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Acie's Poems Page 42

Sunset Of Our Life

The Beauty of a sunset
Closes another of our lifes days
It shows us the cycle of our life
To us this is God's ways

He has given to us
A time to measure our worth
It is our time to use
While we are on this earth

Make good use of this time
Do your earthly best
Be faithful to God above
He will do the rest

After the sunset of your life
Will darkness follow too
Or will the shining lights
Of heaven be open to you

The Lady And The Mountains

I see the soft rain falling in the Blue Ridge
Tiny beads of water form on the leaves there
Mother nature has made this place beautiful
With a serene feeling without worry or care

I want to see these pristine surroundings
Find someone to walk these woods with me
There I hope to find a sweet redhaired lady
She will add to all the magnificence I see

Hand in hand we will walk a colorful pathway
Unaware of the playful animals along the way
Only seeing the beauty that is in each other
Enjoying the life that was given to us today

What a wonderful feeling to be there with her
To know the total satisfaction that is found there
Seeing the rare beauty of her and these mountains
Surely would leave my heart to be open bare

Walk With Me

Walk this path with me
Let me hold your hand
The beauty I see today
Will make our walk so grand

I hear your voice saying
Words that are so sweet
I smile when I see you
No shoes on your feet

With red hair flaming
Eyes of emerald green
A lovely country girl
Nicest I have ever seen

Some day I will be with you
My heart will start to beat
Hugs I will then give
My friend that is so sweet

Walking With You

How I would love to walk with you
Hear the crisp leaves under our feet
Holding hands as we go on our way
Hearing your voice that is so sweet

We see a gray squirrel building a nest
High up in the shagbark hickory tree
Its so peaceful in our world today
So perfect that you are here with me

My heart is so light and happy today
Walking with you is a sheer delight
Spending this beautiful day with you
Makes all our world seem so bright

Will tomorrow bring us another day
One so wonderful and without care
To share a world so nice and clear
May our dreams forever be there


As the twilight comes to the Blue Ridge
I see a pretty redheaded lady so sweet
Walking down the pathway toward me
I see a smile on her face as we meet

I see all of the beauty surrounding her
I hear the sounds of crickets in the night
Playing their songs of love to each other
Moments like this are a perfect delight

I put out my hand and I touch hers
I can feel the magic that is in the air
Knowing this moment lasts so shortly
Should I tell her how much I care

If I would put my arms around her
Would she know what she means to me
Would a kiss last only for a moment
Or would it be there throughout eternity


I feel the chill in the air
This cool October day
Winter will be here soon
I know it is on its way

The snow will come back
Its blanket of white
To freeze us to the bone
On a cold winters night

But the seasons come and go
Our friends go that way too
Can friendships last a lifetime
Like one between me and you

For if it lasts a lifetime
I know it would be sweet
I would smile every day
When I see your bare feet

A Beautiful Smile

So beautiful was this morning
It was delightful being with you
The time we get to spent together
A perfect day all the way through

I will daydream of you sweet lady
Just to think of what we can do
Holding hands as we take a walk
Smiling as we tell a joke or two

We could share our laughter
At the silly things we might say
Just to be with you my lady
Would certainly make my day

I know when this day is over
I will still be dreaming of you
I know you will keep that smile
On a face that is so lovely too

Virginia Lady

There is a full moon over Virginia tonight
I dream of a sweet lady that is living there
I can see her walking barefoot on her porch
A lovely greeneyed gal with pretty red hair

I yearn to be with her in The Blue Ridge tonight
To sit on her front porch and hold her hand
I want to see the beauty in her lovely face
She is the most wonderful lady in the land

With a voice as sweet as the pure mountain air
I see a beautiful sly smile on her face
She is a memory that is so lovely to me
A dream that no other could replace

Some day I want to see this delightful lady
It is a day I surely don't want to miss
I want to hold her in a tight embrace
And on her lips place a tender kiss

A Perfect Night

Down in the mountains of old Virginny
There is a sweet redhaired gal I want to see
Sitting there on the front porch with her
Would be like heaven on earth to me

I want to see her pretty face smiling
Look into her eyes of the deepest green
See her lovely blush when I tell her
You are the sweetest gal I have ever seen

Just to see the moon in all its splendor
As we sit all alone there in the night
We can hear the whipperwills singing
Everything in our world will be alright

This beautiful night is ours for the asking
It is a night I certainly don't want to miss
I know everything will be so perfect
If this wonderful night ends with a kiss

Southern Lady

So sweet is that southern lady
Always so polite in every way
So happy I am when I see her
She brightens up my every day

I can shut my eyes and see her
So pretty with her bright red hair
Walking through her house barefoot
Humming a song without a care

She is so sweet when she talks to me
Giving her a compliment causes a blush
So easy going in everything she does
Always in control never in a rush

I smile when I think of that pretty lady
I simply adore her emerald green eyes
Some day I know I must meet her
With a knock on her door a surprise

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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