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It was early spring when I met her
She was a beautiful lady to behold
She smiled with such sweet affection
Her love in my heart began to unfold

So delightful was her sweet demeaner
My heart I gave her on that nice day
With words that are sweet to remember
I love you is what I heard her say

Today when we walk that wooded trail
We talk of the time of our first kiss
It started the flames of love burning
A relationship we knew couldn't miss

We are so happy we met that fine day
We have a love that will ever last
So happy we are to always be together
As we reminisce of our wonderful past

Two Hearts

When one heart cries for another
It is full of love is the reason
It doesn't have to be in February
For our love came without a season

It could have been Valentine day
That would have been so very neat
Makes no difference to us though
We know that our love is so sweet

The love we share is so wonderful
Our hopes and dreams are the same
How we want to be together forever
Our love can never be just a game

Life for us will be so beautiful
Like tulips blooming in the snow
Two hearts, two people, together
Our love will flourish and grow

Ask Me

Ask me for my love I'll give it
Ask for my heart and it is yours
Ask me to show how I would do it
You will have kisses by the scores

Ask me for anything and you got it
Everthing I will gladly give to you
So much love is waiting sweet lady
I want so much to make you happy too

Happiness in our love is important
And happy we know our lives will be
Like two children left in a toy store
Much pleasure in life for you and me

My beautiful darling I must tell you
Of this wonderful feeling in my heart
I want to hold you in my arms forever
Tell me pretty lady when can we start

Thanks Mr Moon

As were sitting in the porch swing
We held hands that starlit night
I gave my heart to that lovely lady
The moon in the sky was so bright

Never will I ever forget that night
In a whispered voice she said to me
I will pledge my love to you my dear
Happiness in our lives we will see

With my heart full of love for her
Tightly I held her that happy night
Smiling I placed a ring on her finger
As she kissed me I knew it was right

Every night when the moon is shining
I look up and give him a big grin
I tell him of our sweet life together
And thank him for shining once again

A Wonderful Work Of Art

With a smile prettier than Mona Lisa's
She is truly a remarkable work of art
Every time I look at her beautiful face
I get a wonderful feeling in my heart

These arms are yearning to hold her
Her beauty has a strong hold on me
When the day comes we are together
Happiness in our hearts we will see

Such beauty comes once in a lifetime
So rare and so extremely hard to find
I have looked the whole world over
Her picture has ever been on my mind

Now that I have found you sweet lady
My loving heart can never let you go
Let me in your heart and be ever happy
As we watch our beautiful love grow

The Beautiful Princess

How can I be just a common man
There is a Princess on my mind
My love grows for her every day
It is true she is one of a kind

Royalty befits this lovely lady
Her manners are of an elegant air
All the rest my life I give to her
My heart will follow her everywhere

The day we get our hearts together
Then happiness we know we will find
With arms wrapped around each other
Contentment will ever flood my mind

I will never be a king upon a throne
But I hope her highness comes my way
To spread my love throughout her heart
Sweet Princess I love you every day

Our World

As I dream of her late at night
I see her walking swiftly to me
Her smile so lights up the world
Her radiant beauty I can now see

As always she is ever so pretty
Her beauty sends my heart racing
When I put my arms around that lady
We see the future that we are facing

With her face as sweet as an angel
My hope is this dream will come true
To live our lives in total happiness
In a world that is made for just us two

When our arms hold and lock us together
It is then our love we will clearly see
Your kisses will send shivers up my spine
What a joyous life together for you and me

Our Love

A heart is a precious thing
Mine I now bestow to you
Handle it with loving care
It will forever be true to you

Your heart I always cherish
I treat it with great respect
With only sweet thoughts of it
There will be nothing to reject

Let us put these hearts together
We can help then beat as one
Our love will be there forever
Losing it never will be done

It is so wonderful to love you
Sharing our lives will happy be
With so much love in our hearts
United as one just you and me

Heaven To Us

Soft as a voice as an angel
I hear her singing her song
It pulls at my heart strings
Making my love for her strong

She sings of how she loves me
I feel the emotion in my chest
My heart is beating so wildly
My sweet lady's song is the best

I know she will ever sing for me
Forever our sweet love will grow
In my heart I will ever love her
Her heart will be with me I know

If her songs were made in heaven
And I believe they must surely be
Life with her would be happiness
It would be like heaven should be

Share My World

Will the dreams we have today
Let us forget about yesterday
Start doing what we want to do
And let us start our lives anew

I will give all my love to you
Will you give me your love too
Forever in my mind you will be
Because your heart belongs to me

In our lives so much happiness
Our love filled with tenderness
Me loving you and you loving me
Thats the way our lives will be

Are the feelings I have for you
Nestled deep in your heart too
In love with you I will always be
Will you share this world with me

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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