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Acie's Poems Page 35


Have you ever felt so fortunate
That all your dreams come true
I have found a very sweet lady
Her smile tells she love me too

So much satisfaction is with us
With so much love that we share
As we kiss I tell my sweetheart
Treat my heart with tender care

She knows I will forever love her
I know she will always love me too
Through our happy lifetime together
Euphoria to be shared by just us two

We know together life will be happy
Everything we want will become true
With unadulterated love we now have
A wonderful life awaits me and you

I LoveYou Too

Open my heart and you will find
A lovely lady who is on my mind
Open her heart and you will see
An image that looks just like me

We will share our love every day
Each morning you will hear me say
My sweetheart I am in love with you
And hear you tell me I love you too

We know our love will forever last
Looking to the future not the past
Time together for us will always be
Heaven here on earth for you and me

I know how beautiful you really are
You will forever be my lovely star
Twinkling eyes that are azure blue
Its fantastic what our love will do

Love That Binds

I could hear our hearts singing
As we kissed goodbye last night
So beautiful they were singing
To hear them was such a delight

My heart was singing I love you
Your heart sung I love you too
With so much love in our hearts
We know what we are going to do

Together we will spend our lives
Singing during both night and day
I will sing of my deep admiration
And of love that will never go away

When our hearts sing out in unison
Happy thoughts will be in our minds
Our dreams and hopes will come true
To each other we give love that binds

That Delightful Night

It was chilly when I first met her
There was a hint of snow in the air
Smiling she ask where are you going
With a grin I said I am going nowhere

We talked and it must have been hours
She was pretty so I knew from the start
That I would want to keep on seeing her
I know it was that night she won my heart

So many times we would meet at that place
Spending the most happy hours we had known
Laughing and having so much wonderful joy
It is no surprise how our love has grown

We are together today with total happiness
Sometime we talk and laugh about that night
I kiss her and tell her how beautiful she is
She has made my dreary world become a delight


I hear a beautiful voice
Coming from a shinny cd
Her words are so lovely
Poetry she recites to me

I hear her speak of love
I visualize her with me
So facinated by her charm
Her words wont let me be

I keep coming back to hear
Her voice that is so sweet
In my mind I can see her now
In my dreams tonight we meet

When I see that lovely lady
She will whisper in my ear
All the pretty words in verse
Such a beautiful voice to hear

Wonderful Words

I feel the happiness in my heart
Your love you have given to me
To share this beautiful harmony
Is the way our love will ever be

Forever your love will sustain me
There can be no calamity or strife
Only true happiness I will now see
Loving you for the rest of my life

With all the love I will give to you
May your world be in rhythm with mine
Sweet lady you have captured my heart
With love that is so proper and fine

Our lives will be filled with delight
Never will there be one unkind word
Your sweet words that say I love you
Are the most wonderful I ever heard

Meet Me Tonight

To kiss your lips sweet lady
Would be such a great delight
I want to see you my darling
I hope you can make it tonight

The moon I know will be shining
We can walk down primrose lane
As we are walking hand in hand
It is your love I seek to gain

The flowers will emit their aroma
Intoxicating my sweet love for you
Forever in love with you I will be
I know you will forever love me too

I look up to the moon and thank him
For all the beauty he has sent to me
With you in my arms my lovely lady
We know how love should really be

These Wonderful Words

My heart waits in antisipation
I know my darling will be here
I will tell her of my true love
Whisper sweet words in her ear

My love will always be with her
Through every minute of the day
Her love she knows I do cherish
A love I don't want to slip away

Sometimes words are hard to find
That will let me express to you
All of the feelings of my heart
And let all my love come through

No matter how the words may sound
It will forever be you I do love
Listen with your heart and know
I love you sure as heaven is above

That Feeling

I feel the excitement building
My sweetheart will be here soon
In my stomach there is a feeling
I think I have swallowed the moon

The love she will bring with her
Will bring to my heart much cheer
But I will be on pins and needles
Until my darling finally gets here

Many people seem to feel like this
When they have love in their heart
I fell for her when I first met her
That is when this feeling did start

I want to keep this feeling forever
It will remind me of my love for you
I hope you can find this same feeling
That will mean you forever love me too

My Love My Pal

In my heart I carry the love
Of a beautiful blue eyed gal
She means so very much to me
She is my love and also my pal

The time we get to spend alone
Is the most precious time to me
I always tell her of my love
Forever in my arms she will be

Happiness seems to surround us
When we can meet and have a talk
Or if we have the time together
We like to take a long, long walk

Yes a lover and pal she will be
With love that builds and grows
My heart will always be for her
Everywhere that sweet lady goes

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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