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My Love Letter To God

Your love flows into my heart like a river
Each day these feelings grow even more
Knowing you are my dear Lord and Savior
You fill my world with wealth tho I am poor

This wealth is in knowing how I love you
Nothing could ever compare to your love
That day I can put my arms around you
Is the day we meet in that City far above

Your compassion for me is overwhelming
When I first met you I was a wretched sinner
It was then you talked to me about Heaven
You said in me that you had found a winner

May our love never become compromised
I know that demon devil can't keep us apart
Ever day as my mind does hold you so dearly
Your love will flow even deeper inside my heart

Blessings From God

God please help the United States
We were once a jewell in your crown
It seems in the past fifty years or so
Many in our country has let You down

A country founded on religious rights
So many rights have been taken away
No longer are You worshipped by some
As a corrupt goverment wants it that way

If we don't stand up for our dear Savior
Tell the governing people what we think
Our rights we have will vanish some day
Deeper into the fire of hell we will sink

Tell everyone the story of sweet Jesus
Energize this country with Gods word
If we would only do this much for Him
Blessings from God would be heard

Eternally I will Reside

When I face my last day on Earth
A seaside mansion is waiting for me
With inlaid platinum, gold and silver
It shall be my home for all eternity

God has made me a great promise
If I am ever trueful, faithful, and kind
Follow and respect all His teachings
A home up in Heaven I will then find

A place filled with love for everyone
For it is ruled by God our great King
He loves everything He has created
This love to my heart He does bring

What a day of rejoicing we will have
When we gather there at God's side
See all the beauty that He has made
This place where eternally I will reside

Looking For A City

I will be looking for a City
When life on Earth is gone
Beauty lies within that City
Fresh as the breaking dawn

This place He has offered
Even to a wretch like me
A home that's for eternity
Where I will be forever free

All I need to do, obey Him
Keep on that straight way
Let Him know how I love Him
He will Bless me every day

Seek out our great Savior
He will take your sins away
Stand up this day and ask Him
He will fill you with love today

Hourglass Of Time

As the last grain of sand falls from your hourglass
Will you be prepared to meet your judgement day
Have you treated your neighbor with great respect
Walked on the straight and the narrow all of the way

Have you shown God all the love you have for Him
Is every prayer that you pray to Him, honest and true
You must if you want to live up in that glorious land
This decision to honor and obey Him is left up to you

If you find you must alter your way of living to please Him
Could this be a hard thing for you to do in your own way
You know he has taken all the sins you have committed in life
He did that when He died on the old rugged cross that day

Be thankful for Jesus Christ for He is your blessed Savior
It is only through Him that you can live your life eternally
Up in that wonderful land that He made high up in the sky
A place of beauty where He will welcome both you and me

Sleep In Peace

May your night be filled with rest
Pray that God will watch over you
Sleep in peace and be in comfort
Rest is essential for you to renew

He made us to need some sleep
It energizes us for the next day
With a fresh start for a tomorrow
He made our lives work this way

We all have a time to spend here
In a world that is so filled with sin
But we know we all can be saved
If we will let the Holy Spirit come in

God wants us to be up in Heaven
Listen to Him and you will go there
Love and obey and admit your sins
In Heaven you'll have His tender care

Only Through Jesus

When I walk with my Lord up in Glory
All the streets will be paved with Gold
When He places His hand in my hand
It will be the sweetest story ever told

My love for Jesus shall grow stronger
Knowing He wants to see us up there
When once my body was filled with sin
He then took me under His loving care

His blood shed upon that hill Calvary
Washed every one of my sins far away
When I think to that day I first met Him
I felt happiness fill my heart that day

Only through Jesus can you ascend
To that portal high up there in the sky
To live in that eternal life He gives us
When we bid this old world goodbye

God's Beautiful Springtime

All the hills are alive with God's wonder
Beautiful are Spring flowers that we see
God alone knows all the secrets of growing
From a blade of grass up to a tall Oak tree

Spotted are the hillsides with rare beauty
Dogwood and Redbud steal the scene away
Colorful Tulips are in bloom in the gardens
As the Sun is making it a most perfect day

Spring must be God's favorite season I think
This time when He resurrects life once again
Up from the sleep of a cold static Wintertime
Then they are to be revived by a warm April rain

How much more perfect could He make Spring
I see no imperfections in anything He has made
I am sure that there is more beauty in Heaven
This I will see after in the cold ground I am laid

Resurection Flower

With a touch of wind this Spring day
Rain is coming to wet the dry ground
Soon all plant life will again be alive
After a winter of being Earth bound

God gives us beauty in Springtime
All colors of the spectrum we do see
From Red to faded Violet in bloom
Are flowers enticing the honey bee

From the necter deep in the flower
A bee will carry back into the hive
I know that God know how and why
That we will soon see honey arrive

One of the mysteries of Springtime
Is the beautiful Resurection Flower
Growing up as narrow green blades
Dies, then arises in its Purple power

I Walk In The Garden

This morning I walk in the garden alone
Glistening clear dew I see on the flowers
They bloom so magnificently in all colors
In this tranquil setting I could sit for hours

Beautiful Roses remind me of our Lord
Love that I have for both shall never dim
Brilliant Reds are the ones that stand out
All of them to me are like a perfect gem

Aroma of a the Lilac fills the morning air
Two birds are busy building their nest
A gentle breeze rustles leaves in a Maple
This is my vision of Springtime at it's best

We should never forget to thank our Lord
For all the beauty He made for you and me
For without all the colors I see here today
What a dreary looking world this would be

copyright © 2009 By Acie

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