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My Poems Page 39

Our Hearts

In my heart there is a feeling
It is so genuine and is so true
All for the love of a sweet lady
Its so wonderful that lady is you

You have given me much happiness
Never felt in my lifetime before
You have opened your heart to me
You have given me love once more

I had been walking a lonely road
One in which I could find no end
When I first met you my sweetheart
I was hoping you would be my friend

Today I am in complete wonderment
Seeing all the beauty thats in you
Will you forever be in love with me
Tie your heart with one that is true

The Gun

The chirping of the crickets
Broke the still of the night
We sat quietly in the swing
I pulled you to me so tight

We talked about our future
And of what it would bring
We even talked of marriage
It could happen next spring

I can't believe it happened
Just how could this be true
I didn't know it was loaded
I wanted to show it to you

Tonight there are no crickets
The swing is sitting empty now
All the plans for the future
Will make no difference anyhow

Your Smile

Your smile told me the story
Your love has been given to me
No sweeter smile has any angel
No happier man could there be

You came to me sad and lonely
My heart had been broken too
You gave me a reason for living
Now it is happiness for me and you

The time we get to spend together
Are moments I can never forget
When I can hold you and kiss you
I know how lucky I am that we met

For your love I will ever be thankful
I hope we love from now until eternity
My heart I have given to you forever
Two lovers for a lifetime, you and me


Will you build a dream with me
Can we build it with our heart
Will our dream be there forever
Will it say we will never part

Can our dream be a beautiful one
Built in the land of sweet delight
Where every day is filled with joy
And our love to fill every night

Our dreams can become a reality
Just believe in what I have to say
My love I will give you so happily
My heart for you will never stray

Am I just a vagabond kind of dreamer
With dreams that can never come true
Or am I the eternal kind of dreamer
Who will spend his lifetime loving you

Our World

The sweet love I have for you
With all the emotional feeling
I find so deep inside my heart
Makes your beauty so appealing

If time somehow permits our love
And lets us know the joy of life
To spend a lifetime of happiness
Free from all this worlds strife

Our utopia I am sure we will find
Where our skies will always be blue
My love for you will ever be there
Knowing you will forever love me too

Tomorrow we might find that sweet day
And our journey to happiness is through
Forever to live our lives in enjoyment
A beautiful world made for just us two

I Found A Friend

I saw her standing there
There was magic in her eyes
I started a friendly conversation
She smiled and answered to my surprise

She was so nice to me
Listening to my ever word
I could tell she was interested
And everything I said, she heard

I said, you seem so happy
Could you tell me why this can be
In a world where there is so much bitterness
On your face a beautiful smile I see

She smiled then so brightly
And said this is not the end
For in this troubled world
You have just met a friend

It Will Forever Be

Your face is like an angel
Your eyes are heavenly blue
You have won my humble heart
Your love I will ever pursue

The beauty I see in my lady
Far exceeds any other I know
I want to take you in my arms
Show you how our love can grow

A lifetime of happiness for us
Knowing how great life will be
Take me into your heart my darling
Heaven on earth awaits you and me

The days ahead will be great ones
In our hearts we now hold the key
To ever be in love with each other
This is the way it will forever be

A Fools Life

He stumbled as he walked
On that old familiar path
His eyesight dimming now
Could this be God's wrath

Back in his younger years
He thought he was the best
These words "hate and kill"
Were tattooed on his chest

He met a lady nice and fair
She could have been his wife
But all of those hopes faded
By his rough and rowdy life

So now he is a lonely old man
Struggling his way through time
He could have been a somebody
But his life now fits his crime

My Leaf

I see her in her lofty perch
A beautiful leaf in the tree
When the gentle breezes blow
I see her waving down to me

Her smile is so invigorating
The prettiest leaf in the tree
I spend my time looking at her
Soon she will be down here with me

When she starts to flutter down
On my chest I will see her alight
I will prepare a place for her
If in the daytime or dark of night

Forever in my arms I will hold her
Her head will ever rest on my chest
Like the love between a man and woman
She is the leaf I love the very best

Thinking Of Time Past

Though I walk without a whisper
My mind is filled with dreams
Thinking of the times past
When things were better it seems

Of nights filled with laughter
And of saying I love you too
Or merely saying at the same time
Some words like we would do

But time has a way of robbing
The pleasures of our life
In this old world around us
Filled with trouble and strife

Tomorrow will start a new day
Doing the things we want to do
But still there will be a memory
Of the love between me and you

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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