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Visions Of His Kingdom

His love brings joy into my heart
To my Savior I give praise daily
Visions of His Kingdom I dream
His mansions filled with beauty

Share a thought with our Savior
He will show the right and way
Never give doubt to His promise
Listen with a pure heart today

He can ease all your troubles
Take each and every sin away
Free your mind of the old devil
God listens every time you pray

Let Him know you so love Him
Ask and He will talk with you
Find out He is our great Savior
Believe in Him and be saved too

Arms Of Jesus

To enter into God's great Kingdom
There are things that you must do
No special passes are given to us
To the Holy Spirit we must be true

Ask and He will take away our sins
No matter what past things you did
He died upon that cross for us all
Listen and follow what He does bid

If you believe and heed His words
His Kingdom will be waiting for you
He will welcome you home to Glory
Up there where the sky is ever Blue

When that trumpet sounds for us
Will you be ready to meet the call
Then be safe in the arms of Jesus
From which He will never let us fall

One Sweet Day

No matter if I walk on the hills or valleys
My Savior will walk every where with me
He guides my pathway onward to Heaven
His beautiful city that one day I shall see

He is a friend who cheers my ever day
His love puts joy deep within my soul
I will never be alone, He is ever with me
I shall never forget that He is in control

Love Him because He loves everyone
Even the drunk that lives on the street
He knows even his life can be changed
If one day the Holy Spirit he does meet

No matter what sins he has done before
Jesus died to wash the sins of man away
If he confesses to God and he believes
Heaven will be his home one sweet day

Beauty Of Springtime

Spring is just around the corner
Soon old man Winter has to go
Then we will see Earth's beauty
As flowers will once again grow

Springtime seems to be special
As Earth transforms its mantle
From the barren looks of winter
To looks of Spring that is artful

A season that refreshes Earth
When everything comes alive
Green leaves don all the trees
Fertilized lawns will then thrive

To see and smell new flowers
Gives meaning to this season
I guess God loves Springtime
Surely that must be the reason

He Will Not Deceive

Walk a while with Jesus
See the smile on His face
It makes for a perfect day
Walking at a leisurely pace

Give your heart to Him
Tell Him how you believe
Deep in your heart today
To you He will not deceive

Ask Him to take your sins
He paid for them long ago
On that cross on Calvary
Proof that He loves us so

If you don't know our Savior
Get to know Him this day
His is your way to Heaven
He hears you when you pray

Our Wonderful Church

Friends we are and we will always be
Feelings of admiration for each other
Everyone over at the church we go to
Is known as our sister or our brother

So nice are all of the members there
Greeting you with a big broad smile
Shaking your hand with their greeting
When we are walking down the aisle

I know God smiles on our small church
So many things we know we must do
Anytime this church needs some help
Our members will see it come through

We are proud of this wonderful church
I love to hear the preaching of Kenny
Shawnee Hills Baptist Church is great
This is a church that's admired by many

Near By

Great will be that day when we enter Heaven
Marvels we could never dream will fill our eyes
Swift will be our journey up to that Eternal City
A wonderful land where no one there ever dies

Follow that path He has made to reach Heaven
Never sway from His commands or His teaching
If you listen He will show you the way up to Glory
Believe in Him, then Heaven you will be reaching

Love the Savior with all of your heartfelt feeling
There is much strength in the love He gives you
Throw out all those sinful thoughts in your mind
To God you must ever be both honest and true

Jesus died for all of our sins on Calvary's cross
He did it to bring us to a home on Heavenly high
If we all give our hearts to that great Holy Spirit
We will find that a beautiful City will be near by

He Has Displayed

Beauty seen in a garden of Roses
Makes one feel thoughts of spring
With a fresh aroma adrift in the air
Beautiful realities it now will bring

Petals of various shades and hues
Gives to us a kaleidoscope of tints
Brilliant are these beautiful colors
All lying within this garden stints

In morning dew we see on a rose
Sparkling like an expensive gem
Dropping down from the soft petal
To move on it's sturdy green stem

In this garden I could sit for hours
Admiring wonders God has made
Seeing all these beautiful flowers
In this Garden He has displayed

My Loving Mother

I know when I enter God's kingdom
That again I will see my sweet mother
To walk on the Golden Shore with her
Will give to me a feeling like no other

On Earth she was a determined lady
Raising four children as best she could
With little help from a roaming husband
Everything she could do for us she would

I know God smiles upon her in Heaven
This mother like God wanted her to be
Always worrying about her little children
Two girls and two boys, youngest was me

I can still hear the words she told me
She said come to Him before it's too late
Now I know what she was talking about
I will meet her up there at Heaven's gate

When That Roll is Called

When that roll is called up in Heaven
I know I will meet then all once again
Smiles will light up that wonderful day
My life in that Eternal City shall begin

Love will fill our hearts to overflowing
I'll see sweet Jesus and bow at his feet
Believing and trusting in our dear Savior
Will make my trip to Heaven complete

Beautiful angels will strum their harps
As that great choir sings their songs
Everything will be more than perfect
For everyone here in Heaven, belongs

Peace and comfort will follow us all
Every day of our Eternal Life up there
Under the guidance of our dear Lord
There will never be a worry or a care

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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