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Acies Poems 44

A Weekend Retreat

If we could spend a weekend
In our rustic cabin on the hill
My heart I would give to you
Yours to keep would be my will

We would feel the chill in the air
But there is warmth in our hearts
You can stay out in the warm car
Until the fire in the fireplace starts

The day goes by and then night comes
We will dance to a soft candlelight
Holding your warm body close to mine
I will squeeze and hold you so tight

Looking in your eyes of emerald green
I see a lady that is so sweet and kind
One who has stolen my heart away
You are always and ever on my mind

A Sunday Picnic

What a special time to see you
A picnic on a Sunday afternoon
The fun we will have together
I know wont be forgotten soon

Bring the basket full of goodies
And the tablecloth for the treats
We will find a tree to sit under
Please don't forget the sweets

I will drive us to a lovely spot
Where we have never been before
This will become our secret place
So beautiful but even much more

The wine we will share is magic
This toast I will share with you
May our friendship last forever
Friends for a lifetime just us two

Our Dream World

I hold out my hand to touch you
Such a vision of loveliness do I see
Walking alone in the pretty garden
Smiling as you are looking at me

Our eyes meet and I begin to feel it
It is a feeling I have never felt before
In my heart I have this warm sensation
A feeling of euphoria and even more

Do you too experience this warm feeling
Of happiness that makes your heart glow
Does it bring a smile deep into your heart
To know our friendship will forever grow

If tomorrow I should be there with you
There would be so much for you and me
There would be smiles in our lives forever
In our dream world is where we would be

Our Pathway

I wish I could be with you
So pretty for my eyes to see
Sweet lady with the red hair
Walk hand in hand with me

Lets walk down the pathway
See all of the beautiful flowers
With you walking by my side
I could walk with you for hours

Walking this pathway with you
Brings so much joy to my mind
I could search the world over
Not a lovelier lady would I find

Our pathway of life will bring
Happiness to us in every way
I want to see your lovely smile
As a kiss I steal from you today

Our Smiles

Your smile is like the sunshine
It always brightens up my day
So warm and always glowing
It is so perfect in every way

Ever day that I get to see you
I see a bright and radiant face
One that is so full of happiness
Smiles no one could ever replace

If every day I could be with you
Our faces would always have smiles
They would light up the horizon
And would be seen for many miles

That glow in your smile is wonderful
May it forever shine as it does today
My smile I will have for you always
Your beauty graces my every day

Share My Dream

The keys to my heart
I now offer to you
Our long lonely nights
Now will be through

The day that we met
It was so special with you
I knew from the start
I would no longer be blue

So give me your love
Make me start living again
No more nights alone
No more feeling the pain

Will you share in my dream
Quit living the past
I now give you my love
That will forever last

Am I Dreaming

I sit and dream about tomorrow
How I wish I was there with you
No clouds would be in our sky
Just a wonderful shade of blue

With a bright sunlight shinning
How beautiful would be our day
Holding your hand and walking
Happiness follows us all the way

I can see your pretty face smiling
It brings a smile to my heart too
How wonderful just to be here
I am so happy being with you

Yes it is tomorrow I dream about
A time when we never will part
To spend our life times together
This dream is deep in my heart

In My Arms Tonight

I sit and think about you
I wonder where we would be
If you and I were together
Happiness I know we would see

Our days would be filled with joy
Happiness would flood our night
Seeing the beauty in your smile
Everything would be so right

The wonderment that surrounds you
Like a light shining from high above
Intoxicating my very existence
With a wonderful taste of love

Your beauty is highly addictive
With a personality that is a delight
What a lovely thought I am thinking
I see you in my arms tonight

Sweet Perfection

We sit in the solemn stillness
Your hand is touching mine
So soft and delicate to feel
Like silk that is so fine

Quietly you turn toward to me
A beautiful smile on you face
I have this feeling in my heart
That nothing could replace

It brings a pounding in my chest
It is a sound I can't dismiss
I hold you tightly in my arms
On your lips I place a kiss

These words to you I whisper
I want to always be with you
Where happiness will ever be
Sweet perfection for us two

Pretty Dreams

My world is filled with pretty dreams
That will be shared by you and me
From the top of the tallest mountain
To the sandy beaches along the sea

Where our days so great and happy
We will have a dinner by candlelight
With you in my arms we will dance
Making it another wonderful night

The smile on your face will show me
All of the happiness we are sharing
Happiness will show on my face
By the sunny smile I am wearing

Hand in hand we can walk this life
Never to look behind to the past
But to build a wonderful relationship
Where our friendship will eternally last

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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