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Acie's Poems Page 31


A vision of her pure beauty
Has been planted in my mind
So loving is that sweet lady
She is ever gentle and kind

As I now look back to the time
When I first set my eyes on you
I realize our love had started
I am sure you think it did too

The times we have spent together
Were such joyous occasions to me
My arms held tightly around you
Sweet kisses on your lips to be

Time with you passes so swiftly
Hours are like but minutes to me
Our lives would seem like heaven
If together forever we would be

The Lady With Blue Eyes

Inside my heart will always beat
Feelings for that lady I love so
She is forever the love of my life
Her image I carry where ever I go

If love makes your heart beat fast
Her love will let me win that race
And hold her with esteem and respect
Each time I gaze upon her lovely face

For love with her is my lifes dream
And may our sweet love forever last
We can enjoy all our future together
To forget all bad things in the past

Think about starting our lives anew
With more love than we could realize
Happiness will follow us from now on
Me and the lady with pretty blue eyes


My love for you lovely lady
Grows with each passing day
My heart I have given to you
How thankful you came my way

Our love is an exciting feeling
Your beauty makes my heart glow
A million skyrockets exploding
Causes my love for you to grow

I place a sweet kiss on your lips
With a fervor I never felt before
Each kiss you respond with another
Happiness fills my life once more

To have a life with you sweet lady
Would give us so much love to share
And to hear your sweet voice singing
Forever in my heart you will be there

That Wonderful Lady

I look into the eyes of my sweetheart
And see all the beauty she has within
Always caring and so compassionate
She made my heart start loving again

Every time I get to see that pretty lady
I feel my knees growing ever so weak
I know some day we can be together
That day our true love will then peak

When I am alone with that lovely lady
I tell her of the feelings inside my heart
Then one day I will give her a mansion
With so much love we could never part

Times when she tells of her love for me
I walk without ever touching the ground
We will ever have happiness in our lives
Me and this wonderful lady I have found

Our Love

I can see your eyes smiling
Such a pretty shade of blue
How beautiful they are to me
I surrender all my love to you

To hold the one who loves you
To feel her melting your heart
With souls in total anticipation
Was the way our love did start

Every day our hearts will tell us
How much comfort there is in love
You came to me without expectation
Like a beautiful angel from above

I know I will never love another
You will ever be the lady for me
With your wonderful grace and charm
I will love you throughout eternity

Sweet Kisses

Throughout the night I see her
Her lovely vision comes to mind
My heart will ever belong to her
With velvet strings I will bind

Loving her is so precious to me
With her I am wealthy as a king
But without her love in my life
My love could never mean a thing

Every time I get to see my lady
I tell her what she means to me
A lifetime of complete happiness
We know it can now and always be

She knows how much I do love her
I know that she does love me too
Let me hold you in my arms darling
Sweet kisses I will shower on you

To A Special Lady

When you look inside my heart
You will find your image there
So beautiful you are my darling
Love will follow you everywhere

How I long to forever be with you
To squeeze and hold you so tight
Arms that are aching to hold you
I want to be with my lady tonight

Your love gives a special feeling
For in my heart there is only you
You are a sweet and wonderful lady
I am so happy that you love me too

I know some day time will give us
All the peace and happiness we need
With our two hearts together forever
What a wonderful life we will lead

A Happy Day

Along a quiet winding brook
We walked that beautiful day
We stopped to have our picnic
On a tablecloth along the way

The day was bright but chilly
Our picnic was such a delight
On that happy day I asked her
For a date that Saturday night

Her answer came so softly to me
I would be happy to be with you
I pulled her close and kissed her
We knew our love would ever be true

Now every time I hold and kiss her
My mind goes back to that happy day
I know our hearts had that feeling
We are happy it turned out that way

Pass Every Test

I know how you love me
That I always rely on you
To ever be there with me
With happiness for us two

In my heart I know love you
A feeling that is so sweet
Everytime I get to kiss you
I can feel our hearts beat

Loving you is pure pleasure
Unfelt by this heart before
I circle my arms around you
To show you my love once more

Every day with you is heaven
The love we share is the best
I can never live without you
Our love will pass every test

Twinkle In Your Eyes

I look at the twinkle in your eyes
There is so much beauty to realize
Happiness I see on your lovely face
Beautiful smiles you can't replace

I have your heart and you have mine
Our love is everlasting and so devine
We know this world is made for us two
To love and share in everything we do

I know some day we will look at the past
We will know why our love did ever last
Having these great feeling only for you
Knowing you have these feelings for me too

We know it was fate that gave you to me
And how it opened my eyes and let me see
The wonderful sweet lady I have seen in you
That forever together our love is so true

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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