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Acies Poems #49

True Love

Smile at me pretty lady
Open your heart to me
Love is waiting for you
Within my heart it will be

I see your face before me
A sweet smile there I know
I feel a beating in my heart
Feelings I just can't let go

A sweet kiss from your lips
Is like heaven on earth to me
Can I come into your heart
Happiness forever we will see

Share our dreams with me
I will ever be there for you
To walk hand in hand forever
Our love will ever be true

Complete Devotion

A gentle breeze was blowing
That cool September night
I had my arms around you
Holding on to you so tight

We heard the crickets chirping
A lonely owl began to hoot
I whispered to you softly
My dear you are so cute

A smile graces you lovely face
My heart swells with pride
I think about our life ahead
Knowing you will be by my side

I give to you a sweet tender kiss
One that is filled with deep emotion
I want to spend a lifetime with you
That is filled with complete devotion

A Special Kind

I walk slowly in the misty morning
With these wonderful thoughts of you
I can feel your love within my heart
My eyes tell me you can feel it too

The coolness of the mist upon my face
Brings a pleasant feeling all over me
When I let my mind go back into time
Your beautiful image I will then see

I think of the time we spend together
The long walks we always love to take
Down past the rose bordered pathway
To a boat ride out on our secret lake

The happiness you have brought to me
Can only be measured in my mind
Your smiles I shall ever remember
Lovely lady you are a special kind

Love In The Air

Two hearts have meld into one
Happiness is beyond compare
Every day is a new beginning
Knowing there is love in the air

Smiles we will see every day
Feelings we never felt before
So much beauty I see in you
Bringing my heart to the fore

I feel a warm glow as I see you
You light up the world for me
Your sweet and gentle nature
Is everything I want it to be

I have a light and airy feeling
In my heart you will ever stay
I am waiting for you my lady
Your love I cherish ever day

Whispered Words

Will you come and sit beside me
I'll whisper sweet words in your ear
I want to tell of my love for you
How I want you to be forever near

I will tell you of your sweetness
The most wonderful lady I know
A kiss placed on you ruby red lips
Will make our love continue to grow

Our happiness will abound forever
You make my heart so very proud
It's hard to keep my feet on the ground
When my head is floating on a cloud

Your smile makes me a winner
My heart I have given to you
Look at me and please tell me
Will you give me your heart too

Show My Heart

I feel a beating in my heart
As I think my of you my dear
Mesmerized by your beauty
I shall ever want you near

Your gentle voice so soothing
There is so much love to share
Deep in my chest is a feeling
Happiness that we really care

If in my arms I could hold you
I would tell you of my feelings
How you have stolen my heart
That you have set my head reeling

To walk with you and talk
Would surely make my day
A sweet kiss from your lips
Will show my heart the way

Eternal Love

If some day we should meet
At our favorite rendezvous
I will hold you in my arms
Tell you of my love for you

I want to hold you in my heart
Forever until time is long past
When I give you a sweet kiss
I see a smile that will ever last

When my eyes gaze upon you
I see a lady that lights my fire
To tell you of my love for you
Is something I shall never tire

The beauty of you smiling face
Is so etched into my memory
So much love is stored there too
My love for you will eternally be

My Heart And Mind

The light of my life burns so bright
Since the time you came my way
I see the beauty that is in your heart
My love for you grows every day

To walk with you brings me happiness
To whisper your name soft and clear
To tell you the feeling I have for you
Let you know I always want you near

Your smile I know came from heaven
But for a halo, an angel you would be
Together forever would be so wonderful
You will always be a sweet angel to me

Holding you tightly in my arms tonight
Brings this warm feeling all over me
To know the love we are now sharing
In my heart and mind you will ever be

Love Me Now

Standing in the soothing spring air
Beautiful thoughts come so clearly
There I can see this lovely lady
Brightly smiling as she teases me

We smell the fragance of the flowers
We can hear the calling of the dove
Springtime has come in all its glory
Bringing with it sweet thoughts of love

We have walked the country hillside
Memories will ever flood my mind
Happiness I have found in my lady
Country ladies are the nicest kind

Inside my heart you give me feeling
As you whisper these words in my ear
Love me now, and love me forever
For I shall eternally want you near

Hometown Hero

He had just seen birthday seventeen
When they carried him away to war
So much sadness in his home town
Ronnie's cheerful face is here no more

He was the most popular in his class
To know him was such a great delight
It was such a treat to go to the gym
He played basketball on Friday night

He had his eyes on that sweet girl Sue
Hoping someday she would be his wife
Her hopes have all been dashed now
A telegram said he had lost his life

It was in the heat of a terrible battle
That brave young Ronnie had died
His soul now rests up in heaven
Tears flooded Sue's eyes as she cried

copyright © 2000 By Acie

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