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The Kiss

As I circle my arms around her
I pull her tightly to my chest
I whisper you are sweet my darling
She says honey you are the best

Her lips are soft as velvet
Sweeter than a vintage wine
I feel our hearts skip a beat
As her lips reach to meet mine

Our lips meet in sweet perfection
Eager to know the sheer delight
That two people will experience
As they will fall in love tonight

My heart is full of love for her
I know she is in love with me too
Happiness will forever be with us
Our love will be so good and true


A multitude of gifts I give
To this lady I love so true
These gifts are given freely
And all for my love of you

First my heart I give to you
Filled to the brim with love
Happiness I will give with it
To be blessed from high above

My arms I give to hold you
My lips to give you a kiss
My ears to hear every word
So sweet I don't want to miss

My voice to tell you of my love
Hands to sooth where you hurt
Feet to walk to you my darling
A smile is how I will flirt

All of things I give to you
I ask only one thing from you
Love me my sweetheart forever
Gifts you will give to me too

A Very Special Lady

You are a very special lady
You bring happiness to me
So sweet is your disposition
In my heart you will ever be

With you my days are brighter
My heart I will give only to you
To you I will always be grateful
I want to make you so happy too

Sharing dreams that will be true
You are so exciting to be around
We know life will be great for us
Our love is built on solid ground

So very special you are sweet lady
Come spend all of your time with me
We will make two heart beat so happy
In my loving arms forever you will be

My Emotions

I feel the warmness of her love
That emits such happiness to me
Everytime I see that lovely lady
Such a vision of beauty do I see

I remember that lovely day we met
A beautiful smile was on her face
We stood and talked for some time
In her manner I saw so much grace

Such a sophisticated lady she is
I love her more and more every day
The feeling I have deep in my heart
Is so precious and will forever stay

The softness of her voice is music
So beautiful she sings me her song
In love with this sweet lovely lady
My emotions will forever be strong

Give And Take

I see the tide ebb and flow
On the shore of the lake
And realize that in our life
It is so much give and take

To you I give all my love
I want to take yours too
To live in serene wonder
That is what we can do

To take from you a heart
To freely give you mine
For happiness it will bring
To both my world and thine

Taking the dreams you have
Giving you thoughts from me
In our give and take world
We will live so happily


The gentle rain was falling
Each drop reminded me of you
The happiness I felt within
Knowing our love is so true

I wipe away the little drops
That fall upon my warm face
And think about you my lady
A love I could never replace

In my heart there is happiness
My darling I owe it all to you
I smile when I see you with me
So elegant in everything you do

So everytime I feel these drops
I will forever think of our love
I know we shall ever be together
Thanks to our angel from up above

My Heart Is Saying

I see the face of an angel
When I look into your eyes
I love you so much my lady
I know that is no surprise

To spend our lives together
Living through thick and thin
Knowing how we love each other
A happy world we would be in

You are a sweet and kind lady
In my heart you ever will be
I will love you for a lifetime
You bring much happiness to me

When I put my arms around you
And I pull you so close to me
Something in my heart is saying
With you is where I want to be

My Dentist

I went to see my dentist
He said sit down in a chair
The soft way that he spoke
I thought I wouldn't have a care

He tilted the chair backward
Inside my mouth he looked
When he got out his forceps
I knew my goose had been cooked

He tugged this way a while
Then he went the other way
I thought to myself I am silly
I should have waited another day

All at once he looked at me
That is all there is my friend
With these new teeth I have made
All your troubles are now at an end

My Angel

Can I look up to heaven
And find the one I love
I know she is an angel
And came from up above

Her smile is so heavenly
Her manners are devine
Her beauty is no secret
I know her heart is mine

I love this sweet angel
From now on til eternity
Her beauty I will cherish
Her love belongs to me

I have given her my heart
She has given hers to me
A match made in heaven
Forever in love we will be

I Love You Too

Much more than a friend
You will forever be
The love of my life
Is what you are to me

Not once I will tell
But many times so true
My love is here waiting
And it is only for you

Of anyone I could find
If down here or up above
I will never have seen
Anyone sweeter to love

In heaven with you
Is where I will be
I know you are an angel
Looking over me

Spread your white wings
Fly down here to me
Make it heaven on earth
Our love will ever be

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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