is not here I can plainly see
Standing up I look at the room
Seeing presents under the tree

I know I shall always wonder
Was he here or was it a dream
I thought I heard ringing of bells
Coming from that reindeer team


With but the clothes on his back
He shivers on this December day
The cold wind blows his long hair
As he so slowly walks on his way

His clothing is so worn and dirty
His shoes are a terrible disgrace
With not one penny in his pocket
The hunger shows in his gaunt face

He has no bed to sleep in this night
With not one word will he complain
This life he is living will soon pass
To everyone this must be so plain

Tomorrow he will live up in glory
For he is now homeward bound
To spend eternity with his savior
Peace he sought has been found

Life’s Game

It was for a magic moment
That I saw her standing there
A smile she had on her face
A flower she wore in her hair

Her perfect beauty I saw then
As she walked down the street
The tailored look of her clothing
Showed a lady that was so neat

I wanted to meet her that day
I know it was love at the start
Her image lingers in my mind
A pain still lives in my heart

Memories I can still see of her
I wish I had gotten her name
A missed opportunity perhaps
Or is it of part of life’s game

Time Past

I can hear the church bells ringing
They bring memories from the past
I can see that little one room church
How could the time pass by so fast

Little children looking to the future
That is the way we were back then
It is now we realize the innocence
Of what we children had all been

I dream back to those early days
Days were so free and full of fun
If just swimming in Brush Creek
Or lying on a blanket in the sun

These times are now long gone
Just memories held in our mind
Tomorrows will bring us dreams
But they will be of another kind

My Pride

In my mind again I see her
As I stroll this sandy shore
A smile fresh as sunshine
In my heart forever more

Many times I walk alone
Hoping it's she I might see
Walking barefoot as before
When with her I would be

Sinking feelings in my heart
With another she does walk
Holding hands and smiling
As she hears his sweet talk

With this sadness I now have
Thinking that I must end it all
With this glass of sherry wine
I know my pride will now fall


I see the snow slowly falling
Its beauty fills these old eyes
Floating ever so gently down
To the earth where it now lies

It will turn the grass so white
Each flake will take its place
We know that Mother Nature
Is changing our Earth’s face

The fresh look of new snow
Clinging to the barren trees
Painting a landscape of white
Bringing to life a cold breeze

Tomorrow it will all be gone
Bringing the horizon we know
It was so beautiful as it lasted
Sun will melt our pretty snow


Just a boy with his dog
Carrying his fishin pole
Trudging the old dirt road
Headed to the fishin hole

Happiness fills his day
On his face is a big grin
With worms in his pocket
His fishin is about to begin

Putting a worm on his hook
He knows the fish will bite
Fried catfish sure is good
His Momma will fix them right

Old cane pole in his hand
A bite makes him hold tight
He hooks him a big catfish
He got his dinner for tonight

copyright © 2001 By Acie

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