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Acie's Poems page 23

My Jewell

What is the worth of a diamond
A black pearl that is so fine
They are indeed very worthless
Compared to the jewell of mine

More beautiful than any emerald
With eyes bluer than a sapphire
No opal could be quite as pretty
For her beauty lights up my fire

No red ruby could compare to her
Nor could the pale yellow topaz
Jade would never have the beauty
Like this jewell in my life has

An Ameythyst is of purple color
Turquoise is of a greenish blue
There is no jewell here on earth
That has the beauty I see in you

Our Hearts Together

Our times together we treasure
True happiness you bring to me
My heart swells in loving pride
When my beautiful lady I do see

The love we share is so exciting
Never a dull moment will we see
Our love will now be committted
With deep respect until eternity

The love we have for each other
Can never be lost for even a day
Having much faith in the future
Love will be sweet in every way

Our hearts are beating in rhythm
Perfect love we can hear them say
I know I could never love another
I know you must feel the same way

My Sweet Angel

The taste of your sweet lips
Makes my passions rise so high
My darling so nice you are to me
Only your love will ever satisfy

Sweet images you give to my heart
Pulses of love transmitted within
Such beauty I see when you are near
A lovely lady with silky smooth skin

Yes my lady has the face of an angel
With azure blue eyes and auburn hair
Heaven is surely where she came from
But my heart will follow her anywhere

Your beautiful love gives me pleasure
All my love I will ever return to you
I want to have a lifetime of happiness
To my sweet angel I will always be true

Take My Heart

The heart that beats within me
Knows the love of a lovely lass
She is the sweetness of an angel
Sanding at the head of her class

She has captivated my inner being
With her beauty so bright and bold
So wonderful when I get to see her
Her love in my heart I shall hold

The days when we are not together
Are now wasted days in our memorey
My heart wants to ever be with you
Happiness in our lives we will see

I have a wonderful feeling for you
My hopes and my dreams you give me
Wonderful love we will share forever
Take my heart it now belongs to thee

I hear Her Calling

Somewhere out there I hear her calling
Her voice comes to me so loud and clear
So gentle are her words as they come to me
She tells me of her love that is so dear

I answer yes my dear you know I love you
Every day with you is just like a holiday
Come to my heart and you will be contented
My sweetheart I will love you in every way

Again I hear her soft sweet voice calling
She tells me of a place that is far away
Tomorrow she will tell me how to get there
Love and happiness will be ours every day

The thoughts of two lovers being together
Lights up and inflames this heart within me
Tomorrow I will make that long long journey
There this beautiful loving lady I will see

Our Happy Love

So proud I am of my sweetheart
I write these words so happily
She knows how much I love her
Now all the whole world can see

She came to me as any stranger
Unknown to this heart you see
That very first time I saw her
I knew her heart belonged to me

Happiness I have found with her
So kind and gracious ever to be
If you searched the world over
No lovelier lady could you see

I will pledge all my love to her
She will give me all her love too
Forever and inseparable we will be
With love that is happy and true

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your beauty is so outstanding
My heart I have given to you
Through all the coming years
I give you a love that is true

Your heart I take with respect
I will treat it with much care
Loving you will always be easy
Together we make quite a pair

The days we spend will be happy
In my heart there can only be you
To know that your love is for me
Genuine happiness will be there too

I know I will do anything for you
I will give you everything you need
Through all the years for us my love
I promise you satisfaction guaranteed

That Day

So much beauty I see in you
Lady with eyes of azure blue
Your heart now belongs to me
Heaven on earth it shall be

Our love will grow every day
How happy that I can now say
My love will forever be true
I know that you love me too

Our days together will be fine
My darling you are just devine
To love you in sweetness galore
With a feeling never felt before

So much happiness we now share
With so much respect and care
We will ever dream of that day
When nothing can be in our way

Our Island Of Love

Come walk this shore with me
Love and tranquility abounds
Our hearts will be together
Our love will know no bounds

This happiness surrounding us
Will grow much more every day
And with this special feeling
We know love has come our way

Beaches to be filled with joy
Every day we walk hand in hand
The grandeur of love between us
As we walk barefoot in the sand

We have a life of contentment
Blessed by our God from above
To share our lifetime together
On our beautiful island of love

The Blue Eyed Beauty And Me

A life of contentment we now know
Two hearts that will never let go
Our love grows much more every day
Happiness will ever come our way

The pangs of love enter my heart
These feelings came at the start
That very first day I had met you
I know you must have felt them too

Our hearts will now sing us a song
Singing in bliss the whole day long
Thanking the stars from far up above
For giving our hearts this much love

The longer we are together my dear
Our feeling of wanting to be near
Forever this deep love we will see
This lovely blue eyed beauty and me

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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