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Gift Of Life

In the quiet of a misty Spring morning
I marvel at all the beauty that I can see
A single drop of dew is on a Red Tulip
Like a lonely teardrop it appears to me

I hear a dog barking as a boy walks by
There is a smile upon his cherubic face
Like an angel he gracefully treads on
He is in no hurry to speed up his pace

It is then my mind drifts back to youth
I dream about my childhood back then
When I was a barefoot boy I remember
Fishing in a small creek over at the glen

Isn't it wonderful God lets us be a youth
When we find our troubles to be very few
If to have an untroubled mind as an adult
Just let the Holy Spirit become part of you


Who knows the true meaning of Easter
Of how Jesus was nailed to that cross
He was abused and spit on by soldiers
God's son had suffered a deathly loss

Forced to carry that cross to Calvary hill
He was beaten along that dreaded walk
With all His strength He carried the cross
He was so weak, but He was able to talk

Two thieves were to be crucified with Him
One listen to Jesus and was saved that day
But the other refused Jesus offer of Heaven
He didn't believe so God turned him away

Easter is celebrated for what Jesus done
He died to take all of our sins as His own
On the day that He asended up to Heaven
All of the trumpets in Heaven were blown

His Birth

Many years ago in a far off land
This world saw the birth of a child
In a meager manger he was born
Sleeping on straw they had piled

It was in a city named Bethlehem
The miracle that night came to be
The baby was named Jesus Christ
He came to save both you and me

Three wise men came to see him
Guided by a star burning so bright
They brought gifts for the new baby
They had found their King that night

It is with these thoughts we celebrate
His birth that night so many years ago
Having kindness, reverance, and faith
His love for all of us will continue to grow

Perfect In Every Way

I can hear those Golden Bells ringing
As that band of Angels keeps singing
Singing songs of hallelujah to our King
To my heart I feel the love He is bringing

To be with Him up in His Heavenly Home
Brings my emotions up to a fever pitch
I pray for forgiveness for my Earthly sins
Hoping He saves me, I am such a wretch

Days on Earth I look up to the sky to see
Only a few scattered clouds in a big Blue sky
Knowing that Heaven is up there somewhere
I can't see it and sometimes I wonder why

When God is ready for me to see His world
Angels, He will send to show me on that day
From this sinful world in which I now live
To a world that is so perfect in every way

Praying Hands

As he cast his eyes toward Heaven
He has clasped together his hands
Lord, he asked when my life is gone
Can I enter into your Heavenly lands

He knew he had been a awful sinner
Drinking, chasing women and such
Back in the days when he was young
He hadn't thought about it very much

Today he is much older and now wiser
He wonders why he had waited so long
Thinking as he approached the church
Tears fell hearing the choir sing a song

Today he confessed everything to God
He asked to be forgiven for all his sins
Feeling relief from all of these burdens
It's now his journey to Heaven begins

Foolish Wealth

Brought into this world without wealth
Everyone shall leave it the same way
For not one penny will buy us eternity
Gold can't help on the Judgement day

A fool who hoards his money in life
Has no use for it when death arrives
Funny how some think without riches
There is no way their soul survives

Riches doesn't measure a man's worth
Even if he has treasures thats untold
God will measure what you have done
That can't be paid by any of your Gold

God does not have need for riches
In Heaven everything needed is free
This will be our home for all eternity
He made it this way for you and me

Along Heaven's Pathway

When the tides of time have passed
On this old Earth no longer will I be
I will walk on the seasides of Heaven
There I will pray with bended knee

My Earthly life will be over and done
My eternal life will then have it's start
I will kneel at the feet of sweet Jesus
Tell Him of the love thats in my heart

Thank Him for everything He has done
Dying on the cross to take our sins away
Tortured and made to carry that cross
Even His garment was stolen that day

It is with all of my love that I can muster
I have for my Great Savior on this day
I can feel His presence within my soul
When I walk along Heaven's pathway

Through All Eternity

I shall walk on Golden streets
Without a penny in my pocket
For there I won't need money
For a great and grand banquet

No credit cards shall we have
For everything up there is free
No autos will be seen up there
No polluted air will we ever see

Everything there is so perfect
God created Heaven that way
No stress or worry is up there
Strolling on Heavens pathway

What exuberance overfills us
As our loving Lord we will see
With a heart full of love for Him
Love lasting through all eternity

Heaven We Can Afford

Have you said a prayer this morning
Did you tell Him of your undying love
Confessed to Him all of your past sins
Tell Him you want to see Him up above

Don't wait too late to ask for forgiveness
Tell Him you give your all to Him this day
Tell Him of the love for Him in your heart
Be true and believe, this is the only way

Call on Him, you know He will ever listen
His children are most precious to our Lord
Return these feelings to Him and then know
It is through Him, Heaven we can afford

May all the tomorrows be spent with Him
In that City He created in the skies above
Live there in eternal bliss with the angels
In Heaven, a place that is filled with love

Beauty Of A Rose

Beauty of a pretty Rose can't be defined
With soft Velvet pedals on a Green stem
Aroma that adds to the attraction of her
She has the beauty of an expensive Gem

In my Rose garden I have many varieties
All tints and shades I see growing there
To protect my ladies I spray their leaves
When I water them I use the upmost care

If you take care of your garden of Roses
Breathtaking beauty your garden will be
Making your Rose garden a showplace
A Summer of pleasure everyone will see

She decorates halls with her eloquence
At most every wedding she can be found
Sadly she also decorates many caskets
Before they are lowered into the ground

copyright © 2009 By Acie

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