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Acie's Poems page27

Together Forever

If only I could hold you close
Whisper sweet words in your ear
And listen to our hearts beating
I want to forever have you here

We now know what love is all about
How our hearts have meld into one
To spend our lives together forever
With love til that final day is done

I will tell you every day of my love
It totally consumes this heart of mine
Every time I dream of my sweet darling
I see a lady that is so proper and fine

I know all the days we spend together
Will be filled with so much happy bliss
Every day I will put my arms around you
On your lovely lips I will place a kiss

Ever On My Mind

The love that we cherish
So sweet so kind and free
My heart you have forever
Your heart belongs to me

When I get to be with you
My heart swells with pride
To see such a pretty lady
Standing there by my side

We know our love is forever
From deep inside our hearts
When we get to see each other
A smile on my face then starts

I know I will ever love you
In my heart I will always find
The beautiful lady of my dreams
Her image is ever on my mind

A Life Together

A million ways I love you
My heart is in your hands
Our lives are now so nice
The best in all the lands

You whisper the sweetest
When you say I love you
My chest swells up so much
As I say I love you too

Two hearts we have together
Always beating for the other
Knowing forever in my lifetime
You will always be my lover

We will walk the sands of time
With hearts that are always true
A lifetime of love we now know
Happiness forever for me and you

Our Dream World

Gentle breezes caressed your face
That warm day in the early spring
So beautiful you were sitting there
I love the song you started to sing

Your voice is that of a sweet angel
Your song you sing is soft and low
It so captivates my mind and heart
So beautiful it brings a warm glow

There is magic in the song you sing
I am completly imersed in every word
I listen with complete adulation to it
The most beautiful song I have ever heard

Forever you will sing your songs to me
For our love can and will forever be true
No heartaches will ever befall our love
We will live in our dream world me and you

Blue Skies

The soft gentle rains are falling
I walk the pathway thinking of you
And how I wish you were here with me
You can turn all my skies into blue

Without you in my arms I feel lonely
I crave your warm body next to mine
With all the love in my heart for you
I know your heart is precious and fine

If I looked the whole world over
In hopes of finding another like you
It would be foolhardy even to think
I could ever find another love so true

Everytime that you tell me you love me
Sends a warm feeling flooding my heart
You know how I feel about you my darling
We are so much in love never will we part

Our Deal

I feel the grandeur of real love
When my lady whispers I love you
My heart melts with her utterences
And in this heart only she will do

I love her with all of my passions
In my nind she will ever be the best
She is a grand and glorious lady
Her beauty outshines all the rest

Her smile is always the sweetest
Never a frown will darken her face
My heart I gladly surrender to you
In your hands my heart I do place

Love for us will be oh so wonderful
Every day I will tell you how I feel
Hold on to our sensational sweet love
A lifetime of love will be our deal

Our Deep Love

My love is for you
In everything we do
In you beauty I see
I know you love me

Never will we part
You have my heart
Yours I have too
Love that is true

To see you tonight
To hold you tight
My heart you keep
My love is so deep

Tomorrow is the day
I will take you away
Love is ours forever
Parting will be never

Two Hearts

I hear you call my name
In a voice soft and low
So beautiful did you call
My heart began to glow

Our hearts seem to know
Happiness is meant to be
In our lifetime of love
Between just you and me

Never will we be alone
Together always to be
My heart is full of love
Yours forever from me

How I love you my darling
Ever to be side by side
My love for you forever
Love that won't be denied

So Much Love

Beautiful is the lady
That has won my heart
A solemn vow we make
Never for us to part

Ever to love the other
Hearts together as one
You are so good to me
You make my world run

The love we now share
Is so true and so good
You have won my heart
Like I knew you would

Together now and forever
Deeply in love we remain
We both know what we have
So much love we did gain

Forever In Love

Blue eyes to captivate me
A beautiful smiling face
Are attributes of my lady
Love I can never replace

She is as sweet as honey
Fresh from the beehive
Nicest lady I have ever seen
Makes my passions be alive

Her beauty is so outstanding
In my heart she will always be
Love has found the two of us
Happiness for just you and me

Forever I shall love her
I know she also loves me
Forever to be with my lady
In love we will forever be

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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