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My Poems Page 37

A Smile On My Face

You bring joy to my heart
And a big smile to my face
You are a beautiful lady
One I could never replace

Happy times we have shared
Many more will come our way
Happiness will surround you
Our love will grow every day

Our love will always survive
I will ever be there for you
Darling our love is so good
I know you will be for me too

With a great feeling of delight
Every day our love will be true
Two hearts that will beat as one
Together forever just me and you

Forever To Stay

She has a voice soft as an angel
I hear her reciting verses to me
So beautiful is this sweet lady
In my arms is where she should be

I can close my eyes and see her
Heaven must have sent her to me
So wonderful she is my sweetheart
Such an extraordinary lady is she

With lips that are sweet as honey
Her kisses are like vintage wine
I will give my heart to you darling
Tell me that your love is now mine

Making our hearts blend together
Will bring such happiness today
No greater love can ever be found
Our love is here forever to stay

Total Happiness

Pretty as the flowers in springtime
Sweeter than the honey made by a bee
In no way could I aptly describe her
I am so happy her heart belongs to me

Her love gives me a feeling so happy
I will give to her all of my very best
Forever our hearts will be tied together
Our love will ever ride this lofty crest

The smell of the air is now so different
The birds seem to sing sweeter every day
With her image in my heart and on my mind
Our love gets so much stronger every way

Tomorrow I will again be there with her
I will tell her how much love I can give
I will hold her in my arms and kiss her
Together in total happiness we will live

Forever We Will Care

The sweet scent of honeysuckle
Drifted through the air that day
As we walked through the meadow
We felt like children out at play

I took your hand and squeezed it
With a smile I did hear you say
I feel like this place is magic
It is here I could forever stay

We stayed until well past sunset
Sitting under that big hickory tree
I pulled you close and I kissed you
I felt the love flooding through me

Years have passed by since that day
Still my mind keeps meandering there
To that time when I first kissed you
And knowing that forever we will care

Just Us Two

To be with the one you love
Makes life just simply devine
Every day full of happiness
Kisses much sweeter than wine

When I see your beautiful face
I get this funny feeling inside
Flooding my heart with your love
Forever to have you by my side

Our lives will be happy together
Dreams will forever be our friend
An awesome feeling of contentment
With love that wont break or bend

My heart belongs to you my darling
I give it freely and only for you
Keep it and return your heart to me
Two hearts together for just us two

Our Dream World

Lets walk again that shadowed path
Where we once walked hand in hand
It was there where I gave my heart
To the loveliest lady in the land

We walked and talked of our dreams
And how they ever would come true
We would have a cabin by the stream
A serene life would be for me and you

The years have passed by so swiftly
So much happiness we have now known
Contentment we have found in our life
As our love has flourished and grown

Today we have our cabin by the stream
Filled with the dreams that came true
The children have grown and left now
Leaving our dream world just for us two

Our Love Is A Feeling

My time I want to share with you
Be it for an hour or the whole day
I get this great feeling of love
Everytime I see you coming my way

In you I see a lady of great beauty
A lady I will forever want to be near
To put my arms around and to kiss you
To whisper all those words in your ear

Our lives will be filled with happiness
Contentment and happiness we will find
Love will be ours now to enjoy forever
This pleasure will bring peace of mind

Our love is a feeling of being wanted
Built on trust and compassion and need
All of these things we feel for each other
And on all these things our love will feed

Your Beautiful Picture

I sit and look at your picture
Was that beautiful smile for me
So heavenly sweet in appearance
In my heart you will forever be

Like sunshine after a rainy day
I can see so much beauty in you
You have stolen my loving heart
I will steal your sweet love too

Happiness will abound in our life
Our love will grow more every day
A golden dream is awaiting us two
Our companionship will show the way

Our tomorrows will be spent together
So splendid our world will always be
Two heart that are bound to each other
Forever to be in love just you and me

Love Within Our Hearts

Your beauty lights up the stars
Your smile lets the beauty show
The loveliest lady in the world
You will ever make my heart glow

The love I carry within my heart
Is now yours to have and to hold
The love that is within your heart
I now cherish more than pure gold

Your heart and mine belong together
United and tied as one forever to be
All the joy of being so much in love
In our lifetime we will forever see

You bring so much comfort to my heart
My hopes will be that I can please you
I want to hold you in my loving arms
And to make all of our dreams come true

So Much Joy

To go again where once we trod
Arm in arm in the misting rain
To see that smile on your face
Reflections of happiness again

The sheer joy of being with you
Enlightens my heart and my mind
So beautiful you are sweet lady
With a demeanor that is so kind

I want to be with the one I love
Where our skies will ever be blue
Feelings we have will never fade
No one could be sweeter than you

The love we share is so exciting
There is joy in everything we do
Our life will be total happiness
Such a wonderful life for us two

Growing Love

I saw her in the early springtime
The aroma of lilac was in the air
There was a gentle breeze that day
That blew through her auburn hair

So ravishing was that sweet lady
My heart I gave to her that day
She so completely captivated me
I am glad it turned out that way

Today we sit in our lovely garden
I look at the pretty flowers there
But realize the beauty I am seeing
Is my lady and the love we now share

Happiness will forever belong with us
With all the wonders we have in store
Our hearts will forever beat in rhaposdy
Every day our love will grow even more

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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