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God Must Be Sad

With the world's economy in such shambles
God up in Heaven must be shaking His head
To see the masses losing their place of work
Many now have given up and live with dread

He knows it was started by the greed of man
Their lust for the all mighty greenback Dollar
Has brought all of the poor men to their knees
Squeezing every dime from him they can collar

Is giving these institutions money the answer
Big bonuses have overextended the cash flow
Should poor people now have to bail them out
Is that the way their hard earned money will go

God saw all of this coming right from the start
When they no longer spoke His name in glory
Bar His teachings within all our public schools
He must find sadness in all of the world's folly

If only here in America we all could remember
On all of the principals this country was found
God at that time was revered by all the people
If we still loved Him our fortunes would abound

Way I Was Taught

Some days we wonder where He has gone
He should be here when our need is great
Aches and pain can wrack this fragil body
I know He is here by me, ever will He wait

I think back to what His son had endured
I feel so petty with my minor aches and pain
Knowing what He must have gone through
With all of His suffering, to me it is so plain

He was nailed to the cross for all of our sins
His blood will wash those sins from your soul
But remember what you must do to be sin free
Love and obey Him, then He will make you whole

There is a precious God up in the Heavens above
He hears every uttered word, knows every thought
His compelling love is sweet and so overflows me
I know He is the way, this is the way I was taught

If You Believe

If this morning you should meet Him
Would you know what words to say
Did you read His words in the Bible
Would this be your very special day

For you know He is the great creator
Everything was made by His hands
He made the mountain and the seas
He created both lush and arid lands

When you see Him smiling sweetly
Will a smile come to your face too
Can you tell Him that you love Him
You surely must know He loves you

Would you tell friends you met Him
That He has built this place for you
In a far away land that is wonderful
Believe and He will let you come too

Give You Health

If one man owned all the gold and silver
Every scrape of platinum found on Earth
When he faces that final judgement day
We wonder what his soul might be worth

He must account for the way he acquired it
These riches he had gotten in all his days
If he done things contrary to God's word
There is no way to Heaven his riches pays

Earthly riches might be impressive to some
To God it is not worth much more than dirt
Greed to accrue the wealth of some others
Might cause that victim's family to be hurt

Be happy when you get the love of Jesus
For His love is worth more than any wealth
Be thankful and pray to the our Lord above
To forget the riches, but to give you health

Green Of Springtime

Refreshing are the thoughts of Spring
When grass turns from Brown to Green
As the Daffodils show their Yellow bloom
This becomes Springs first lovely scene

Soon we will see Red Bud and Dogwood
Green leaves will be growing on the trees
Wild flowers will be seen on the hillsides
A sight to most all eyes will surely please

So comforting are the days of early Spring
It seems as if the whole world is coming alive
We can see Blooms are bursting out all over
I thank God warm weather soon will arrive

Gone will be the doldrums of a nasty Winter
Bland hills will soon show their Green mantle
Beautiful are the sight we see in the Spring
At the end of this blustery month comes April


To see the innocence in a babys eyes
Makes one wonder what do they think
Unaware of any of the world problems
They stay warm and have milk to drink

Too soon babies turn into grownups
From the nest they will then depart
Looking for a mate to make their life
Winning one boys or one girls heart

Then they will look at their own baby
With the same questions they wonder
We will never know what they think
It does give you a thought to ponder

God created man to grow and multiply
Too pass their lineage on to their baby
So proud are the doting grandparents
Their grandchildren they love so dearly

Live In Eternal Grace

If your heart belongs to Jesus
You can feel His love every day
Happiness will flow within you
Keeping that mean devil away

He will lead you up to Heaven
There to live in eternal Grace
There will be no sin up there
Jesus has removed every trace

When we gather on the shore
That is called the Golden Strand
Believers will be gathered there
All standing there hand in hand

Love will flow like a mighty river
With dear Jesus leading the way
Wonders will come there eternal
Up in beautiful Heaven every day

Abide By And Obey

We have a great friend in Jesus
He will take all of your sins away
Find comfort in all His teachings
They will lead to Heaven one day

He is the son of our almighty God
He died to take away all of our sin
A cruel death upon that old cross
So a place in Heaven we could win

His love will fill you to overflowing
It is up to you to give love in return
But if you turn your back on Jesus
It will be in hell's fire you will burn

Show Him of your faith that you have
Knowing of that land that is far away
If you abide by Him and then obey
To Heaven, He will show you the way

He Created Us All

Do you know who gave this life to you
Do you think you just happened to be
I know who put life in this body I have
It was God who put the breath in me

He took some dust and created man
It is not what some foolish men do say
Evolving from some kind of an animal
Those people will have a price to pay

In the Bible it tells all of the true facts
How Adam was the first created man
God knew Adam needed a companion
With a rib from Adam He made woman

God can create anything He wants to
From the highest mountain to the sea
Isn't it a wonder how He created us all
Mouth to speak, ears to hear, eyes to see

Give It A try

I will walk those Golden stairs
My home will be up with Jesus
There with no worries or cares

It is with Love I will see Jesus
He died to take my sins away
Happiness will overwhelm me
Joy will overflow on that day

My life on Earth will be short
A few live five score or more
What ever life here He gives
Soon leaves us for evermore

Heaven is gained through God
There is no other way to get in
His son died on that old cross
His life has paid for all our sin

If you believe and you obey Him
He has a home for you in the sky
A wonderful mansion awaits you
If you love Him please give it a try

copyright © 2009 By Acie

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