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My Poems Page 64

A Field Of Tears

The grass was green as I stood there
Looking at what had been my past
Thinking of the love I have for them
A love that for an eternity will last

Flowers I placed there beside them
Tears were streaming down my face
How I miss, and yearn to see them
I know that will be some other place

Many rows of markers I do see there
Some gray, some white, some black
As I stand there in the misty rainfall
How I wish the time could go back

Memories of those we all love dearly
Are in our hearts all through the years
It is here I so fondly remember them
Standing alone in this field of tears

Memories Of A Mother

As she sits alone in her sweet memories
Her thoughts go to a time long ago past
With the love they cherished so dearly
Feelings they knew would forever last

A gentle smile caresses her aged face
As she thinks about the life they had
A lifetime filled with much happiness
Hearing the children call for their dad

She sees his likeness in their children
Michael is the spitting image of his dad
Happy when they come over for a visit
But when they leave her heart is sad

She survives, but not without emotion
Nights are so long since he went away
Life seems so empty without his love
Memories of their life now fills her day

Their Time

Pride shows through his aging eyes
When he thinks of a time long ago
A beautiful lady had caught his eye
He thinks of how their love did grow

His heart she won with a flashy grin
He knew wedding bells would ring
Two hearts in love was felt by both
Knowing what the future would bring

They were married in a small chapel
Happiness had filled their whole day
With a warm feeling of contentment
Her father had given the bride away

Their love, he knows will never fade
The years with her were heaven sent
He thanks God every night in prayer
It's hard to believe where time went

Cycle Of Life

From a fog shrouded morning
The sun slowly shows its face
To warm the earth with its rays
The darkness it will now replace

We see the cycles of day and night
As the weeks and months pass by
A lifetime doesnít last very long
It is just like the blink of an eye

We wonder where time has gone
Why our youth has gone to past
With all of our great exuberance
Why canít these years forever last

But our youth has been well served
Tomorrows come faster each day
Now this handsome young man
Has become a man old and gray

Viet Nam

When you see that long black wall
With a name you knew so very well
Tears will come, as a heart will break
They had fought in a war that was hell

To think back to that God awful war
To know any brave young man who died
Think of all of the mothers and fathers
How all their brothers and sisters cried

A war that was fought without any purpose
How many now live with suffering pain
To be in a place where we had no business
Not threatened nor was there to be any gain

Was it a disgrace to our wonderful country
Most will agree this is how it will ever be
Has this country learned any kind of a lesson
Sadly we all doubt it, but it is just wait and see


Time is a great destroyer
It will outlast man and beast
The minutes keep on ticking
The sun will rise in the east

The days seem to go swiftly
Tomorrow becomes the past
Today is but a fleeting moment
Time makes it goes by so fast

Time has long taken my youth
Causing wrinkles in my face
The speed that time passes by
Would surely win any race

Will my time end tomorrow
Will the sands soon pass by
Time do not let me know
When it is my day to die

Their Love

As I watched him sitting there
A tear was glistening in his eye
He must be thinking of the past
How the years had passed on by

Their love was so deeply loyal
Not once did he want to roam
The beautiful love he cherished
Was with him in a happy home

Their life seemed so perfect
Each day she said I love you
With a smile made in heaven
He would say I love you too

Her home is now up in glory
There she awaits for his day
There to be together forever
I love you again they will say


Down in the peaceful little valley
Where he spent many a happy day
He can hear the song birds singing
Watch the squirrels as they play

Walking down that old pathway
Drink cool water from the spring
Think about that pretty young lass
Hear the love songs she would sing

Wonderful days he can remember
That brings a teardrop to his eye
Their teenage love was so sweet
He wonders how they let it die

Time has passed by so swiftly
Though it seems like yesterday
Walking hand in hand together
He smiles as he goes on his way

Beautiful Ohio

As the evening sun sets here in Ohio
I realize what this country means me
The majestic beauty of our hillsides
It is such a beautiful site we do see

The wide Ohio River flows unabated
Its trip will lead it onward to the sea
Waters that will flow so many miles
On its path, many farms it will see

The primitive beauty of the forests
Where the Shawnee once did live
In the autumn brings out colors
No artists brush could ever give

The river bottom land is so rich
There corn and soybeans do grow
Yes, that is why I realize I am lucky
To live in the beautiful state of Ohio

Bull Finch Pub

In the corner I saw him sitting
He was slowly sipping his beer
As lonely as he seemed to be
I was sure he had friends here

As I slowly walked toward him
Seeing he was playing showbiz
He smiled and said howdy partner
I am playing the best game there is

I watched as he pulled the handle
Three chairs came up on the reel
He had won two thousand tokies
He knew that was a very good deal

He heard way to go from the players
He replied with a thanks if you will
A round for everyone if you please
And, oh yes put it on Funzies bill

copyright © 2001 By Acie

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