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Acies Poems 6

A Vision

I close my eyes and I see
Her standing next to me
In all her lovely grace
A beautilful vision is she

Her face is of a beauty
Always smiling never a frown
Her spirits are ever rising
Always going up never down

She winks at me as I look
At the mystery in her eyes
She holds me spellbound
I love her thats no surprise

That vision I hope to meet
For I love her so much you see
Come meet me tonight my love
A vision no longer you'll be

Your Song

The wonderful feeling I have
When I see her coming near
Brings comfort to my heart
When her sweet voice I do hear

She sings her lovely song to me
My heart melts with each note
Its the worlds most beautiful music
That only an artist could have wrote

I love her pretty song she sings
For I know it is sung only for me
She lets me know she loves me
And forever that it will be

Sweetheart please keep on singing
You will forever be singing to me
With a heart full of love for you
I surrender my love, don't you see


The pleasure of your nearness
Creates a burning love within me
Of what our love really means
And to what it can grow to be

Today as I think about our love
Of how beautiful I know you are
The tender loving words you utter
Keeps my heart from straying afar

How I will ever want you near me
What comfort and joy you bring
To spend my life ever near you
To place on your finger a ring

This love that I have for you
Grows more and more each day
Happiness will be ours together
Always in love all of the way

A Vision Of Loveliness

To love this beautiful lady
To hold her in my arms today
Is like a dream of imagination
Because I love her in every way

She is a vision of loveliness
So sweet, so true, and so kind
She will have my heart forever
Her love to ever be on my mind

I know that she does love me
She knows that I love her too
Tomorrow we will be so happy
In this world just for us two

I know I will love her forever
Nothing can ever keep us apart
With this deep affection of love
This lovely lady has won my heart

On A High

What a rush you give me
I am on a natural high
Everytime you are near
I feel my heart sigh

No artificial feelings
Adulation fills my heart
I know you are wonderful
I knew it from the start

With a heart that is pure
I have a mind that is clear
I want to forever love you
And to ever keep you near

I am intoxicated with your love
As an alcoholic takes to drink
I know I have fallen for you
I thought I was just on the brink

Our Life Together

My arms ache so much for you
To ever hold you so tight
Your love is always on my mind
Happiness we will find tonight

The sound of you sweet voice
Wakes up the emotions in me
Your love is ever on my mind
Safe and secure it ever will be

A yearning I have within my heart
To spend a life eternally with you
Come spend this life with contentment
As only our life together will do

Never let your love wane or wander
Stay strong with the love you give
Keep my love forever on your mind
What a wonderful life we will live


A piece of paradise I did find
That wonderful day we first met
To realize our hopes and dreams
Is something we wont soon forget

We get to meet almost every day
Always we meet with I love you
We smile and always steal a kiss
And whisper darling I love you too

With a smile upon your pretty face
I marvel at your demeanor and grace
I know I will love you all my life
No one could ever take your place

Yes paradise I have found with you
Never to lose sight of who you are
A beautiful lady who has won my heart
And filled my soul with loving desire

My Dream Of You

When I go to bed tonight
I will drean of you again
To see you my lovely lady
The way all my dreams begin

You are a image of beauty
The fairest that I know
My heart belongs to you
Our love will ever grow

Your sweeet and easy ways
Have taken away my heart
You will ever keep it safe
Never to ever let us part

If you know how I love you
And I am sure that you do
My heart you will ever keep
Its always in love with you


To spend my lifetime with you
That is my greatest desire
To hold you in my arms forever
To set your sweet heart on fire

I am always thinking about you
Your image is ever on my mind
The prettiest lady in the world
Truely you are one of a kind

I am sad the days we are apart
It is hard to know what to do
With a dream of you on my mind
Sweetheart I know you love me too

Tomorrow will bring us a new day
One where our all dreams come true
Happiness will forever be ours
A lifetime together for me and you

Copyright 1998 By Acie

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