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Acie's Poems page 28

The Three Roses

Today I planted three roses
I planted them with us in mind
They will show me your beauty
Like roses you are one of a kind

The first rose was planted for love
For a rose is such a beautiful thing
It matches your love and affection
It makes your song in my heart sing

The second rose is for admiration
To know and love you is happy bliss
To know the wonderful lady you are
So fantastic when your lips I do kiss

The third rose was planted for us
Forever may our hearts beat as one
With all the hope we can muster
Ever in love til our days are done


The beauty we see before us
Walking barefoot in the sand
To know that we are together
Happily walking hand in hand

We hear the birds as they sing
Building a nest for their young
Avoiding a yellowjackets nest
For fear we might be stung

We laugh as we walk through the surf
Water squirts through our toes
Our hearts are filled with love
My heart will be where yours goes

We stand and look with longing eyes
At the beauty we see in each other
We smile at the feelings of our love
Feelings we will never try to cover

Our Wishes

No one can ever take your place
I will give you treasures untold
With you in my arms sweet lady
You are worth more to me than gold

The beautiful words I hear you say
Makes my chest swell up with pride
The love you have given only to me
Given so freely with nothing to hide

In love with you forever I will be
Your beauty is where it all starts
Two people so passionatly in love
Two people with love in their hearts

We know life is not always so smooth
There will always be bumps along the way
Trying to be the best we can be
In love with you until my dying day

Let tomorrow be better than yesterday
And the next day even a better one
Let our love run rampantly on forever
To see that all of our wishes get done


The beauty in her face I can see
Enhanced by gorgeous blue eyes
The fantastic love we now share
Grows stronger and never dies

She has a wonderful sense of humor
Her quick wit is matched by none
She is such an adorable lovely lady
I know I could love no other one

What joy I have when I see her
Our love grows greater each day
Divine providence keeps us together
Forever my darling we will stay

I close my eyes and I see her
She knows I will be there soon
To kiss that beautiful sweet lady
As I daydream on a warm afternoon

Love Song

The love I feel for that lady
Engulfs my heart so completely
Forever shall her image remain
Deep seated love only for you and me

I hear her sweet love songs
So glad she did send them to me
They show the complete love I give
She has my love forever you see

The songs so inflame this love
They allow my mind to be free
So many sweet thoughts they give
The love in my heart belongs to she

Everytime I hear these songs
I will always think of you
The lady that has won my heart
Her heart I have now won too

These Wonderful Words

My heart waits in anticipation
I know my darling will be here
I will tell her of my true love
Whisper sweet words in her ear

My love will always be with her
Through every minute of the day
Her love she knows I do cherish
A love I don't want to slip away

Sometimes words are hard to find
That will let me express to you
All of the feelings of my heart
And let all my love come through

No matter how the words may sound
It will forever be you I do love
Listen with your heart and know
I love you sure as heaven is above

Our Life Together

Lying beneath a starlite sky
Makes no difference how or why
This is where we want to be
That sweet beautiful lady and me

Our lives are so happy and carefree
Just the way life was intended to be
With all the deep emotions we feel
We know the love we now share is real

Deep in our hearts we know how we love
The feelings that must be made up above
Ever your love I will hold in my heart
Always to stay until death do we part

Forever I will want you to stay with me
We believe that is the way it should be
I want to spend a wonderful life with you
Always loving you and pleasing you too

My Wonderful Lady

Shackles and chains wont keep us apart
Love abounds from deep within our heart
Every day our wonderful love does grow
Beautiful smiles on our face will show

I have been smitten by your loving grace
Wonderful smiles you bring to my face
Forever will be much too short for us two
Throughout eternity and longer will do

Beautiful is the loving lady I call mine
Her mannerisms will ever suit me just fine
Things she does in a fantastic artistic style
Her brilliance outshines all others by a mile

I know we will meet later this very fine day
Her beauty will again take all my breath away
So much love I have for her deep within my heart
Happiness will forever keep us from going apart

Your Smile

I get an awsome feeling
With my lady next to me
So soft to touch she is
Ever in love will we be

Always a vision of beauty
Blue eyes that are so deep
I know I have won her love
Her heart I will always keep

Happiness we will ever find
In all the love we know
Knowing we will be together
To watch our sweet love grow

Your smile enriches my heart
With feelings of great delight
So much I want to be with you
I have dreams of you every night

A Special Privilege

I feel the vibrations around us
Like echos they say I love you
With tender words I then whisper
My sweet darling I love you too

The feelings of these sweet words
I carry inside this heart you see
Forever to love this special lady
My heart is hers for all eternity

I tell her each day that I love her
And say that I want her to be near
Every day I tell her these things
Whispered in a voice low but clear

The time will be so exciting for us
Never let these feelings die away
To hold you in my arms and love you
A special privilage for me every day

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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