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Acie's Poems Page 34


Hush, hush my sweet love
Hear what I have to say
My heart I will give you
I give it with love today

My heart you can cherish
For I give it only to you
Your heart I will ever love
You have given me yours too

The heart is so delicate
A word can break it apart
It can be full of love too
If cupid hits it with a dart

My heart you have smitten
With all the love you give
Tell it what it wants to know
Your love will make it live

Perfect Love

I get an awesome feeling
When your lips meet mine
They are so intoxicating
Like a glass of red wine

Love like ours is true
For it comes from within
Feelings you give to me
Have made me love again

When I hold you in my arms
I can feel our hearts beat
And when I kiss your lips
Something turns up the heat

Every day is now so perfect
Since the day I first met you
Happy hearts make happy lives
That is what our love can do

Sweet Words

So sweet is the verse I hear
Your voice whispers in my ear
To tell me of the love we know
A smile for you I will ever show

A melodious voice beyond compare
Your beautiful words linger there
So hypnotizing as I hear you say
Your love grows for me day by day

There is no doubt we are in love
I will hold your esteem far above
To love you so much more each day
And never let this feeling go away

Yes, I want to thank you every day
For your love that has come my way
My darling I will ever want to hear
Your sweet words whispered in my ear

A Special Dream

I love you my beautiful lady
I dreamed of you last night
As beauty radiated around you
I kissed you with great delight

With so much love between us two
Our night was filled with ecstasy
I gave you my heart to ever keep
Your sweet love you then gave me

Our love grows by leaps and bounds
Never ever will it escape our minds
Sharing my life with you sweet lady
With tender love that grows and binds

We can never lose these feelings we have
For we know they come once in a lifetime
We know happiness will be with us forever
Living together in a life that is so prime

Love Has Been Found

I see the warm glow in her smile
My heart rises as she comes to me
As my hands reach out to touch her
I realize how happy we both will be

For into each life there is a love
Sometimes its one we can never find
How thankful we met that lovely day
For in you I have found one of a kind

The love we now share is so wonderful
Full of kindness I never knew before
For every time I see you lovely lady
I know our love will grow even more

Together throughout all our lifetime
We know love and happiness will abound
When I put my arms around and hold you
We know that true love has been found

Our Wonderland

Last night when I was dreaming
Her vision came to me so clear
As I reached out my arms to her
Her beautiful voice I did hear

She uttered words of love to me
As only her sweet voice could say
Will your heart forever be with me
And love me every hour of the day

Then as my arms encircled her waist
I pulled her soft body close to me
I kissed the worlds loveliest lady
She showed me what heaven will be

That dream I had was so wonderful
Some day we know it will come true
Our lifetime of happiness together
A wonderland of joy for me and you

Just For Us Two

There is love, trust, and honor
Nestled deep in my heart for you
Sweet lady I will always adore you
I know all your love is for me too

My days of loneliness are now over
In you total happiness I have found
My heart I give you to keep forever
To your heart I will always be bound

Sweetheart loving you is such an honor
So much love in my heart you will find
To love you is a pleasure I now cherish
Your beautiful image is ever on my mind

There will come a day when we are together
We know our love will come shining through
There will be trust, hope, and happiness
Forever in our life time just for me and you


When I feel my arms around you
When your sweet lips I can kiss
Excitement vibrates through me
And fills me with loving bliss

Since the first time I saw you
My heart you filled with desire
Tell me once again you love me
It will make our love hot as fire

You know I will forever love you
Nothing will ever change my mind
To hold the one I love so dearly
One I thought I would never find

As the years go passing sweetheart
Our love will do nothing but grow
Our hearts will always be together
We will be in love wherever we go

Our Love

You know I love you truely
There can be no one but you
On the road of life together
Happiness will shine through

Our asprations for the future
Must be ones that we will share
With hearts loving each other
In a fashion that shows we care

Each time I see your lovely smile
I realize just what you mean to me
And all the love I have in my heart
Forever to you sweet lady it will be

Lets love and lead the life we want
Look to future and not to the past
Show our love in a way that is real
And make sure it will forever last

Only You

I see you in all your beauty there
Sun shining in your long auburn hair
Azure eyes so sparkling in the light
Your smile so wonderful and so bright

We will be ever happy its plain to see
So much in love and we will forever be
Never will I want your love to go away
I want only happiness for you each day

The days we spend together are so ideal
I wink at you and then a kiss I do steal
Spending my life with you will be a dream
For together we are like peaches and cream

No where on this great earth could I find
A more wonderful lady that is so very kind
I have found a utopia in this world with you
With our hearts in union no one else will do

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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