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Acies Poems Page 24

That Happy Day

Tonight I will dream about you
Such a lady so polite and kind
Days will be lonely without you
But you will ever be on my mind

The days of pleasure that we see
Will never be lost in my memorey
The love that we shared together
With all our days happy as can be

I know you will be back to see me
We will let all of our emotions go
Our hearts are bound to each other
Ever in our lifetime it will be so

My love when we are back together
Happiness again will come our way
I know I will be dreaming about you
And waiting until that wonderful day

I Give You My Heart

As I watch this falling snow
You are in my heart you know
With so much love in my heart
Time is so slow as we are apart

The bonds of love between us two
Will grow as our love we do renew
It wont be long til you are with me
With love the way it was meant to be

Enjoy yourself while you are away
Just give me a thought every day
Your image will be ever on my mind
The beautiful lady that is so kind

My love for you will forever be true
No Lady in this world can match you
Some day we will never have to part
Then I will ever give you my heart

The Ideal Couple

A heart is yearning for you
Lady with eyes of azure blue
Your pretty face I do now see
Tonight you will return to me

Our love is the best it can be
With true love for you and me
Our ideas are on the same line
I love the lady that is so fine

In the coming years we will say
How blessed was that lovely day
We smiled so when we first met
Darling we are still smiling yet

I want to hold you in my arms
Let you know all of my charms
The rest of our lives we can be
The ideal couple, you and me

Love Forever

With all this love in my heart
My thoughts are only about you
This lady that is so beautiful
To her my heart will be so true

Last night I dreamed about her
Hand in hand we walked the beach
She winked and flirted with me
Heaven was just within my reach

Tonight again we will go walking
This pathway will excite us more
I will then give my heart to you
Love will be brought to the fore

You can see just how I love you
And I always want you to be near
A lifetime of happiness together
With love to you forever my dear

Happiness For Us

Your kisses are the sweetest
Your charms are the neatest
The sweet love that we share
Will make ny heart ever care

A beautiful day we will greet
Every time I smile when we meet
Serenity will be ours forever
Hearts as light as a feather

The love we share is outstanding
Always wanting but not demanding
To be together througout eternity
So deep in love we shall ever be

I will forever hold you in esteem
A lifetime together is our dream
Some day I will take you far away
So much happiness for us that day

Our Hearts

The lady is wonderful to me
Our love is as it should be
Ever caring for her each day
As I send my love her way

The joy in life we now share
Given with considerable care
Our time together is so nice
Happiness comes without price

Every day I will strive to be
Everything she wants out of me
My heart will always be for you
Beautiful lady with eyes of blue

My heart I will leave with you
With my affection and love too
Tell me darling we will not part
Please let me inside your heart

My Love For Her

When will I get to see her
I know it will be a few days
Love then I will give her
In a thousand different ways

I want to see my sweet love
To tell her just how I feel
To kiss again her sweet lips
And show her my love is real

In my dreams I will see her
She will hear me call her name
I will tell of my love for her
I know she will tell me the same

I know that she does love me
For she has given me her heart
Forever to be bound in our love
Two hearts that will never part

Deep And Real

I have a fire deep in my heart
Burning with an intense desire
I have enough love for my lady
To set the whole world on fire

So sweet you are my lovely lady
No one can ever compare with you
My world you fill with much joy
Can I fill yours with my love too

No matter where we might wander
No matter where we might roam
I want to be with you my darling
In that house we will call home

If tomorrow we could be together
Your heart I know I would steal
The two happiest people ever seen
With love that is so deep and real

Her Song

She sings her song so softly
Sweet music I hear in my ear
Her songs are of beauty to me
Songs I will ever want to hear

With a voice sweet as an angel
She sings with all of her might
Beautiful her songs will ever be
Sung in a way that is just right

Sing me a song tonight sweet lady
Sing the words you sing your best
Your lovely lyrics are the sweetest
Sung with all of your heartfelt zest

All the words of your beautiful song
Will ever be held within this heart
Knowing of all the happiness we have
Nothing in the world can keep us apart

My Heart My Love

The stars I see in your eyes
Light up the skies up above
As I hold you here in my arms
I know it is a night of love

Your beauty has mesmerized me
My heart is so full of bliss
Tonight when I get to see you
Our lips will meet in a kiss

Hearts will be beating so fast
As I sweep you off from your feet
To forever hold you close to me
True love to make our hearts beat

Your beauty outshines all others
No one could ever compare to you
You are the sunshine of my life
You won my heart and my love too

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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