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My Poems Page 46

So Sweet And Kind

A smile, a wink, a pretty face
In my mind I see these of you
Sitting with you on the front porch
Of the cabin I built for us two

I see a smile that is heavenly sent
Your wink has set my heart aglow
The beauty shows in your lovely face
Where my heart and mind will go

I look and I see so much beauty
I see a heart that is made of gold
I want to whisper in your ear
Words that have never been told

Holding you so softly in my arms
A feeling of happiness I now find
This euphoria brings me contentment
With this lady so sweet and kind

I See

I see the clear dew
Upon the rose's face
So much beauty
Only nature can replace

Just like a pretty rose
A smiling face I see
I also have a smile
Given to you from me

Today I yearn to see
You standing next to me
I would look into your eyes
An angel there I would see

In a world that is perfect
I know where we would be
Together in each others arms
Happiness then we would see

My Feelings

With this feeling within my heart
My dear I smile as I think of you
Your picture appears in my mind
So beautiful, so trusting, so true

Your image is firmly in my heart
Becoming much stronger every day
Happiness you bring ever to me
You are so wonderful in every way

If today you should find in your heart
There would be room enough for me
Tell me, please don't hold it back
In my arms is where you can be

The sands of time are running fast
So many thing I want to say to you
I have opened my heart and mind
Will yours be opened to me too

His Good Life

His rough calloused hands tell the story
His sun parched face shows the pain
He dreams of bygone days of youth
Knowing he will never see them again

So young and pretty when he met her
He soon knew he wanted her for his wife
They dated for just short of two years
Then made a vow to stay together for life

His life he knows has been a great one
A good wife and 4 loving kids to show
They had a fine home filled with love
A happier couple you would never know

He knows his time can't be long now
He knows he will be back with her again
Together up there in their fine mansion
Never again to feel this earthly pain

Be Thankful

I sit and watch a butterfly
A flock of geese as they go by
With awesome wonder I do see
All the beauty that surrounds me

Have you looked up in the sky
Saw the stars and wondered why
It all should be so plain to see
It was all put here for you and me

I love the beauty of a magnolia tree
The lovely scented flowers I do see
So many things both big and small
Know and understand and love it all

Look for the good and not the bad
Don't envy another for what he had
Be thankful for what you have today
For in a blink it could all go away

Fun Country Style

Gonna take my huny dancin
We are gonna go dancin tonight
Gonna pick up that purty woman
Then I'm gonna hold her good and tight

Hit'll be hard fer us to go cloggin
Cause neither of us got no shoes
But when hit comes time fer partner dancin
Hit'll be that there woman I'd choose

She'll have on them bright green britches
The ones she fills out so well
But where she got them there britches
That is something I aint never gonna tell

After that there dance is all over
Me and that sweet huny gonna get us a kiss
We are just a couple of barefoot hillbillies
Havin lots of fun these city dudes all miss

The Path Of Life

We walk the path of life together
Sharing feelings that are so sweet
I listen to my heart as it is calling
To the sweet lady that has barefeet

Her magical voice brings me laughter
As she whispsers so softly in my ear
Words that make my world brighter
Happiness is having her right here

Her big smile brings pleasure to me
In a way I have never felt before
All of the little things she does for me
Makes me appreciate her even more

To be able to share my time with her
Be it a minute or be it a whole day
She lights up my life with her smile
I am so lucky she came my way

Turn Off Time

The time I spend with you
Brings so much joy to me
Can we turn off the time
And throw away the key

Your eyes hypnotize me
A voice so sweet and low
The perfection I see in you
Will forever continue to grow

Your smile radiates your beauty
That makes my heart beat fast
With deep emotional feelings
That will always and forever last

If tomorrow I could be with you
Happiness would flood my mind
For if I searched the world over
Not a sweeter lady could I find

Can We

Can we walk on the moonbeams
Can we fly on through the night
Can we dream of being together
Can I dream of holding you tight

If tomorrow I should be with you
Would you let me hold you near
Hear your voice filled with laughter
As I whisper sweetness in your ear

Would the day be filled with happiness
Would there be a big smile on your face
Would there be a warm wonderful feeling
A feeling that no one could ever replace

I know if all these things should happen
Our world would be so delightful to see
Every day would be filled with sunshine
Paradise here on earth for you and me

Our Night

The cold north wind is howling
There is a blizzard here tonight
We are so cozy up in our cabin
Our fire is burning so bright

I see a sweet smile on your lips
I see the fun thats in your eyes
I feel this pounding in my heart
The temperature is on the rise

We dance with the stereo playing
It is playing an old Ray Price tune
Holding you with a tender caress
Knowing our night will be over soon

This time we have spent together
Will be etched forever in our memorey
A night when two people fell in love
A night that was made for you and me

copyright © 2000 By Acie

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