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Acies Poems Page 25


I see the pretty flowers
From the ground they grow
Reminds me of your beauty
I love you so much you know

There will be Easter lilies
Iris with blooms of blue
Azealeas that will tell me
Of the beauty I see in you

Forsythia has a yellow hue
Tulips are simply a delight
But they just can't compare
To the lady I see at night

Pansies can be of any color
Rhododendrons can be too
With all their flashy colors
None are as beautiful as you

To Kiss Your Lips

Our happiness comes from within
Beautiful feelings that we share
Brings such love to our hearts
To know how much we really care

Our lives have so much meaning
Hold on to the love we now own
Joy to our lives with each other
Never will our hearts be alone

You fill my life with sunshine
No storm clouds would we see
Believing in our future together
Love forever for just you and me

I want to put my arms around you
Just tell you how much I love you
Kiss the sweetest lips in the world
Hear you say that you love me too

You And Me

Last night I saw heaven
The stars shining bright
As I took her in my arms
Everything felt so right

As we lay on the blanket
Lips blending as if one
Happy sighs we did hear
As our lips came undone

The love that we share
So beautiful and so free
Love like ours is forever
That way it ever will be

Life with you is heaven
Happy times we will see
Finding so much love now
Always together you and me

Never To Part

I love your scintillating personality
It matches your beauty and your charm
My heart is longing to be with my lady
As we walk down the avenue arm in arm

Beauty and compassion are your trademark
Forever in my heart you will now remain
Loving you forever during all my lifetime
My darling I so need your love to sustain

With you in my heart I am eternally grateful
The beauty of our love we can see every day
Showing our respect and honor for each other
The love we share will grow come what may

To be in love with you is a beautiful experience
Your elegance maintains an image inside my heart
Of the most beautiful lady in the whole universe
Lets make a solemn vow that we will never part

Hand In Hand

All our dreams we had yesterday
Will become a reality tomorrow
With all the love we now share
Our hearts can never feel sorrow

Sharing the sweet dreams with you
Have made my world seem so alive
They have woke up the passion in me
And deep in love with you I did dive

What may seem like nothing to many
Brings such sweet ecstay to my mind
That day you said honey I love you
Heartfelt words from my lady so kind

These feelings I hold within my heart
Are for the sweetest lady of this land
Forever we will stay so deeply in love
As we go through this world hand in hand


Love is a four letter word
Not often really understood
To some it means heartbreak
While others find it so good

The love between me and my lady
Is the best we ever could find
Every night I am dreaming of her
I know she is forever on my mind

The days we love being together
At night it is heavenly devine
How happy I am that I love her
Her heart is now united with mine

The days ahead will be so happy
I will tell of my love every day
If you were my life's companion
I would show you my love every way

Our Hearts Forever

Our time together is so precious
Every day my heart cries for you
You are the sweetest lady I know
A beautiful lady with eyes of blue

Every minute we will be so happy
It is like magic being with you
My heart rises up to its zenith
My darling I know yours will too

So much enjoyment is there for us
All we need to do is open our eyes
The world would be our playground
So much happiness we will realize

Never will there be sadness for us
Only love and contentment in store
With these feelings for each other
Our hearts will be happy evermore

My Heart Belongs To You

With every kiss I see a dream
Of a home that we would share
Traveling to the ends of time
I know my heart will ever care

You have so filled up my heart
In a way I could never forget
A more perfect lady in my life
I haven't been able to find yet

This love I have for my lady
Is not a hit and miss thing
She has given her heart forever
Now much happiness it will bring

The days ahead will be great ones
There might be some bumpiness too
But forever and ever my darling
My heart will always belong to you


So much love I have for you
You mean all the world to me
I will forever love only you
Our sweet love was meant to be

The days of sweetness we relish
Nights will be like heaven too
Heaven could be anywhere for us
If we are together you and me

May we always walk together
To feel the clean crispy air
To hold the hand of my love one
Knowing we will never have a care

The sweetness of your tender lips
Makes my heart love you ever more
Come to the arms of your true lover
Feel the love you never knew before

One Of A Kind

Two hearts united as one
Love to share with each
Knowing that it will be
All we need do is reach

Love forever we now share
Encased in a heart of gold
The depth of our true love
In great esteem I now hold

Forever to be with my lady
In a way that we will care
We will always be in love
A lifetime together we share

The time we spend together
Happiness it brings to mind
Dedicating my life to you
Honey you are one of a kind

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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