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My Poems Page 40

Our Time-Our Love

If time could but let us
Go back to that yesterday
When love filled the air
It was perfect in every way

We could smell sweet roses
In that world we once knew
Our love we renewed daily
My heart I had given to you

Time no longer will let us
Have that happiness again
Is it gone and lost forever
Let the memories be our gain

Some how we will go forward
Hope will remain in our heart
We will find that love again
When we can make a new start

Called To Heaven

A mother so eagerly awaits
Looking for that magical day
She knows it wont be long
Twins will be coming her way

But God in his great wisdom
Called for them from on high
To keep safe up in heaven
Under His watchful eye

With heavens arms waiting
The angels carried them away
To be joined by their mother
On that bright judgement day

Joyously she will meet them
Up there where sorrow is past
To know and love them forever
Where life will eternally last

Ever On My Mind

I walk along this aimless path
Where flowered blackthorn grow
Adrift and alone I walk today
In life without direction I go

For life in its fleeting time
Never tells us what we can do
But where we go and what we are
Has been left strictly up to you

Some days it seems as if I'm right
Other days the opposite can be said
Some days are filled with sweet joy
While others are filled with dread

Tomorrow if I see the light of day
With these thoughts I will then find
Of things that could have really been
With that sweet image ever on my mind


A tear glistened as I saw you
So much happiness came over me
I know I will forever love you
So much beauty in you I do see

You will always be my love one
In this heart you will ever be
The most wonderful lady I know
And your love now belongs to me

Our days ahead will be so joyous
So many hugs and kisses every day
My arms will hold and caress you
And show my love is here to stay

With these feelings in our hearts
Every day will become our holiday
And with these emotions between us
Euphoria surely will come our way

Back In Time

Time will you please let me
Go back to those old memories
Back sometime in my childhood
Where life was so simple to me

I could daydream about anything
It would all seem so real to me
I could be a great sports hero
In my dreams the Babe I could be

There I could be who I wanted
If one day it was Gene or Roy
Dreaming of being all grown up
When I could be a famous cowboy

But Gene and Roy have passed on
Up in heaven they surely must be
Maybe some day I will meet them
And they can play cowboy with me

A Life I Want For You

In the recesses of my heart
Your image will forever remain
The love I have for my lady
My life it ever does sustain

Your beauty light my life up
You will ever show my way
With love that lasts forever
Love until that judgement day

When I have my arms around you
Our world is filled with delight
Kissing you is full of wonder
Our candle of love burns bright

Every day you hear I love you
Smiling you say I love you too
So much love I have for my lady
A life of happiness I give to you


He sits alone and he wonders
What has happened to the time
It seems like yesterday he was young
Back when he was in his prime

But time has eroded his good life
He sits alone so sad and so blue
Alone without his companion
In solitude with nothing to do

Time was when they were so happy
Where all their kisses were a delight
But now without her here with him
He faces another sleepless night

Some day he knows he will see her
Then they will be together again
Up there to be forever with her
And where there will be no pain


So vivid are my memories of her
Sitting asleep in that old rocking chair
Always a glass of water in her hand
A sweet lady with silver white hair

I remember the time at the cemetery
A lovely smile came on her face
I knew she was thinking about him
Her husband who was at Gods place

So many times I think about her
And the children that were her life
To her loving husband Elmer
She was the perfect wife

She has gone to heaven to meet him
Forever to be with the man she does love
Waiting for her children to join them
As she serves her savior from up above

Elusive Lady

So beautiful is the elusive lady
I see her every night in my dreams
As I reach out to hold her in my arms
She is always a step away it seems

Her beauty is so irresistible to me
My heart she has stolen with delight
This feeling will forever be with me
As I dream of that sweet lady tonight

Some time I will hold her close to me
In my arms there will be no surprise
As I gently push her face up to my lips
I will see passions fire up in her eyes

We will see our lips meet in perfection
As if they had been there some time before
Our love will rise to our sweet expectation
Tonight we will find love and so much more

A Lonely Man

He sits there in solidtute
A broken and lonely man
No place to go no one to see
Living his life without a plan

He sits and dreams of time past
And how one time he had it all
But now he is alone and forlorn
He weeps and stares at the wall

He wonders why it had to happen
Why she had turned him away
Did one word make the difference
A word he regrets she heard him say

He knows his life is almost over
Some how he wishes she could know
In his heart she will ever be
The lady that he loved so

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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