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The Beautiful Hills Of Southern Ohio

As a hint of autumns first frost
The hills will come alive in Ohio
In all the beauty of an artists brush
The colors will make the hills glow

The Oranges, Yellows, Reds, and Golds
Will soon don the beautiful hillside
In all of its magnificent beauty
A kaleidoscope of colors will collide

To see natures radiant beauty
To see how lovely the hills will grow
There is a place you should visit
The beautiful hills of Southern Ohio

For those who have never seen it
Have no idea of what beauty can be
I have been able to see it all
I have lived here all my life you see

The Cabin

I shut my eyes and see that cabin
Up in the Blue Ridge rarefied air
There I see a pretty barefoot lady
With a smile and lovely red hair

She sits on the front porch
A glass of lemonade in her hand
Singing with the voice of an angel
Accompanied by a great country band

I sit alone in utter amazement
As I hear a voice so sweet and so true
It must be a voice made in heaven
So perfect shared only by few

So beauitful are her surroundings
So splendid and peaceful it seems
Some day I will go to see this place
One I have seen only in my dreams

The Beautiful Blue Ridge Highlands

I hear the Blue Ridge Highlands calling
So much beauty there is for all to see
From the Cardinals, their red coats flaming
To the simple beauty of the white dogwood tree

I see a red squirel with his tail flying
As he climbs up in the shagbark hickory tree
The beautiful red maple is there growing
Rhododendron and Wild Hydrangea I see

There I see a doe with its fawn playing
I see a black bear cub not too far away
A brook trout is looking for his supper
Such wonderment to be here today

The magnificent beauty of this scenery
Was painted by the Great Masters hand
With such vivid colors all colliding
Makes the Blue Ridge Highlands so grand

Time Gone By

I dream of not what will be
I dream of what might have been
Time will no longer mean much to me
As I think of the days we had back then

Joy filled our hearts as laughter rang
So beautiful our lives seem to be
Holding you in my arms and kissing you
These images in my heart and mind I will ever see

A wink, a nod , a smile I clearly see
So beautiful forever you are to me
Love filled our hearts to a fever pitch
Knowing in time together we would be

Time what had you done to us
You have stolen away the love we knew
Leaving heartaches to replace the love
Forever to wonder can I survive without you

Forever To Be In Love

The nectar of love is so sweet
Will you join me in a drink
Can you put your lips on mine
Bring our happiness to the brink

I have this feeling in my heart
It is a feeling just for you
Such a beautiful lady I do see
So gracious in everything you do

Will you forever hold my heart
Somewhere inside your own
And to hold on to the thought
That you will never be alone

The love that we can share
Will be the most perfect kind
For when you are not in my arms
You will always be on my mind

Caring And Kind

Her grace and charm amaze me
Her beauty is beyond compare
With deep affectation for her
She knows I will forever care

When I put my arms around her
She smiles as I steal a kiss
She is an image of perfection
Her presence is sweet happiness

No one could ever replace her
In my heart she will ever be
Such a sweet and vivacious lady
Who brings so much pleasure to me

If my forever would end tomorrow
It would end with her on my mind
I know there will never be another
This lady who is so caring and kind

The Black Dragon

Out of the purple haze he had ridden
There was froth on the mouth of his steed
His mission was to save this sweet lady
A beautiful lady who's love he did need

Lightning flashed as the storm was starting
The darkness added to the danger of his quest
He must get to the black dragon this night
To die, or to live, see which one was best

He felt the hot flames of fire as he turned
Standing not more than twenty paces away
He saw this dangerous surly black dragon
Some one must meet his doom this very day

From the corner of his eye he then did see it
A bolt of lightning firing out of that dark sky
Straight as an arrow it hit that black dragon
His quest was over as he saw the black dragon die

Just An Old Nobody

It was a cold rainy night when we found him
He was lying face down on the wet ground
There was an eerie feeling surrounding us boys
Scared in the complete stillness we had found

We could see by the shabby clothes he had on
He surely wasn't from anyplace here in our town
I guess he must have been someone passing through
On his back he wore an old coat of faded brown

In my heart there was so much pity when I saw him
For I thought but for the grace of God it could be me
Alone in this cruel world with no one even caring
Useless was his life now he sleeps in all of eternity

If sometime when you are feeling sorry for yourself
Think of how this some day it might happen to you
Alone in this old world and you have no one to care
This tragedy happens more times than we want it to

My Dream Lady

The aroma of her perfume lingers
She had put magic in the air
A beautiful blue eyed lady
With pretty flowers in her hair

She smiled as I walked by her
I could see a twinkle in her eye
My heart started beating faster
As I smiled at her and said hi

I could swear she said something
Her voice was so soft and low
I wanted to turn and follow her
But my actions were a little too slow

Every night now I dream of her
Some day I know I will see her again
We will walk in the same direction
As her love I will then seek to gain

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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