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My Poems Page 33

My Poems Page 33

A Portrait Of Beauty

She is a portrait of beauty
With features well defined
In my heart she will ever be
And always she is on my mind

Her beauty is so fascinating
In love with her I'll ever be
I give my heart to her forever
She has given her love to me

If tomorrow I should meet her
That would be with happy bliss
I would place my arms around her
On her lips I would place a kiss

I know someday we will be together
For fate surely will let that be
Yes she is the portrait of beauty
Her heart will ever belong to me

So Special

Do you get that special feeling
One that can be felt deep inside
Like I get with you my sweetheart
I feel my heart swell with pride

So special are you sweet lady
No one else could ever compare
My heart will ever love you
And I will follow you anywhere

The time we spend together
Are my very happiest days
I want my arms around you
And I love you in all ways

If I could start my life over
I would want to be with you
Beautiful lady I love you
And I know you love me too

The Sweetest Song

To hear you sing of our love again
Filled my heart with so much bliss
You sung of a beautiful life for us
Every day always starts with a kiss

So wonderful are the lyrics you sing
I will forever love that sweet song
You sing of how our love will ever be
With affections that will be so strong

Your voice I hear in my mind every day
It brings to my heart joy with each word
With a sweet voice of an angel I hear you
Singing the sweetest words ever heard

No one else could ever sing this song
Your beautiful melodious voice is the best
From such a tender and great loving lady
Your song is so much sweeter than the rest


To love someone is like heaven
Love returned is a sheer delight
We love each other so deeply
Our future will ever be bright

Love is a state of emotion
That is in my heart for you
I love you my sweet darling
Your emotion is for me too

To always be in love with you
Is a promise I give you today
I will always feel you presence
In my heart you will ever stay

The love between the two of us
Has bloomed and ever will grow
Our hearts and our minds united
So much happiness we will know

My Queen

In my heart its you I find
Ever you will be on my mind
Our love is sweet and clear
All my life I want you near

Soon we know we shall meet
That time will be so sweet
My arms will encircle you
Lots of kisses will be too

Every hour I think of you
My love for you is so true
To smile and tell you again
You are the Queen of my reign

Love like ours will ever be
Just like honey is to a bee
My heart I have given to you
I will love yours forever too

Happiness Forever

So glad to have you near me
My arms will hold you tight
We will steal a kiss or two
As we meet again this night

There is an attraction to you
Like a honey bee is to clover
My heart will forever be yours
I have no need to think it over

Within you are many good things
Your compassion I can so realize
So much help you have given to me
My heart I give you as your prize

To be with you throughout eternity
Is the greatest gift you could give
My heart and soul I now give to you
Together in happiness we will live

Two Hearts In Love

So beautiful you are my lady
I have given my heart to you
With love that lasts forever
Your love is in my heart too

Some lovers will love in vain
But our love can never fail
For ever we will be together
On our ship of love we will sail

I reach out to touch your heart
In a way that can only be true
We will blend our hearts together
Forever to be in love just us two

Our love will forever go on and on
In a way we both know how it will be
No two people in this beautiful world
Can ever be in love more than you and me

Speak To My Heart

Speak to my heart sweet lady
Tell it what it wants to know
That your heart beats with mine
And forever our love will grow

My heart knows how it loves you
Your heart shows its love for me
Some time love can be so awesome
We know our love was meant to be

I smile as I see you approach me
A beautiful smile you give me too
So lovely you are my sweet darling
I want to spend my life with you

Tonight we will talk of our future
We will dream of the life we desire
When I put my arms around you darling
Our love will set our hearts on fire

Sweetest Kisses

The lips I kiss are the sweetest
Like nectar from a beautiful rose
I love the time we spend together
We smile to see how our love grows

The hours of comfort you give to me
Cannot be measured by time or amount
But by the heart felt love you give me
We know every tender caress will count

Will you ever let you heart be with me
For you know I will treat it the best
The respect that I have for you honey
Will bring your heart up to the crest

I want to love and forever be with you
To give to you much love and happiness
To ever be for you and you to be for me
Our lifetime to be filled with tenderness

Four Seasons

We fell in love on a warm spring day
Flowers were blooming it was in May
Your smile so captivated me right then
As we had our picnic in that pretty glen

Summer came and our love had began to grow
Sweet feelings came into our hearts and so
We planned for our future in every which way
We knew we would be together come what may

Autumn was with us and we had worked hard
Raising our crops, but we never got tired
Knowing the dream we shared had come true
A fantastically happy life for me and you

Winter came to us with snow on the ground
We were so happy and our love did abound
Sharing true happiness now for every day
Four seasons of our life in our own way

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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