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My Poems Page 43

My Dream

If tonight I should dream about us
I just wonder where we might be
Could it be high in the mountains
Or walking along a peaceful sea

If it was high up in the mountains
So much we could see there
All of the trees and the animals
Living in that sweet and pure air

Should we meet down at the seashore
Barefooted we could walk in the sand
Hand in hand we would be so happy
Just you and I on that beautiful strand

If not the mountains or the seashore
Would be the place that we should meet
Any place I know would be like heaven
As long as I see the lady that is so sweet


As the sun splashes across the mountains
Oh how I wish that I could be there
To traverse this majestic scenery
With the lady who has pretty redhair

With a smile brighter than sunshine
She will walk a wooded trail with me
Holding hands and humming a sweet song
Our life would be so wonderful to see

With air that is so very invigorating
It seems like heaven on earth to me
A wonderful place to be with this lady
Happiness in these mountains I can see

We would hear the singing of the birds
Watch the squirels playing on the ground
In this the most beautiful of all places
The Blue Ridge is where it is found

The Lady And The Mountains

I see the soft rain falling in the Blue Ridge
Tiny beads of water form on the leaves there
Mother nature has made this place beautiful
With a serene feeling without worry or care

I want to see these pristine surroundings
Find someone to walk these woods with me
There I hope to find a sweet redhaired lady
She will add to all the magnificence I see

Hand in hand we will walk a colorful pathway
Unaware of the playful animals along the way
Only seeing the beauty that is in each other
Enjoying the life that was given to us today

What a wonderful feeling to be there with her
To know the total satisfaction that is found there
Seeing the rare beauty of her and these mountains
Surely would leave my heart to be open bare


(what else)

The smiles you gave me this morning
Brought much happiness to my heart
Your smile brought the sunshine with it
A wonderful way for our day to start

Our smiles seem to be highly infectious
Your smile causes my face to smile too
So sweet are these beautiful feelings
So happy I can share them with you

If I could only spend my day with you
What a super fine day it would be
Listening to your lovely sweet voice
As you tell jokes and smile with me

I hope that I can see you tomorrow
For you will bring a big smile to me
These pearly whites will I show you
As a big smile on my face you will see

A Spray Of Roses

Today I send you a spray of roses
Red ones I selected just for you
With each rose I send a message
To my friend I will always be true

We find in roses such rare beauty
A quality that I have found in you
Like each petal you are perfection
So excellent in everything you do

The sweetness found in this spray
Matches the kindness I find in you
Such a wonderful and lovely lady
Smiles you bring to my heart too

As the roses add freshness to the air
Your presence has added so much too
May our friendship last a lifetime
I am so happy I met a lady like you

A Sweet Lady

A smile floods my heart
To know someone like you
A sweet and wonderful lady
So much beauty I see too

To laugh and joke with you
Brings sunshine into my life
Happiness you bring to me
In a world filled with strife

Your smile brings to me
A big smile of my own
Since first we did meet
Smiles have ever grown

If tomorrow could bring
A time when we could meet
My eyes would gaze upon
This lady who is so sweet


I see the merry twinkle in his eyes
As he sits and thinks of years ago
His mind wanders back into time
To the wonderful lady he loved so

It seems like it was only yesterday
He met the prettiest lady in his life
He courted her with all his love
Hoping she would become his wife

Thinking of the days of love they had
Knowing fifty years went by too fast
Their love was so real and genuine
They knew it would eternally last

Lines of time are etched in his face
Years have passed since his prime
He longs for those wonderful years
Wishing he could go back in time

A Most Perfect Day

If today we could go walking
What a perfect day it would be
No clouds to hide the warm sun
Indian summer for you and me

Where the pretty leaves have fallen
I hear them crunch under our feet
Holding your hand and smiling
Looking into a face that is sweet

We can feel a gentle wind blowing
Hear the song of a bird along the way
Happiness surrounds us as we walk
On this bright and most happy day

If days like this could last forever
I certainly know where I would be
Walking somewhere in that forest
A very lovely lady there with me

A Vince Gill Tune

As we sat on the front porch
Under that full autumn moon
We were listening to our stereo
Hearing another Vince Gill tune

The song we heard him singing
Really caught us by surprise
He was singing about a red head
Who had beautiful green eyes

The smiles that it brought to us
Gave happiness to you and me
As I put my arms around you
So much beauty I did see

Vince old buddy I thank you
And thanks to that moon above
Now if only I could get cupid
To give that pretty lady a shove

Our Hills

So forebidding are the bare hills
That were so bright and so gay
Gone are all of our pretty leaves
On the cold ground they now lay

Gone is the beauty we once saw
The leaves have all turned brown
Falling from their lofty perch
Fluttering as they all fell down

Mother Nature gave to us a show
That was so wonderful to behold
Surrendering her beautiful foilage
When the weather became too cold

Another year we know will soon come
Again we will see these lovely leaves
With such a multitude of pretty colors
Waving to us from up in the tall trees

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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