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Acie's Poems Page 29

Some Day

If your heart I could take
If true love we could make
Forever in love we would be
Happiness in life you and me

Our dreams someday will be true
We will be together me and you
The love we share will ever be
My love for you your love for me

How happy togetherness will bring
Hearts singing like birds in spring
Some day happiness will come our way
We will ever look for that happy day

Lovely smiles always grace your face
So beautiful to see you dressed in lace
Happiness in our life will forever be
That day when it will be just you and me

Flowers For My Lady

Flowers I send my sweet lady
All dressed with a pretty bow
It will remind you of our love
And how it will forever grow

Roses I will pick from my garden
All fresh with an aroma so sweet
Lovely dahlias I will give you
Made in a bouquet so nice and neat

Baby breath will be mixed with them
A delicate orchid so pretty and lush
A few bluebonnets will be there also
Perfume of jasmine to add to the rush

These flowers I grant you are so pretty
Their beauty pales in compairson to you
The lovliest lady in the whole universe
I love the lady with eyes of azure blue


I have given my love to you
Love you have given to me too
Happiness we will always know
Love in our hearts will grow

You will be forever on my mind
With a love that is always kind
We will ever live in happy bliss
On your lips I will place a kiss

No other could my heart ever find
Without your love I would be blind
I will be forever in love with you
Will you commit your love to me too

What a beautiful day when I met you
My world spins in everything you do
What a great feeling to have and hold
So much love in our life will now unfold

Beautiful Love

So wonderful is my pretty lady
My love for her grows every day
Our sweet love will last forever
Beautiful love that is all the way

Being together gives me a feeling
Of contentment and such delight
You are on my mind every day
I have dreams of you every night

A vibrant life we will have together
I will forever devote my love to you
I know that you will be here waiting
For the arms of someone who is true

Ever my heart will be overflowing
With the love only you can give
I dream of our life always together
A wonderful life we will then live

Deep Feelings

In my heart it does show
Of the love of a lady fair
She has pretty blue eyes
Long flowing auburn hair

She knows that I love her
Her love she returns to me
My heart she will ever own
Throughout all of eternity

When I hold her in my arms
With her body next to mine
This love showers over me
From the lady that is so fine

Not many can experience it
Deep feelings we have found
We get these weak feelings
In love our hearts are bound

The Sights Of Spring

I smell the pretty flowers
As I walk down the lane
So beautiful is the aroma
Soon it will begin to rain

For rain is always needed
To make the flowers grow
Along with all the sunshine
To make their beauty show

To make us feel much better
The fresh air we can smell
It restores all of our energy
And it makes us feel so well

All of the colors so pretty
They make your heart sing
Tis the beauty of the season
The lovely sights of spring

Treasure Of Time

Can we sit by the campfire
For romance is in the air
Love we have in our hearts
We know we will always care

Such a wonder is my lady
My heart she has ever won
With every embrace we have
Our heart will beat as one

I will whisper sweet words
To let you know how I feel
you love me I will love you
Let that forever be our deal

We know that it will happen
Our lives will be a pleasure
We will forever be in love
Time we will always treasure

Happy Hearts

We will ever be inseparable
Our love will see us through
With happiness in our hearts
Together in every thing we do

The love we share is beautiful
With feelings not many can see
Forever to care for the other
The way true love should ever be

Tender love I will now give you
You have given me your heart too
To see love in our lives forever
And happiness in everything we do

How wonderful it is that I met you
Not realizing what we had in store
We have given our love to the other
Hearts that will be happy evermore

Forever For Us

Forever in my heart
Is my love for you
Forever is the love
You have for me too

We belong together
Like Jack and Jill
We love each other
And we always will

Happiness for us
Will come our way
A million kisses
I give you today

Always to be together
Never could we part
Love will be for us
Forever in our heart

I have Found A Beauty

The wonder and the beauty of love
In our hearts we both have found
The happy feelings it brings to us
To you my heart will ever be bound

Our love has now brought us together
We will always make sure it will grow
We know we were meant for each other
My darling I will forever love you so

It took too long for me to find you
Never will I ever let you slip away
I want to hold you in my arms forever
I will tell you of my love every day

Our lives will be an eternal blessing
Happiness and contentment will abound
I look back to that night I met you
What a beautiful lady I have found

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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