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Acies Poems 4

In Love With A Lady

I see her face in its serene glory

More beautiful than any ever seen
this wondrous lady who I call mine
has features so bright and clean

I know I will forever love her

returning my love she will do
come seek this utopia my love
ever will our love be so true

never look behind us my love

Always look for fantasies anew
keep our fires burning brightly
my life to be lived with only you

we will ever find much happiness

nothing will ever deter us you see
happiness will be eternally waiting
ever in love my sweet darling and me

A Rare Flower

A rare flower that is so stunningly beautiful

One who should be shown for all the world to see
Sometimes, I regret that as a mortal man in love
I try to hide her beauty and save it all for me

I know I am in love with this prim and proper lass

for me to smother her and keep her out of sight
is so very foolish and so selfesh out of me you see
If I lose her love it'll serve this foolish man right

I pray this never happens and that we will stay together

knowing the sweet tender caresses we share almost every day
It is like heaven every time I kiss and hug her so sweetly
How can I tell her what I am thinking and have her to stay

A vow I will make to you this day my sweet and lovely flower

that forever and even some more my heart will ever be with you
No more petty thoughts and stupid jealousies will I have my love
Please believe me when I tell you this, every word is oh so true


I feel her presence in the room

is it a ghost or just a dream
the nights are so lonely now
the silence makes me scream

Long ago when things were fine

I just knew our love would last
but things were said just for spite
our sweet love is a thing of the past

Why do fools like us fall in love

when we always want our own way
we do things we know are all wrong
we don't worry what we have to pay

So alone in this lonely room I am

still dreaming of what we once had
with the dream of her in my heart
please GOD don't let her be as sad

My Heart

The heart that beats for you

Is beating within my chest
knowing how much I love you
knowing honey, you are the best

This heart could beat only for you

no one will ever take your place
no love will I have for others
only you sweetheart can win that race

Yes time must pass as it has before

and ever more I shall love just you
every day to greet you with a kiss
and love you the whole day through

My heart will love you sweet lady

and I hope your heart is just for me
together down lifes highway we go
a happier couple you will never see

Broken Hearts

A broken heart was all he had

as he walked out that open door
sensing he would never return
knowing that his love was never more

Time was when he held his head up high

thinking with this life I have it made
never thinking of the life to come
when all his love of her began to fade

The days he walked by my house alone

I wonder if he could still walk tall
would he be the same cheerful sweet man
or the shell of a man who lost it all

These things we will never know because

last night they found him there in his bed
he had a letter she had written him long ago
cluched to his chest as he was lying there dead

No Love At Home

Time has eroded the love between us

it seems it was slowly at the start
but little things kept gnawing at us
until there was no feelings in the heart

Why did it have to happen, who is to blame

perhaps the feelings of love were not enough
without genuine love from the very start
trying to build a lasting relationship is rough

I know now it should have never happened anyway

many times poor choices I have made just like this
without any feelings of love for her in my life
I have stayed here, tied down from a life I miss

Knowing I could be oh so happy with the one I love

But knowing she is tied to a life she clings to
why do we have to suffer through all the pain now
why can't I have a life of true love just me and you


walking down the old wooded trail

quite cold it was that winter day
I saw this old wrinkled funny man
step across the path blocking my way

Hello my Sir I then softly said to him

eying me with jandiced eyes he did say
what are you doing in my domain thief
get out get out and forever stay away

But mister I certainly mean you no harm

snorting loudly he looked me up and down
well now I guess you aren't a real threat
still never smiling on his face is a frown

I guess I'll tell you who I am he then said

I am the old wish maker and I will give to you
Three wishes to be granted to you this very day
just tell me what your heart desires I'll give it to you

Thinking over what he had said I knew what I had to say

Give to my love first her health to live a long time too
and I would like next for her to have wealth, riches untold
Finally I want only happiness for the my lady tried and true

He looked at me with a sly grin and with his gruff voice he did say

ye are a fool I gave you three wishes and you gave them away
you left nothing for your self only to some one you think you love
walking slowly back down the old trail his words in my mind did play

every evening now I can see an old man on the hillside gleefully playing

and I would swear the lady I once thought someday would become my wife
is romping happily along side the old man called the wishmaker man
who took all my earthly wishes and now I wish he would take my life

The Lady That I Love

Here is to the lady that I love

may her life be always a sweet one
filled with all good things for her
and may every day be filled with fun

I know how I will ever love her

wanting to always be with my love
chasing dreams always with her
knowing our lifes fit like a glove

I have ask myself, do I love her

the answer is in my words you see
for as surely as there is a cupid
she has the heart that belonged to me

Never in my lifetime have I ever seen

such beauty and such loving grace too
my life would be fullfilled forever
to spend the rest of my life with you

Can I

Can I be the king of your heart

to protect and to love forever
to make sure through my reign
harm will come to it never

Can I be your regal champion

always fighting for your love
never to cede my loyal heart
always true from high above

Can I hold in you in my arms

to tell you what is ever true
how my heart is just a pawn
in the game of love with you

Can I kiss your sweet ruby lips

with all the passion there flowing
and to keep the rest of my days
dedicated to keeping love growing

Can I make a vow to you today

that my love for you will always be
just for you and you alone
this day and throught all eternity

Love In Bloom

His heart sings in rapturous glory

the love of his life is with him
always loving and caring forever
She fills his heart to the brim

Time was when he was so lonesome

he didn't know which way to turn
but his life is so happy today
the love of his life he did learn

Her love came to him ever so swiftly

like a bolt of lighting out of the blue
his heart was won by her that day
forever their love will be true

His lifetime he will always remember

the beautiful lady he saw that night
how wonderful the time he first met her
their love will always be so right

Tonight they will be wed in loving bliss

to live the life they both now yearn
forgetting the things of their past
Their happiness in life they will learn

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copyright © 1999 By Acie