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My Poems Page 36

Perfect And Devine

I see her in all her charming beauty
A lovelier lady I will never know
I give her my heart to have forever
A million kisses for our love to grow

Her love will be mine alone to keep
My heart I will surrender tenderly
With so much love between us two
A perfect world I know we will see

Every time when I see that sweet lady
I have this weakness in my knees
I always want to be her perfect lover
For it is my darling I want to please

Our life together will be the greatest
With love that will always be so fine
A world of happiness for us is waiting
Our lives then will be perfect and devine

My Promise To You

In your heart I know you love me
A love to be shared by just us two
Of all the ladies in this whole world
My heart will be tied forever to you

Love can be nurtured and will grow
As our love will my dear sweetheart
Ever in my arms I will hold onto you
And show you how our love will start

Our lives will be forever happy together
Helping each other to fulfill our desires
With all the love we have for each other
Nothing can ever dampen our hot fires

For your sweet love I am eternally happy
My darling I will make this promise to you
I will show you every day how to be happy
Sharing this beautiful love that is ever true

Our Feelings

Have you heard me say I love you
Did you listen to what I have to say
My world revolves around our love
That love grows sweeter day by day

There was a time before I had met you
My world was so gloomy and so blue
You brought to my life this great feeling
Sweetheart do you have this feeling too

My feeling is only for you my sweet lady
Your love would be so precious I know
Come give your heart to me my darling
Let our hearts unite and continue to grow

Ever you will be my bright flame burning
With a passion burning so hot and so deep
Will you come to my arms beautiful lady
I will give to you my heart forever to keep


I want to tell my lady I love her
Surely she knows my love is true
When I tell her my heart is hers only
I know she gives her love to me too

A heart can ache when it is lonely
But it has joy when there are two
My heart is for only you sweetheart
Please tell me I have your heart too

Dream along with me and be happy
Follow me wherever they let us go
Be mine forever sweet lovely lady
A beautiful life of love we will know

Our hearts were made for each other
Never let anything get into our way
Golden dreams will be waiting for us
My darling let our dreams start today

Thee Loves Thou

Thou hath seen but a pittance
Of thy love thine hath for thee
For in thine heart lies thy love
That for thee wilst forever be

Tis for thee love thy doest seek
And forever wilst thy want to try
To sooth thee sweet ladys heart
And wilst thy never see thee cry

Thine heart to thee thy wilst give
As thy hath given thine to thee
Thy wilst forever love but thou
Ever thy heart with thee will be

Thy knoweth that thine love is true
For in thine heart it wilst forever be
Much love for thee from thy heart
Thy wilst love thee through eternity

My Want In Life

When my life on earth is over
Can I say I did my very best
Will she know that I love her
And did I stand her every test

The love that I have for her
My words could never tell
If my arms were around her
She would know very well

All the dreams I have for her
My heart will forever retain
Everything I wanted for her
And her love I seeked to gain

If at my lifes end I can find
All the love she had to give
So much happiness with her
Was the life I wanted to live

My Angel

In the arms of my angel
I danced again last night
I held her so close to me
The feelings were a delight

She is a vision of beauty
Sent from heaven above
How thankful I found her
We are so deeply in love

If ever you get to see her
I know you will agree
She is my sweet angel
And her love is for me

I ever want to love her
I pray her love is for me
Throughout life for us
Let our love always be

A Feeling Of Love

Walk with me down the deep valley
Climb the tallest mountain with me
Share all the happiness around us
The joy we now have will forever be

Our hearts hold love for each other
With such emotion never seen before
To spend this night with you my love
Would inflame our love so much more

Through both the good and bad times
We know our love will stand the test
As I put my arms around you I whisper
Your beauty surpasses all of the rest

The smile I see when I can kiss you
Brings so much pleasure into my heart
Tonight when I see you my lovely lady
This great feeling of love will start

A Promise

Open up your heart to me my darling
Let all the love I have for you come in
Open up your world and I will love you
With sweet hugs and kisses let it begin

My heart will be yours for the asking
To no one else could I ever let it go
If you treat it with tender compassion
A wonderful love from it will then grow

Two hearts begging to be together
Meshed as one they will survive
With so much feelings for the other
A beautiful relationship will arrive

Our hearts were meant for each other
On this day I make this promise to you
To give my heart to you and you only
My love will you make this promise too

Surrounded By Beauty

To the shore of this crystal clear lake
My beautiful lady that day I did take
Mother Nature had put on her show
But the aura of my lady did glow

So serene was Mother Natures place
Its tranquility mirrored my ladys face
I was lost in a world of all my dreams
Heaven here on earth for us it seems

If time could be suspended to that day
I would show her my love is all the way
For throughout my lifetime she is for me
Her love locked in my heart will ever be

When we go back to those lovely scenes
We smile because we know what it means
For it was there we took each others heart
And made a solemn vow to never ever part

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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